Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon:"Write Poems for the Stars" for the beautiful soul of the water sign )

Cancer Cancer (June 21 ~ July 22)

Financial matters will haunt you throughout the month. A warm and friendly crescent moon on August 2 will give you a very rare opportunity to ask for a raise in the days after the new moon. If you're a freelancer, you'll find a lucrative opportunity to bring in more business.

Start your goal of increasing your cash flow at the moment of the new moon, and gather up your courage to ask for a raise. Saturn will be friendly to the crescent moon, and once your boss nods in and promises (a lot of possibilities), it will give you a very comfortable job security. Mars will also be a better place to be with the new Moon (although we have to admit that they are more relaxed in terms of phase).

But anyway, I think you're going to want to take action because Mars is in charge of your House of Fame and glory, and you might get a promotion in addition to the pay rise! Say what you think!

More talk of money will come on the day of the full Moon (August 18). These conversations will be more stressful, and will pay more attention to the money you owe to others and the money others owe you, rather than your salary. You may apply for funds that support one of your goals, such as starting your own business, going to college, or buying a house, and so on, and you will receive a response-you should get an exciting response.

Depending on how things have been progressing in your life, this Full moon will make you think about taxes, credit cards or student loans. This Full moon will be an emotional one, but it may also bring a sudden good news, thanks to Uranus, the planet that represents the unexpected. This Full moon also seems to focus on your career, so there's a possibility that you're talking about a package of benefits that fit your salary (including health benefits, vacations, etc.). Some financial matters that occurred near August 18 will be a surprise to you.

When Mars and Saturn are on August 24, be careful of accidental falls or damage to bones or teeth-it's not a good time to climb up the roof to repair tiles or go skydiving. Extreme activities are not suitable for this day.

Mars resumed its trip on June 28 and will revert to its former strength by August 22. On August 22, be aware that you may be pushed into a lot of exciting work at the office, and that there will be more and more things going on at home. Things are going to be very fast in August-Mars is in the fire constellation, and the energy of the fire phase is fast! You may be too busy this month to have time for a vacation, but believe that the September eclipses will bring you the opportunity to be entertained and packed away.

But August 22 may be a special point of travel, whether it's public or private. Love seems to bloom in the journey, so if you have someone special for you, see if you can plan a trip together and release yourself from the stress of the job on the weekend from August 20 to 22nd. (Recommended reading: in travel, meet love )

You can also go on a weekend trip at another time, and August 27 to 28th is your best point. Eros Venus will be in a phase with the cheerful Jupiter, turning these days into a perfect overnight travel day. The moon will also cooperate very well when it is in the cancer. It's a weekend where everything is going to help you. In addition to traveling, you can have a party at home-barbecue, a formal dinner or cocktail party, and so on, because this weekend, everyone can enjoy the wonderful party.

Mercury will be retrograde on August 30, until September 22. Any appliance, camera, computer or other electrical appliances you own may have problems, so you may have to rush to the repair shop immediately. Remember to keep the data in your work so it's foolproof. Don't buy any new electronics, appliances or cars now.

Translation: Rabbit

Scorpio Scorpio (October 23 ~ November 21)

Many people are on vacation in August and you have to stick to your posts because this month gives you a chance to be famous. At the same time, home, property and so on also brought about a big change.

Career, Crescent brings you exciting jumps. In the first two weeks, you'll get an appreciation or a competitor digging a corner. If you run your own business, new businesses or policies are good for you. Saturn and New Moon coincide, let you fame and fortune.

The new moon of August 18 brings changes to your home, home or property. The first four days please pay attention to the news: looking for a house, decoration, rental and so on, there will be good news.

Your master Mars flies over a Scorpio, and Mars adds points for you, giving you rewards for your efforts over the past few months, rich but not all. Mars August 2 to September 27 into the shooter, you will be spending more, so you must increase your income. Your open source measures will take effect, but beware of the 24th encounter Mars and Saturn phase. Saturn gains, so you need to rethink a purchase, investment, or other financial decision. Set aside two days for this impasse (August 24)

Please sign the agreement August 22 parallel to Jupiter and Mercury. If you are writing a commission, business, price, profit and other terms, August 22 that day you will see a real friend how to help you, he may provide special instructions, internal information, such as huge push.

