A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. What's the good bye? Why when you try to go forward, there are always memories like the soil of the hometown sticky footsteps. Goodbye is out of everything to make you weak, safe, goodbye is not to see one side, but to dust the dust, you go your way. (same field Gayon: single Diary: In parallel World, you love me as ever, I love you as ever)

"Good-bye, better myself, I know you wait for me in front." 」

She said good-bye to nine-to-five; goodbye to rely on; good bye. Comfort Circle. When we are busy with old emotions, there is a girl, who is trying to drag the life of all the embarrassing farewell.

forget where to see a word like this: " Life from Come Not Easy , when you think It 's easy. , someone must be taking your part your share is not easy. "On a single day, a lot of things are more disturbing than love. For example , you swallow more bitter than you eat, for example, every year you blow birthday candles, year after year to tighten the circle of friends; or, you find that there is no love to paralyze you, so you can not be too calm, you live very anxious, without love, You have to be a little embarrassed about everything.

23 years old, you cut long hair for freedom, 25 years old, you open to the love of tea hydroxyindole farewell to work; 28 years old, you are determined not to be remembered to kidnap, 30 years old, elder sister is to have seen the person of the unauthorized, wait for you not to want to exhale.

goodbye two words, spent many years to understand that any relationship to the beginning and end, those who previously thought the head is not back, if not a good farewell, will be in the dead of night into your bed pillow for dreams. And all the habits that keep you in your sleep, the shirts you left behind , the one that always drags you back, the missed calls to save your life.

See you all the way, the traces of weakness digest quickly. All that makes you afraid to go forward, comfort circle, dependence, standard answer, all good-bye.

"To be honest, I don't know if I have a better existence, but I don't want to mess with myself now." "So you decided to drop the map, to destroy the original safe path, anyway can not be worse than now, then go."

You use the specific life change, goodbye Comfort Circle, goodbye I loved the people.

A lover will lie, you will not be strict with yourself, the eternal will jump the ticket, your patience with yourself will not.

ruthless to see, is in order to and memories glance encounter, even if the flow under the warm tears, also can smile relaxed say, long time no see. the real meaning of goodbye is not to expect another day, but to accept the departure of the world.

Finally, even without love, you do not embarrass yourself.