A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. When the friendship mixed ambiguous, you still willing to do that in the dark wait, always have no name of the person? To you, the meaning of the name "partner" is that each other is recognized as "important person", you can not deceive each other is only dispensable. (Extended reading: single diary: Only when you want to see me, we meet to make sense )

I do not know when to start, you look at each other's eyes began to exceed the friendship. Is it the night that you cry, and then he awkwardly comforts you, "behave, don't Cry"? You forget how your heart will tilt to him, but you will not consciously mind that this is your "good friend" person.

You never fell in love with him at first sight, but in the heat of the gradual warming, you can not extricate himself into your life.

You can hold hands, you can hug, you can even kiss, but the turmoil is always in the dark, in the sun you smile to say how good friends, such a relationship is much lighter. But you know that you can not afford such a day to kill, and finally not you finally brave the heart of the line of defense are abandoned, you do not have anything, directly clean live alone.

The more you know that you like him, the more you can not cheat yourself so muddle along.

You are still a man who longs to have a name. For you, "partner" this name is not naturally can constantly, can request to report, can put the weight of emotional pressure on each other, can be not a guarantee of change of heart, Love everlasting.

The name of this matter, for you more like "each other important person" confirmation, this person is willing to walk with you into a deep heart of the relationship, together in those pass growth, together gently gazing at each other, together in the life of the displaced, tightly holding each other's hands. He will be willing to take you as a rose, let you open up those pain and desire, to climb comb each other's difficult.

You do not want to be in the name of "friend", to hang yourself down very low, just to wait for the day behind him to be seen. You love stubborn, so you have to yourself can be his heart important name, otherwise such dispensable mind should be how pale.