Single Diary is a new unit of women's memes, with 500 words written in 500 words of single heart.Sometimes, single is not an emotional state, but a kind of spiritual feeling.Two people together, sometimes loneliness , and, of course, sometimes even miss the one person life.You still love freedom, but you sometimes miss freedom.(Sibling: Conditions of Happiness: One person is also very happy, and does not mean that love is refused )

You waved goodbye to him and went upstairs.At random, the bag is thrown on the floor of the room, paralyzed by paralysis, and doesn't want to take a bath, one breath, but it's a little hard to smell, but it's a bit of a fun-like sweat.The room is scattered around the clothes and the books, just like your heart of your heart.Your room is more like yourself than you are.

So you like the .Emosion begins with discussing the conversation in the snow when the novel is created, and the light that the meeting sees in the eyes of each other.At a time when she was desperate for love and decided to borrow an illegitimate child, he was so shocked and surprised.It seems as if the story of the novel is that the final prince and the princess will have a happy life.(Recommended to you: [The movies that teach me about 20 movies) )

The film narrative omits the pressure of his divorce and the pressure of the third person behind her back.Three years later, a family of three lived in a big house, and she taught and lived in a peaceful life.No, perhaps not so calm, she adjusted her work, postponed the meeting, cut the time to take care of the housework, took the child, and she wanted everyone to be happy, and she forgot herself.(Extended reading: taro-divination: Is there a third party?))

She finally collapsed using her hand to shove her head, and tears in tears said, "It's like I'm not right, as if I didn't love him anymore."You're crying together, you know, panic and joyful, and I can't believe that those who fit you will get tired of you, but you can't taste the sweetness, and you doubt that you are not strong enough and loyal to love.

The story ends with him returning to his ex-wife and carefully protecting the unskilled ex-wife from moving on the ice.She was the only one who was good at skating, and she was very danced in the ice.You ask yourself, is this the ending you want?

In fact, you still love each other, like each other's peace of mind and skin.But occasionally, if you want to be a regular, you don't have to get a clean habit of getting a little bit of lobster, and you can even chew on a shrimp that you can't even touch.Instead of relying on his efficient vehicles to deliver, the headphones wander along with the bus, or slowly, slowly, slowly.(Recommended to you: [Chen Hsuewen] Love will make you grow, even if you are likely to get sick first

Slowdown slowly, it's a lonely, complete, single moment.

You're just a little tired of a person who's going forward, and you're going to have to step back.Even in one of the most passionate, unreplaceable, intimate relationships, you still want to dance with your own room, your own music, and the furious fury of any person.(You would like to: Enjoy a wonderful man!)to accompany you through the single great day

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