Women fans want to talk about what feminism is, we may not be women's rights, but the values we defend are unchanged.

we know that in the 19th century there were many "feminist movements" striving for equality for women, however, a late-burning "hashtag # I am not a feminism" movement has recently appeared on the Instagram, and these women say, "We don't need what you call feminism. "Sounds strange, doesn't it?" They dislike the mainstream feminist movement and think that many extreme feminism has influenced their being women, why is there such a movement? (Understanding the history of feminist development, thousand female passions: academic circles, social movements and feminine passions in popular culture )

Time magazine has visited actress Xie Lin (Shailene Woodley), who plays a strong woman in many films, to think she is a feminist. Woodley said. "No, because I love men, I think the concept of" empowering women to keep men away from power "is never going to happen because you need balance. "So feminism has been crowned with the symbol of" promoting women's worth to suppress and belittle men " , and in the eyes of many celebrities," feminism "is their toss, because every time they express their views on women's rights, they are not rejected by men, they are protested by women. There are many schools of feminism, some of which may be socially unacceptable, but this is not all feminists, and when women stand up against inequality, they fall into another unequal accusation , with the Instagram of photo-labelling movement, We find that more and more women refuse to be considered a feminist, so let's listen to what they call "feminism" and think, do women's rights have such labels in your mind? (Take you to see the label in the symbol: when "sister" into a negative label)

Feminism denies male traits?

Who says women can't care about state affairs?

It is often assumed that "feminists" advocate the emancipation of women, whether women should be treated equally in life, or the autonomy of female body sex, this may be interpreted in some men's eyes as if these women either love their bodies or just want to get out of the family, they even think we are tired of men's old virgins, Lace, of course, Virgo and lace may also be a serious thing for them. In fact, what we are asking for is that we are alive and we have nothing to do less than anyone.

We care about politics and the weak cry for help in society, we advocate equality not only between men and women, there are many unique people in the world, transgender , homosexual, heterosexual, queer, in this world, not only men and women, because want to take away this two-yuan male and female label , we've been trying, in addition to caring for work, when injustice needs to take to the streets, we are also very brave, when the government, the international fierce struggle, we know who is the victims of those interests, do not say that state affairs is a man's business , which we think is the characteristics of male traits, It's all a matter of women. (Same as work, there are men and women?) It turns out you're not like this, the female leader's true colors.

Feminism preaches not to define a woman's stature, is to ask a man not to praise a woman's appearance?

No one wants to be pretty, right?

Feminism strikes at the hegemony of men's arbitrary gaze on women's bodies, thinking that " male gaze " is a murderer who makes a woman's body a commodity, and that the observed action makes a woman's value seem to depend on her appearance, not on her personal qualities and inner feelings, So the body of a woman is also a commodity that can be valued and sold. So feminists seem to reject the view of men and the evaluation of our appearance? I've heard of a woman in the workplace who says she's more intelligent than she is beautiful, and that makes her feel happier. (Recommended reading: Please, give us back our appearance)

Yes, we welcome all men to praise us, but we hope that you are not only a way of looking at us, the same, we do not only see your body is Jingzhuang, there is no mermaid line, we also want to see how much you have under the scalp, we imagine if one day, women all over the world think there are six muscle men is handsome, this "Female hegemony", men are suffering? (You are unique: women, not only one way )

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Feminism plays a weak role in women?

Feminism is a culture that actively strives for all values and is not a persecuted group.

When we criticize this social structure and system and yell at the refusal of chauvinistic men to enter our lives, think about why? Because we know that women have been oppressed for a long time, we know that there are many injustices in the world, but that does not mean that we are forever victims.

The "feminist movement" has flourished for decades, but it is often resented by men, why? Is the concept of "women's rights" conveyed to the world wrong, or is it absurd that the world still thinks "women should have rights"? We want to say that feminism is a kind of "initiative", we ask for what we should have, like a person must eat and sleep, women must have the satisfaction of self-worth, all women should take " Take the initiative ", your life, to fight for their own, do not live more than 30 years after you are not happy marriage, you just said:" Men have ruined your youth. "Feminists are not the victims of our mouths, although there are still many ills in modern society, thanks to the efforts made by our predecessors to make most of us already living in a more correct and more liberal environment, we have more space for equal career development, at this time we should not draw the restrictions, We have to believe in ourselves and be a woman who breaks more rules. (Don't be the eternal victim: the Sun Flower Queen and the Crape Woman: the patriarchal society accomplice structure and the mainstream feminism limit )

Feminism doesn't want a woman to be just a housewife?

We want every woman to be what they expect to be.

