U.S. first Lady Michelle Obama shares her life experience with the girls at "the Power's an educated girl" and the stage. She said: "You have to know the value of their own, if I think I am good, then you must be!" "These life experiences can bring you a new kind of inner energy, whether it's a girl or a woman ," he said. (Dear, you are really good!) hug the child inside you! To always ask oneself to be strong and independent of you )

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September 29 in Apollo Theater, New York, "the Power's an educated girl" event was invited to the first Lady of the United States Michelle Obama's Michelle Obama, Australia's former prime minister Julia Gillard Julia Gillard, International Girl Program Advocates Nurfahada, active in the American TV series "Basketball Sky" Sufia Bush and Sally Saillon attended, and 1000 female students to talk about "girls ' education" important. (Pioneer of Revolution: Malala, a 17-year-old girl shot for education, received a Nobel Peace Prize speech: "Kill me, Make me Stronger")

Girls will become women one day. In the gender inequality of the workplace, knowledge can become our weapons, so that we have enough ability to compete with this ecology, knowledge can let us on the road of life, face the challenge more not confused, have enough courage to continue to sprint forward.

At the same time, Sally Saillon said: "Education is the social vaccine for AIDS." Education is social vaccination against hiv"according to statistics, education can not only reduce the chances of girls getting married early, but also avoid the phenomenon of being prolific and premature because of lack of knowledge. The #62MillionGirls plan is to change the fate of women after they are "girls ' education".

The Girl Project, the White House's Let Girls Learn and the women's magazine Glamour , hopes to get some help from 62 million girls worldwide who are uneducated. In addition to talking about the importance of education, Michelle Obama shared the experience of life with the girls on the table. Although the event is shared by girls, these experiences are useful to you, whether you are a girl or a woman.

The growth of inner power

1. Cherish your education and keep the thirst for knowledge

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"Keep the thirst for knowledge, it will be the key to open your future." I want you to be the hungry to get your education. It is going to being the key to your future."

Every time she looked at 62 million other girls in the world who couldn't be educated, she would think of herself and her daughters. Because of the desire for knowledge and the power to affirm knowledge, let her cherish every opportunity to learn more. (Recommended to you: Striving : Nine girls Dream of learning)

2. Investment Self

Michelle said: "Don't underestimate your ability to compete with boys!" Compete with the boys, beat the boys, because your all are capable."

Whether it is a developing country or a developed one (such as the United States), we should make education our strength and seize every opportunity bravely. She said: "Opportunities for men and women, whether boys or girls, but you have the ability to brave to compete!" 」

3. Believe in your own value

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"We say to others as spiritual mentors:" You are great! "Besides, it is more important to be sure of your own value first." Young women must teach, they ' re worthy, but a and foremost we have to believe the it to is true for ourselves"

"I've known my value since I was a young man," Michelle said. If I think I am good, I am worth it, then you must be so! 」

The sooner you recognize and affirm the value of yourself, the more likely you will be to be lost in the path of chasing your dreams, but also by believing in yourself and knowing your worth and being more motivated to move forward. (Know your weight: In fact, you need not a job, but can create value )

Learn to use resistance as a booster

1. Failure in addition to the inevitable, but also the necessary existence

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"Don't be afraid of failure, because failure can help you grow and develop your resilience." Failure is a important part of your growth and developing resilience. Don ' t be afraid to fail."

Affirming your self-worth and feeling good doesn't mean you won't fail. ' Failure is necessary because you will learn more from it, ' said Michelle Obama.

2. Don't let anyone stand in your way

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"If I cared every day at your age which boys were handsome and I wasn't cute enough, I wouldn't be marrying the President of the United States right now," he said. There is no boy The who cute enough or interesting enough to stop in getting your. If I worried about who liked me and who thought I is cute at your age, I wouldn ' is married to the ' President of the ' Ed states."

Michelle shares a proverb with people who don't conform to modern values: "Intelligence makes women unattractive." Intelligence is a unattractive quality in women", if you don't want to be with a very stupid boy, why do you want to be a girl without intelligence? (Jump out of the frame of the past: the annual woman Smart Quotes, we are your strength )

Romance is great, but don't let it be the center of your life. Although education and romance will lead you to further baths, you should not give up another path for one.

She said: "Whether you are a good friend, a good brother or another partner, if you find that he will block you forward, then you should learn to push these people away." "(Learn to judge: To be a producer, not a consumer: a true friend doesn't just consume you.)

Last, but most important.

Hold on!

"To develop their own ability, to increase their value is not a few steps, it is necessary to step forward, a generation of inheritance." Change to the positive oftentimes is incremental. It's person by person, it's step through step ... solving this problem would take generations. It would take the work of your children and your grandchildren. 」

Maybe we don't see the results at the moment, but that doesn't mean we're not moving forward. Michelle said: "So we must stick to it!" 」

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Whether in adolescence confused you, in the student age unsure of the future of you, just stepped into the work of life lost you, or life sprint to burnout period of you, I hope you can through the life of Michelle recommendations to ignite a heart of a lamp, full power and then swagger.