" Pride and Prejudice " is a classic love story, through different creators repeatedly interpretation, each version can see different values of love . Let's take a quiz, from which version of Pride and Prejudice you like to see what kind of lover you are!

A view of your love from Pride and Prejudice

Some people say that the classics are never to do their intended work, and "Pride and Prejudice" obviously can be the name of the classic, each generation of creators, the hearts of their own Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Since Jane Austen published "Pride and Prejudice" in 1813, this novel has been sung for more than 200 years, has been adapted to the big screen. Each adaptation, has the creator's scalpels and the ingenuity, has reflected the different love view.


In love, what kind of lover are you? Take a quiz and get a glimpse of your love values through your favorite "Pride and Prejudice."

If someone told you, which of the following is the most exciting you?

A: The office is hot: You seem to have forgotten to wear a dress to work, has the skirt called in sick?

B: implicit euphemism: my feelings for you have changed a lot, in fact, has been completely reversed.

C: The confession also wants to be very arrogant jiao: my reason thinks that our two family position disparity, the marriage must be condemned. But from the beginning, I have a fervent love for you, my reason is defeated, I must ask you to release my pain, promised to marry me.

D: Blunt I love you: you have captured my body and mind, I love, I love, I love you. From this day on, I don't want to be separated from you.

A: Your most suitable version is "BJ single diary": Love is more than a choice

I like you, just as you are." I like you, the way you are.

If you think of Pride and Prejudice as a pure love that you've only loved this once in your life, the BJ Bachelor diary may surprise you. Because the heroine Briggie in the story of love two people, and are sincere love.

The first day of the New Year, the heroine found herself obese, overweight smoking and has been unable to find a good object, determined to change their own, then met suave boss and rigorous arrogant childhood, who is really suitable for her people? Looking at the fight for her and in front of two men, Briggie feel annoyed! (Recommended to you: towards the female-lu-Snake aesthetics: From BJ's Bachelor diary to the planet of Danny's sister )

The novel is a contemporary interpretation of "Pride and Prejudice" by British writer Helen Felding, who captures the tension between the original male heroine because of each other's prejudices and pride, and then focuses on Elizabeth's love of Playboy Wickham-and this is in the original. The reinterpretation of classic novels has formed a popular global novel and series of films.

Although the story protagonist and the original is Mr. Darcy, however, from the copy of the book, Playboy Daniel and Mr. Darcy, in the proportion of Bridget's emotional life is actually the rival.

Daniel corresponds to the original version of the smear actor led to the misunderstanding of the heroine, Mr. Wickham, unlike in the original version of the slightly ambiguous, in the "BJ single Diary", the top One-third are Daniel and heroine Briggie flirt and love. Whether they're flirting with each other in the office, or a burning passion between two people, even when they go on vacation in the suburbs, they say they're laughing and even accidentally falling into the water. In contrast to Mr. Darcy, who also came to the suburbs, and was seriously discussing the legal case with his colleagues on board. (Extended reading: The worse he is, the more you love?) Eight kinds of untouchable men )

Relative to Mr. Udasi every time in the Briggie of embarrassing, when embarrassment always saves her in time, Daniel is more like a free life player, Briggie to see him always with a bit of a deep attraction of the struggle, and on the date of the two people appeal to make some people feel stupid, they feel fun behavior. Compared to the second half of the story, Briggie every time to see Mr Darcy's deep self convergence, tension flawless reaction, this is two very different feelings.

Who says "I like the way you are" is the only sweet talk? Together Fang life of like-minded, and meet him I want to make myself better, these two feelings are equally fascinating, equally worthy of yearning.

The story of Bridget finally chose Mr Darcy, but in reality, we can therefore on "What is Love" has more colorful imagination.

B: Your most suitable version is the 1995 edition of "Pride and Prejudice" TV series: Shen Elegant Classical love

Must allow me to tell you I admire and love you." You must let me tell you how much I adore you and love you. "

The 1995 BBC filmed a total of six episodes of "Pride and Prejudice" TV series, is still the most classic version, and held a red girl heart forever Mr. Darcy Collinforth. (Extended reading:"Don't trust anyone": elaborate love scam )

Although it is regarded as the most suitable version of the original, but in fact, there are still some minor adjustments in the plot arrangement and character settings. In addition to the "BJ single Diary" the author also kept in mind, Mr. Darcy leaped into the water soaked white shirt plot, male and female protagonist of the characters set up more mature. Unlike in the original, Elizabeth would still mind whether Mr. Darcy was concerned about his teenage feelings, and the heroine of the TV series had always been confident that she would hardly have noticed that she cared for all the people in the eyes of Mr. Darcy.

And the novel in the Young, the face of the feeling a bit awkward Mr Darcy, in the actor's eyes interpretation of the superb, will be awkward and charming turn into a repressed restrained. Two people in the expression of emotion and role of the interpretation of personality, more mature than the original.

Mr Darcy's white shirt is more exciting because of the adjustment of character. Mr. Darcy, who had almost always maintained a restrained style in the whole play, after the proposal to Elizabeth was rejected, the TV series for him added two scenes, showing his pain depressed mood: is with friends fencing, expression dignified, sweaty, and riding home on the road, because the hot weather and bad mood, so jump into the lake swimming.

Therefore, when he came to his home to visit the heroine, different from the original in only the heroine startled, Mr. Darcy also because of his own clothes do not show the rare embarrassment, shy, uncomfortable. And in the meeting, Mr. Darcy hastily dressed to leave the quickly left Elizabeth Line of people, also appear full of care and cherish.

In love, do you prefer such a lover? Even if the heart has a strong emotion, will be suppressed in a cautious and appropriate appearance, so the outbreak of the time is also particularly let people feel the charm of the abstinence system. (You'll like: a gentleman Spy who can't resist!) The classic suit in the movie

C. Your most suitable version is the original version: Young girl's Sentimental Love Song

I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too a long to ago. I am in the middle before I knew that I had begun." I'm not sure exactly when, where, which look, or what sentence, build my foundation for your feelings. Too long ago, I know I began to love you before I was on the way to love. 」

Jane Austen published in 1813, "Pride and Prejudice", the original book called "First Impressions", highlighting the impact of Elizabeth's early understanding of Mr. Darcy unwilling to dance with her reaction, has been biased against him, until the story finally reversed the bad impression.

The same is true of Mr Darcy's refusal to dance with Elizabeth, the original, the TV series and the 2005 version of the film are in fact not quite the same. Shen stability of the TV version, Elizabeth smiled with no care to leave, a pair of light and the flow of the United States to let Mr Darcy instead deeply attracted, intently. In the original, the heroine behaved with great care and a little angrily at the hero's arrogance.

The story of Elizabeth in the meeting with Mr. Darcy, still do not care whether he is not aware of himself. For such a 10,000-pound, young and handsome male, she is not based on economic reasons to want to capture each other, but also can not help but there is hope for the attention of vanity. Although Mr Darcy is relatively stable, when the proposal is rejected, or by Elizabeth accused, will also show grievances, angry strong feelings.


In the early 20 of the male and female protagonist, in the face of the feelings of youth and men and women are still uneasy, speculate, anxiety, and even awkward, the novel does not evade this, but also make their image more complete and real. (same field Gayon: straight hit "My Maiden Age" youth scene: Everyone's memory has a small lucky )

To the lines of confession, compared to the TV series, First of all: "You must allow me to tell you how much I love and admire you" again mention the gap between the two-person status of the family, the original Mr. Ridasi Ramble first to say a bunch of " My reason does not allow me to "ask for marriage, but to show that young Mr. Darcy is clumsy and not outspoken in expressing feelings."

And after the two married, Elizabeth asked how Mr. Darcy like her, this is probably every girl in love want to ask clear questions, such a description also let a lively and charming girl leaps.

Although in retrospect may be full of black history, but young love is always very simple and sincere, but also very memorable. (Recommended to you: for the 20-year-old youth sheet: Please allow us to be silly again )

D. Your most suitable version is the 2005-year movie version: Female initiative and how

Elizabeth:you may only call me "Mrs Darcy" ... when you are completely, and perfectly, and incandescently happy." Elizabeth: You can only call me Mrs. Darcy when you are completely and thoroughly happy. 」

Mr.Darcy:Then How to are you to this evening ... Mrs darcy?". Mr. Darcy: How are you doing this evening? Mrs. Darcy. 」

In the 2005 Movie edition of "Pride and Prejudice", after the classic version of the TV series, this novel can also show what kind of new style? The poster two-thirds is the heroine Lanatri Silhouette, Matthew Macfedien from the rear slowly come. This kind of poster design not only considers the actor's popularity, actually also presents the entire movie narrative angle. (Extended reading: Malala, Allempe ji, kee Lanatri!) 20,146 time for a woman's counterattack )

If the 1995-year version let us in Mr Darcy's repressed but fiery eyes can not help but agree with him, love him, the 2005-year film version is to let us back in Elizabeth's perspective to think about her life, her family, her love.

Her life is not only a dance, only Mr. Darcy love her, or accept stupid but can provide a stable life of the cousin to propose, but once the father died will be troubled family life, is a muddy in the courtyard walking pig, is a slightly dilapidated home property, Is a seemingly vain mother finally need not worry about her daughter's life relieved.

The 2005 film may be the most realistic version of the original, and the TV series are not much of the economic pressure and real society exposed to the audience. So when Elizabeth still refused to choose for the economic condescend marriage, when she was asked by rich Mr. Darcy still unmoved, it is not entirely young girls, but believe that they have the value of love self-identification, and the future of life is still expected to the ideal. (Extended reading:"What those movies teach me" When you doubt yourself, think of people who believe you can )

The Lanatri Elizabeth, the most courageous and direct in love. For example, when Mr Darcy refuses to dance with her, she is not indifferent, not inwardly dissatisfied, but when the people talk about how to arouse the enthusiasm of men, tell Mr Darcy directly "is the dance, you should try, even if the partner is not satisfactory." Mr. Darcy left a man with consternation and deep thought.

And as in the end of the story, this is also the film version of a considerable adaptation, Mr. Darcy found that Elizabeth may have a good opinion of herself, so can't wait to come to her home in the morning. In the morning light and thick mist, Mr. Darcy walked slowly up to Elizabeth, and once more confessed to her, and Elizabeth's reaction was to hold Mr Darcy's hand and kiss his back, and lovingly said: "Oh, well, your hands are cold." 」

The 2005 edition of "Pride and Prejudice" let the audience see a more daring and active Elizabeth, she is not only passively waiting to be pursued, and not only to watch the hero's gallant. She will hesitate, will regret, but also willing to take the initiative, willing to express their feelings. This is a more in line with the expectations of the modern Elizabeth. (Recommended to you: active or passive?) The love problem of modern women )

Each "Pride and Prejudice" has its own values of love

Classics are the works that readers can never get tired of. The same Love story, each version has its own style. What kind of pride and Prejudice do you like? Perhaps it is like-minded flirt with each other, perhaps a euphemism to express the implied passion, perhaps sentimental sincere and memorable, perhaps in such an era, as a woman also has the initiative, frankly vindicate the charm and style.

No matter what kind of love you like to face the way, pick a version of your favorite "Pride and Prejudice", relive the meaningful and beautiful love.