Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

The city's wine house is very interesting, such as the recycling of the family, transport the mind into the workplace, beer and meat under the heroic belly, Gollum metabolism. A few stolen stories, 20-year-old new, also has 50-year-old management.

The next table a capable director Sangar occasion, special mention this year new quality poor, is a generation inferior to generation: "These rotten strawberries, say not move speak not to listen to, change a plan also to 32 days." "The director said it was just a matter of what I meant to change."

A friend just swallow a piece of meat, to undertake the topic of the last section of the work of those crazy things, he said fortunately finally to leave, this name is not true of the project team leader to resign, will say good-bye to a group of only their own workplace. Clearly is the job of different departments, hard to ask him to repair the enterprise painting, hanging the name of the project leader, he did just put the concept of the above account 1510 presented.

Dialogue across the table is very interesting, 30 years old like a numbered the Taiwan Strait can not be treated.

Fresh people feel that they are the Iron King to save the world, seniors think they are rotten strawberries down the company system. Let's not talk about the disappointment of five or six-year students to the new generation, I want to think directly about how the new generation sees their "pride".

This generation, again known as the Sun Flower generation, is very fresh and kinetic in the atmosphere of the whole society. The generation of the sun is coming back with a change of attitude, and our generation has a lot of energy to innovate. This spirit is often returned to the workplace, many people do not understand the old system, not used to that Zhang because the secret gold flow out of the Office of the new chair, bend waist More walk a few steps. This arrogance comes from our belief that the workplace should be more equal, that professional talk can be made, and that people who are capable are seen.

But this does not mean that a new generation with ideas can cross all processes and reach the position they want. Do we have the expertise and motivation to criticize the old generation for not being professional?

Often in many peer-level face book dynamic see people show off their own backbone, the world mixed Tun dismissed. They do not want to "dirty hands" to do their own difficult things, in fact, most of these things are "seemingly not a big deal" of small things, such as the closure of the boss project, do not have time to do the leader. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: Professional will go beyond everything )

What's wrong with being at the bottom of a pyramid? Never do those little things, do not know what you can become a big deal. "I am doing" and "I want to do" in the middle of the distance is not everlasting, more than 20 years old these years, many times to boil, but not endure. I like the kind of waiting that the Grand Master has a pot of billowing snake soup a spoonful of salt in the grasp of sugar, no one can be about your seasoning, but more times you have to wait:"to pay attention to the cooking of the heat, the heat is not, it is difficult to swallow, the heat, things on the Coke." "

Be a fresh person, perhaps what you really need is not the backbone, but the emboldened.

Woman obsessed editor Abby

Do you have the confidence to let the fire through the road of walking, there is no ability to do a simple thing beyond expectation.

Why are you so anxious to succeed? In addition to the courage to have nothing to you, what to exchange the achievements of others for ten years. Professional or good head also have experience, wait for the fire, to boil a pot of your taste of the broth.

"Cultivate the confidence, from listening to the inner, developing the potential of self" to teach you to learn how to explore your own possibilities, let your heart become your driving force-sister said school, hone your ownership: