A person, we can also experience the wonderful Life, with single song, together in the music wandering, gently sway, more attentively chewing the taste of life.

Kangyong once said, "unless that person can make you better than being single, why not be single for that person." 」

Single, like the Ferry in love, single does not mean no love, this ferry, let us berth, is we from the wind and rain to return to the warm harbor. When I was single, I could not help but think of the warmth of having loved and hurt, but who said that a person's life is indifferent? A person, we pay more attention to the good things around us, only to understand that we have to focus on one person is a pity. Because, better of him, will lead you to embrace this beautiful world, not just stare at the present each other.

Single song, sent to the love ferry back and forth swinging you, one day, we will be happy to sail, to the other shore.

hush! To you of the parallel universe: Have me accompany you to bear the sadness

"To change a few times before the exchange of a mistake, when the regret temptation guilt ashamed, you are not the same as I want to visit parallel me." 」

We always hope that there is another in the world, instead of their own happier. If there is another time and space, the things we regret, broken hearts, can be a little to make up for? Always remember " true love every Day" said: "We live every day, all together through time and space, we can do is to do their best to cherish this extraordinary journey." (Extended reading:"true love every day" dear, how long will You love me?) )

Cherish now you love yourself every moment, is the best time, to the parallel time and space you.

Corinne Bailey Rae "Put Your records on": Girl, Let's have a song and relax!

"Put on your faded blue trousers and hope your dreams come true ... don't let other boys fool you, you always find yourself somewhere." "

Listen to this song, enjoy a person's freedom, also listen to Kennebe warm and charming voice singing: "got to love that Afro hair do. You have to love yourself (The black head). "Is it happy to tease yourself easily and to really like the uniqueness of every place in your body?" (Recommended reading: The Most beautiful love, is to let you find love from yourself )

Huang "Rainy Night": Waiting for the sunny rainbow after the rain

"I know that you are going through a dark period, there is no reason to go forward, but you face a lot of problems, such as giving up."
Looking forward to tomorrow's sunshine, drying sadness, warm and unrestrained, those most real disappointment, to feel it, slowly become nutrition. 」

In the life of sunny cloudy occasional showers, the most afraid of the feeling in the rain, suffering from a bad cold, but also leave the sequelae of allergies. But don't forget to give yourself an umbrella in the rain to see the difference in the rain. In the puddle of hard water, feel the cold rain, feel alive, feel you brave up the process. (Extended reading: a step closer to the right person!) Five things to do after a breakup

P!nk "U & Your Hand": I do not mean that you can put out a salty pig hand!

"I am not here to entertain you, and advise you not to provoke me tonight!" Go to the side to chat with your buddies, come home tonight you play with your hands! 」

Come on! Tonight the girls just want to get drunk and jump off high heels. There will always be times when we want to release ourselves in the beat of the bass, drink a little wine to make the spirit softer, and put off the tension and exhaustion of weekdays, which does not mean that the boy on the dance floor can hand it over freely! At this moment, please do not disturb us a person's wonderful!

Liu "Happiness is": Step out of their own vast

"Happiness is to be loved, have been hurt have harvested, in you can cherish the time to cherish your choice."
Happiness is to tolerate, but never forget the self, know how to love themselves more vast. 」

Once we in love in the riddled with holes, now want to still can smile, also be considered happiness! The way we walk, the traces of love, are true, even if the end of the embarrassment, can not erase this beautiful. "Hey, thank you for embracing my youth, and thank you I can become a part of your youth." "You made me a better man." (same field Gayon: Those years, we sway the youth together )

Stefanie Sun "Meet": for the Future of his

"Who I meet, what kind of dialogue I have, the people I wait for, how far he is in the future."
I heard the wind from the subway and the crowd, I lined up, holding the number of love card. 」

A person, occasionally a little lonely, to tread more unfamiliar road, meet more interesting people, to enrich their lives, and forced to smile, crying. To live. Before he arrived.

"I know, meet you, not too early, not too late, I do not want to let you meet me, at my best, when we meet the moment, is the best time." 」

Hey, honey, I'm waiting for you.

Tianfu Veltzke "My Love": Love Me First and then you

"If you are lonely now, please thank this beautiful waiting." If you're still making mistakes for love, thank you for not finding me. We only know what love is when we have to go through every twist and corner. 」

Some people say that love is not to get or to learn. We feel that every love, always let us take some, also leave some. Leave this relationship has had a beautiful brilliant, no matter in the life of every moment to look back, it makes our past more enjoyable. Take away the painful struggles of relationships that make us grow into someone who is more appreciative and empathetic to others. Honey, what we want to say is, don't be afraid to love again? Please believe that he is waiting for you, and so you have experienced these waves more strong and gentle, and so you go through all the learning journey, know how to love others. (Recommended reading a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

Thanks to the good old days of being single, we are drifting, love will come, in the right time.