The annual Venus-Jupiter conjunction of August 27 is extremely important, and this special weekend with your partner to the beautiful resort, will be extremely romantic and intimate. (Recommended reading: follow the festival to travel!) Inventory of 12 major resorts)

If you are single, this month's Venus Virgo Journey from 5th to 29th brings you the gospel. You will have more social, friends and meetings to bring opportunities. The 27-28-day weekend at the end of the month is a rare romance. Wide open eyes, single fill in the 27th opportunity to make a breakthrough. At the end of the month, prepare for the August 30 to September 22, the water counter!

Translation: Star translation Agency/translation: Joyce Lau leisurely (although not to, yearn. )

Pisces piseces (February 19 ~ March 20)

This particularly beautiful new moon, August 2, is the right time to solve health problems. If you've been postponing a visit to a doctor or dentist, make a phone call-with such a good face, or on Saturn, a planet that is in charge of long-term benefits, you are likely to find your health care condition benign. The difference between being very healthy and not being healthy often depends on not hitting that key reservation phone. And, incidentally, the August 16 Day Uranus (surprise) touches the sun (health and vitality) and you will receive super good news about your health.

Go back to the new moon of August 2, and as a freelance you will be able to find and identify the business at that time, and if you work for others, you will have a great opportunity to be given the most interesting and satisfying task in the department, so ask for it.

Your admiration for this month's good performance from VIPs and partners like you will continue to enhance your reputation for growing. Saturn in your honorary palace shows that you are at a very important stage, as soon as December can begin to build your own expert image in this field, and win are appreciative and honors.

Saturn will begin to lead this month on August 3, which means that after months of retrograde on March 25, you will now finally see great progress in your career. By August 18, the full moon of Aquarius, you may want to get out of your social life and give yourself a little quiet time alone. Pisces love to be alone, and basically when they are alone they always try to do some thinking, and because you can easily absorb the feelings of other things-like a sponge-you need time to cleanse others of their care to regain balance and peace.

This Full moon will be a good time to practice, to pray, to reflect, and to be diligent in your skills. Uranus, the planet of genius, has a good angle with the full moon, and will bathe you with brilliant ideas. You may think of a highly profitable idea-Uranus is now in the second house of your income and personal wealth. Share your thoughts!

August 22, when Jin Mu perfect line, your home, property, or a family member will bring a sensational news. You have established a relationship with a partner that may be in a marriage or business, perhaps a broker or other intermediary that seems to hold the key to your happiness and success on the August 22.

August 27, your partnership, Marriage Palace will be lit up again by Jin Mu, showing a delightful appearance. Do you still remember the song called "Aquarius"? Think of this phrase " the month falls seven Palace "(you will see the September 1 Total eclipse) "Every wood fire line" ... Well, you haven't met Jupiter and Mars, but you've come across a better one-Jupiter will be lined up with Venus, The Love star, in your seventh house (marriage). That means that as the song continues to " guide the planet peacefully, Love is at the helm of the stars. " Your vision of an affectionate and joyful love is outstanding and is likely to be realized this month.

Dear Pisces, that's perfect. Keep in mind that this is the first time in decades that Venus and Jupiter have formed the same in your seventh house, so these days are rare like diamonds. Even if you have been attached for a long time, there are still warm and moving times to give you two people. Find time for each other and do something special on this weekend's date. Give your loved ones your heart, and you will be the most exquisite gift you can offer without reservation. (Recommended reading: The conditions of happiness: If love, please deep love )

Finish all your plans by the end of the month. Mercury will be retrograde from August 30 to September 22. You will enjoy the slow pace of the September. You will have the opportunity to think, to regain contact with your old friend, to determine the future of your new relationship (if you just started dating). If you are determined that a lasting relationship is not for you, you will pull away. But on the whole, you have this amazing aspect, this month it seems only love can exist in your eyes.

Translation: Star translation Agency/translation: Sick Mei