Congratulations!It is possible to find someone who has been able to find a way to find someone who wants to try dating or seeing someone!Do you want to be able to spend the first Valentine's Day with him?But in fact, the Valentine's Day is often the first big test for the people just together.

You may be anxious:

How do you lay low, unforgetable, and unforgetable for two people to have a happy Valentine's Day?

How do you show your own tastes, choose the best Valentine's Day gift, or imply that the other side wants a gift?

Or you just want to date with him, but you don't want to make too many promises, but worry that once one on one is over Valentine's Day, you're going to be serious about everything?

After all, you only have to know the person around you!Too hot, afraid of too much excitement, but not love for him, but Valentine's Day doesn't say "love," but also worried that the other side would not even think of your mind. How to choose a good gift for the other party.These problems are often the annovish of you who have just met (or somewhat dubious).

womany and foreign famous wedding adviser, columnist Kori Ellis is particularly important for your three dating suggestions:

to the outside

Do you want him to see a different kind of you?Let him see the light on the side of the sun!This year's Valentine's Day is just one day, and he can walk outdoors with him, watch some exhibitions, or go to a golf driving range or swing the field together. It's a good option to ride a bicycle together.The point is that two people can "together" go through something for the first time, and can create some special memories in Valentine's Day.

is creative at all

doesn't need to imply that you want a big meal, or a fancy restaurant.In fact, at this point, you can have a little clever, you can prepare a simple food, a bottle of champagne, a bottle of champagne in the Yang-yang, and the candle can be very ambivally.Or you could place a picnic in the living room, prepare some sandwiches, and tell him we could eat at home.This is definitely a Valentine's Day that he has never experienced.

Make the conversation happen naturally (Any of the encarages conversation)

If you have a degree of ambiguity, you can try and see the game of great adventure.Try to have a genuine dialogue with each other, you can understand him better, and let him know more about you.Scale can increase or decrease depending on time, alcohol intake, or the degree of your liking between conversations.We suggest that we can also buy some interesting designs to interact with each other.A little game is always good!For example, if you have a shot, you can take the photo immediately, put it and let the other person write a bit of the word on it as a card or a direct painting.Not only is it special, it also has a sense of significance.

The three points above are very simple and do not have to spend much money and do not need to be specially prepared or prearranged.If you think carefully, you can make the other person feel that the index of ambiguity is rising.

Of course, if you want to have a more sexy Valentine's Day, the choice of a gift can be more intimate, such Eye and can be worn innocuous, sleep time), or put on a but have a strong sense of tactile sensation), so that he knows you're ready!

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