Not every woman advocating freedom is a strong woman, we do not think that women can only enter the workplace, become a corporate CEO or into the global rich 500, with their own vast professional network is a successful woman. Do they stay at home and be a good mother to be a husband and a teacher, a traditional woman who has failed? Wrong, we believe that every woman has the sovereign right to choose the life she wants.

"What kind of person you want to be" is universal, and the concept of "housewife" has been updated, and again, we should be sure of all women's choices. I've heard a female friend at the top of a tech company say, "My dream is to marry a good husband and work home with my kids to read fairy tales." "Feminists do not need the other half, because they are strong and independent, this idea should be updated, the world, because of love is beautiful, we should not deny any" love "the possibility of existence. (Listen to the voice of new women: The Age of Housewives is coming!) )

Is feminism always asking for privileges?

Think about it, are we asking for a privilege, or is it the most basic right of living for a person?

Political voting rights, women's right to work, equal pay for jobs, guaranteed quotas for women in the sports team, maternity leave, these are rough impressions of what the general public thinks feminists are fighting for women's rights. When the company made the rules to protect women's "women's quota" or "Maternity protection work rights" because of the voice of the female, there are many more words: "She is not good at working ability, but because she is a woman." "We are thinking that, apart from the ordinance, we should know that women should have a" right to work ", not because we are women, but because we are alone. (You should know: you deserve a better salary, loudly refuse to pay for a different job )

They may think that this is a "welfare" for women's rights, and in fact we do not think such wording is correct. Do we think that the right we are asking for is not a privilege that we should have? These great feminists are not creating benefits and privileges for the vast majority of women, and what they want to say is that if we are going to work, we can do a good job, and these places are not giving women "a chance," as long as there's a day The existence of welfare security, it shows that the terrible patriarchal impression is still deeply imprinted on each of us.

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Feminism is a kind of "female hegemony" at all?

We do not want to be dogmatic in this world, and we want to say that equality is broader.

mentioned above, if one day, the world to see a man's standard is that you have to have six muscle is a handsome man, what men will think, this is the same as now we think women to how thin is beautiful, chest and waist ratio how to match is sexy. We do not strive for a matriarchal society through this series of "feminist movements", nor do we want to trample on "patriarchal" to win women's success in the history of the sexes. (You will like: do not repair the picture of the advertisement, give the woman a true appearance )

"Gender equality" is not a game, not a war, we do not want to fall into the two-dollar male-female stereotypes, we would like to say that equality is in the universe, why should women seek the "right" line to initiate gender equality? Why does the comrade seek "family" this line to initiate plural family? We do not want to overturn anything, or change the face of the world, but for many people, "label" all the while, we think of "normal" is what? These standards do exist in accordance with the ancient heritage of morality, but are we sure that is true? If you know this is wrong, you should understand that we are not a group of female pigs.

Feminist politicization of my gender?

What is politicization? This refers to the "female identity" as a social problem, when we put this issue to the public, aroused social, cultural, economic, environmental concerns, and is regarded as an "issue."

In fact, we do not want to be a subject, but the potential advantage of men in social dialogue has become a default, and when a woman talks about politics or economics "like a man," we focus on "she is a woman". We think feminists are actively asking women to stand on the social-economic status, but when we try to reach our goals, we don't want to be used: "Oh, it's a woman." "This attitude looks at us, because our efforts are not less than anyone else, and not because they are women, and the government has let them stand in today's parliament in order to touch the hair of feminists." (Recommended reading: apologize, then?) Expulsion of gender bullying from the negotiating ground

We want to share one of the lenses in the silence of the Lamb, a rare female agent in the FBI, and all men look at her suspiciously when they enter the elevator. The picture also marks the situation where women are oppressed by their status. The story of this female agent because of the status of women in the pursuit of the number of unequal treatment, this is gender politicization, " because you are a woman, so you in this job seems to be different from us." "

This is the 1991 movie, and now is the 2014, seriously imagine, such problems still exist, although we know that a lot of modern society has slowly changed, and most women are more and more willing to refuse oppression, loudly stand up to speak of the ills of the system, but we also understand that we need not only unilateral criticism, We need more exports to understand the situation of everything, not just as a woman, we have to believe that the world deserves us better.

See here, I think you should understand what we are trying to say is that we are not the feminist people think . And if feminism has been washed away by a culture wave, what should we think of as the value we have to say?

As a woman, do you really have feelings for yourself in the gender situation? Even so, don't negate the long-term development of the feminist movement, we can now live in a society that makes you less likely to complain about your gender situation, your husband respects you to find your career interests, your family supports you in doing whatever you want to do, and these things that we take for granted are growing in the feminist movement. Yes, we may love men, maybe a housewife, we are also a feminist, we want to say is not the feminist, but human rights, women, bravely refused the world to our unfair label, take back our women's Rights bar!

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