First Wave of Women's Biweekly Theme: [The topic of pregnancy], wishing to understand the relationship between pregnancies and feminine at all levels.We will discuss surrogacy, the plight of mothers, the new immigrant pregnancy, and adoption issues.Not only Jennifer Aniston, who was fighting a "woman's fetal integrity", wrote to the Huffington Post to discuss the pregnancy issue. She said, "Don't look at my belly again."(In the same place: Jennifer Aniston: " The value of a woman is not just a child!" )

When the woman's belly has long been the focus of media attention, the media maker is a mother and the label of "mother is superman", and she has the responsibility of bringing up the three-in-a-one-one, and she is tired of her being a woman behind her back.Jennifer Aniston has a collective voice for women.(Recommended reading: Gender: Where does Dad go after? Why are her Superman?)

Jennifer Aniston wrote to the Huffington Post on December 12, writing about her own history and solemnly declaring that she was not pregnant, and asked the media not to wait for her to interfere with her private life. More importantly, she should not use marital status or pregnancy to measure a woman.(Sibling: When a mother is a choice, not an obligation: a woman who does not want to have a child, does not have to explain to the community )

"Let me start with rumors that never existed at the side of the population."I don't like wasting my energy in stacking lies, but I want to be part of the heated debate that has already begun and is ongoing.I didn't use the habit of social media, so I decided to send a book to the Huffington Post.

Let me first make it clear that I am not pregnant!I'm tired of telling people what I am.I am fed up with the surveillance, privacy, and body shaming of "daily reports", "news flashes" or "celebrity news".Every morning, my husband and I were always harassed by a sharp group of photographers. They were waiting outside my home, doing everything they wanted to get the pictures they wanted, not to worry that it would prevent us from even the lives of our poor neighbors.I would like to talk about the impact of such a tabloon tabloon on our lives.

If I meant some "symbols" for the photographers, then it was also a reflection of how our society looked at a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a female friend and a female colleague.The physical and physical culture of women is both unreasonable and troubling.

The media's reappearance of my approach also reflects how the media treats a woman, measured by a twisted, beautiful standard.Sometimes cultural norms require a completely different angle, so that we can respect the true appearance of each person — — to reverse the cultural latent rule that everyone is deeply troubled by.(Recommended reading: Sandra Bracky, "The Most Beautiful of the Year": Media please stop the "Beautiful dogbane"

Little girls all over the world grow up under these cultural latent rules.The media is carrying the message: Women need to be thin before they are beautiful. Women are not super models. Otherwise, they would have to be actresses on the cover of magazines, and others will pay attention to you.Little girls have this perception of being a woman.

The exploding celebrity news became more of a model for women, and the spotlight was focused on her appearance and her body, day and night, following: Is she pregnant?Is she eating too much?Is she not controlling her weight?Does she have a marriage in her marriage, because she looks like she's got a pattern on the lens?(Recommended reading: Fat Girl: Slimming is not a health issue, but a struggle for power )

I used to tell myself not to be too serious about tablogossip and tablogossip. But it was a soap opera that people were able to temporarily distracted from the borehole of life.But I have not been able to convince myself lately, because I have endured too long and the media has captured my methods, reflecting the skewed approach of calculating the value of women.

In the past month, especially in the past, I felt deeply that people were always measuring her value by women's marriage and pregnancy status.

Most of the reports about whether I'm pregnant are pointing to the same message: a woman without a child is incomplete, unsuccessful, and unhappy, and she must have an unsuccessfully married marriage.In fact, apart from reports of repetitive and repetitive reports of my private life, there are too many news reports that are too much of a concern.

What is this? I think I have to say that I have to say that women are complete, whether or not he has a partner, whether he has a child.As to our body, it should always be our own decision, and we should be able to decide what is beauty for ourselves.(Recommended topic: Women, you can define your beauty

Let's make this decision for ourselves, and let the future girls live in a more liberal world.Let us make decisions more consciously, away from the noises of gossip.Women do not need to be married or become mothers "complete".Everyone is able to decide what kind of "happy and happy" life they want to live for themselves.

I've had enough of the discourse of women that I have done all the time.Yes, maybe one day, I might be a mother, and when that day comes, I will be the first to let you know.And if I eventually become a mother, it's not because I want it to be "complete," as celebrity news continues to convince people.(Recommended reading: Prenatal anxiety to post-partum urinary incontinence: five "mother's" challenges you don't know )

I hate those stories that make people hate their bodies and steal them from a strange point of view when I eat a hamburger, and I'm a big word about "pregnancy" or "fat".Not to mention those strange moments when friends, colleagues, strangers have come to "congratulate me for being pregnant."(And I don't know how to respond a few times a day.)

In the past few years, I have learned that the operation mechanism of tablogossip is not going to change easily, at least in the past few years, regardless of the privacy or danger of others.We can't change the gossip, but we can change our own consciousness, and we can change our response to toxic messages hidden in our harmless stories, and not to make them make us look exactly what we are.

We can decide not to accept the present message from society, but perhaps one day, the tabloat will be forced to look at the world from another perspective, a more humanistic perspective, as people do not eat it anymore."