Michelle-au-Bama again to surpass himself, 25th, her speech in the Democratic Party of the whole generation again beyond, let many people shed tears. When Chuan Pu , like a clown, provokes America's weakest nerves, stirs up hate speech, vows to build walls, Michelle-au-Bama said, what a president should do is to leave a better world for his children! (same field Gayon: from girls to women!) Michelle-au-Bama: Don't let anyone stop you from moving forward .

25th--The Democratic Party of the United States will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, first lady Michelle Obama. Obama delivered a rousing speech to Hillary. Clinton's presence, she says, allows people to dismantle the tallest and hardest glass ceiling in history and build a better American future for children.

Eight years ago, Hillary was defeated in the party primaries, she did not give up, did not lose heart, she chose to be a public servant, continue to serve the country. Eight years later, she was nominated as a presidential candidate, facing a restless, hate-fanned America.

Michelle Obama's 15-minute speech, pointing out that it's not just Hillary and Trump, it's not even between Democrats and Republicans, it's a time for the American people to choose for themselves, a key turning point for the American people who decide to live in the future.

Organize and translate Michelle. Obama's speech was focused on the U.S. general election. If you have a vote in your hand, would you vote for Hillary? (Recommended thinking: Why are young women not Hillary Clinton?) From the American presidential election to see the "feminist" transformation of the road )

We must decide who is capable of shaping the next generation's vision of life

Obama and I have been thinking about how to lead our girls through the unusual, spotlight-focused life and face the challenges that follow. We insist that the hate language they hear on television is not enough to represent the true spirit of the country; we explain that despite the brutality of some people and the malice of others, we do not need to be that person.

Our spirit is that if someone has to stoop, we choose to stick to our beliefs.

Every word we blurt out, every action we take, we know the kids are watching. We are their parents, and they are the most time to get along with the spiritual role model. And I am in the same spirit as Obama, standing in the position of the president and first lady, because we know that every word of our word, every action is vital, for our girls, and for the Children of America.

So when the November election comes, we're not choosing the Democrats or the Republicans, not the left or the right. No, this election and all the elections that followed, we are deciding who is capable of shaping the next four years and eight years of life. (Recommended reading: Society does not need more "good girl"!) A heartwarming TED speech: "Don't be a perfect coronation girl, make her brave and adventurous"

Hillary never wanted to take a comfortable road, she never gave up easily.

And what I'm trying to say is that I support Hillary Clinton.

I trust Hillary to lead the United States, because I know how much she's done to our children, and she cares about every child who needs attention, every child who has to take a detour to avoid gangs, every child who can't afford college tuition, every immigrant child who wants to live a better life, and every expectation defines who he is. And the children of their own future.

You will find that Hillary has been playing with her children for years without intermission. When she was a lawyer, she sounded for handicapped children; When she was First lady, she was supportive of child health resources; When she was secretary of state, she was betting on quality child care.

Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton did not win the party's primary nomination, the failure of the contest did not eliminate her belief. She had no baggage to go home to enjoy, she chose to stay to serve the country, to be a public servant, and she knew that serving the country was more important than her personal desire and frustration. So she served as Secretary of State for the safety of children around the world.

If we look at it, in many moments, Hillary can choose to give up, she can say the job is too difficult, she can complain that the cost of public services is too high, she can be too concerned about her clothes, her words, and even why she does not laugh angry. (Recommended to you: when a woman is on stage, please respect her home Rule )

But she didn't.

One thing I admire most about Hillary is that she never gave in under pressure. She never wanted to take a comfortable and lazy road, she never chose to give up easily, so she came to this day. And when I imagined the president I wanted in the future, I knew Hillary would be my choice.

What a president has to do is leave a better world for the children.

I want a resolute and capable president who knows the challenges of the job, but chooses to be serious. Because when you have the nuclear code, when you become commander-in-chief, you can't make rash decisions. You must be a steady, knowledgeable, prudent person.

What I want is a president with a public service experience to let our children know that what we are pursuing is not personal fame, but that everyone has a chance to succeed.

I want a president who teaches the children that everyone is important. He believes the promise of the founding of the United States, everyone is equal, everyone is an important part of the history of the United States.

And when the crisis happens, we choose not to criticize each other. No, we listen to each other, we depend on each other because we are the strongest when a group of people unite.

I was here tonight because I knew Hillary would be the president, so I supported her in this election. Hillary understands that the president has a lot to do, but it's all about something: we have to leave a better world for our children. (same field Gayon: Australian entrepreneur Liu Daowei sarah:"Beautiful World will not appear in a vacuum, but we can start by changing ourselves)

Only in this way can the United States continue to move forward.

Hillary, knock out the biggest rift in the glass ceiling.

A leader like Hillary, with courage and poise, continues to hit the high and hard ceiling until she knocks out a huge fissure, and her actions inspire the people who look at her. I expect that this will be the story of this country. Because Hillary, my daughters, and the sons and daughters of this country were able to take women for granted as President of the United States. (Recommended reading: after Hillary, Tsai, why do we fear women are good?) )

When my daughters are ready to explore the world, I need a president who will live up to the expectations of all my children, and I need a president who has the highest guidelines for daily love, hope and seemingly impossible dreams.

In this election, we can't sit and stare, we can't just pray in our hearts that everything will be better. We cannot surrender, we cannot retreat, and even the last thing we need is the wrath of the world. Between now and November, we need to believe what we have believed.

We're going to knock every door, we're going to vote, we're going to bet on our passion, our ability and our love for the country, to support Hillary as the next president of the United States.

So, let's start from this moment, thank you.