Can men also talk about feminism ? Almost all of the world's women in the fight for gender equality, because women are obviously oppressed objects. But can't men be oppressed? is gender equality really as long as women strive to achieve it? Let's listen to the sexual liberation of the school sister how to say it! (Recommended reading: The oppressed majority: when men become targets of rape?) )

The sexual liberation of the school sister, the gender discussion opinion leader. The Readme has the same experience as a child of the "rose teenager" 16 years ago-because his gender temperament does not conform to the physical gender and is humiliated by others. Fortunately, the sexual liberation of the school sister is still fighting for gender equality. "In every corner of this society, there are a lot of boys like me, like Ye Yongzhi, who may have been subjected to unequal treatment and humiliation from an early age and need more support," he said. "So it was on the road to the pursuit of gender equality."

Women single is the issue of national security, men can not get married at low wages?

Have you seen a skii ad recently? Skii invited some single women to talk about Chinese leftover, which is tantamount to Taiwan's failure to say, older girls. The government will also say that women are single is the issue of national security, I believe that members have heard these similar statements. The stigma of "not marrying is not equal to a complete woman" is on these single women, as if the birth rate in China is very low, a problem for single women in China.

But in China, it is the problem of male left. Because of the implementation of a child, the gender ratio of the whole imbalance, the ratio of men and women is 116:100, so in fact, is the problem of the remaining male ah. But why is the problem of low birth rates entirely due to the fact that some women don't get married? Plus, the media reports from time to time, the modern woman to pick the standard of men is very high, men do not receive 70,000 yuan a month, there will be no one to marry him, have a car, have a room and so on. With these things, the single package is terrible. (Recommended reading: single, is the best value-added period )

But who's to say that men can't get married without a little higher income? Who is it that puts the burden of breadwinner on men? Who in the world thinks men are supposed to be men? What does it mean to be a man? We all seem to take for granted these questions, but these naturally form the oppression of men and the stigmatization of single women.

Seemingly free and liberated now, there is still a lot of oppression behind

There is a sad story in the launch of Free the nipple. At that time, a girl submitted to our fan page, she provided the photos are really beautiful, her words are very inspiring, so we decided to vigorously push, as the protagonist of that day. I didn't think the next day, the girl on the private message we said, she wanted that photo to the shelves.

Now we are very surprised, she was very enthusiastic the day before that to support the event, why the next day to the shelves? Later learned that the reason is that her boyfriend found that free the nipple photos, he said to her: "You now give me the rack, or I will break up with you." Her parents saw the picture and said, "We don't have a daughter like you." So she decided to get off the shelf.

Why women, they want to fight for physical, sexual autonomy, the pursuit of gender equality, must be subjected to the threat of boyfriend, parents do not understand?

It's all very unreasonable. But what we're going to think about is, should we be strict with men who want to control women? Should we scold them as chauvinistic pigs? Should we yell at the perpetrator's nose every time there is sex discrimination?

We may be able to scold loudly, but does this help things? After the woman got angry, I said to her, "Your boyfriend doesn't understand why you want to participate in this activity, or how important this activity is to women, so your boyfriend will certainly have such a reaction." "(Recommended reading:" shoot freedom "hundred nude women Photography: I'm tired of women only one way )

It is not only women who need equality, but all human beings.

The concept of equality in our society does not seem to have advanced much. It is not enough for women to strive for gender equality, and men should join together, which is why I am speaking. Hope to use a physiological male perspective, bring different horizons, but also want to invite more men to join the gender war.

I think what feminism wants to say is that because we all have experience of being oppressed and discriminated against, so we can understand how you feel when you are in a state of immobility and your feelings. What feminism tells us is actually "empathy", it's not just about sex.

If you are a successful and independent woman, I congratulate you very much, because you have the key to unlock the gender chains yourself. But in this society there are many women, men, homosexuals, transgender people, all kinds of persons, they are to liberate and can not be liberated. They need everyone who supports affirmative action to work with them. (Recommended reading:"If you believe in equality, you are feminists" women's Day London Live!) Emmahuasen 10 Wonderful gender manifesto

I have never thought that oppression and inequality are inevitable phenomena in human society, but one of our choices. Today we can choose what kind of life we want to live in and what kind of society we choose. So I also believe that human beings are absolutely capable of eliminating the "discrimination" option.

Today's speech is actually an invitation, and I would like to invite all of you to join this war against inequality and discrimination. Although the speed of change is very slow, but I still believe that people engaged in social reform to be very optimistic, because we have to believe that all the efforts now to do, in the future, will certainly have effect.