Constellation, which is always underestimated. Scientific . The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding . But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon:"The Illustration constellation column" Aquarius, Gemini, Libra: The sexy keyword of the wind sign )

Aries (March 21 ~4 month 19th)

Finally came to the situation a good August ah, a variety of opportunities, especially in love. August 2 The New moon of Leo will light up your true love, this month is the most likely to find love this year. If you know the person you like, don't listen to your friends ' opinions about him-give him a chance to show his character and then make a decision. Your friend may not give you any good advice for the first two weeks of the month, or listen to your inner best.

The stars are good, let it all go well-it takes only one person to change your life. If you're dating someone, August will have a chance to create romantic memories. If you're married, you don't have to delay--you're going to be happy with the two-person world.

In terms of work, you will be creative in the first two weeks of August, so spend your time on the most important work items. If you're ready to pitch your ideas in the first week, the August 2 new Moon is the opportunity. If you have an important decision to make about your career, do it on August 1-the Sun and Saturn are perfect, and the decisions you make will be good for you.

Saturn will be back on August 13 until the next August 7, so you have a long time to make important career progress. The news is super good! You've worked so hard for so long, but you just don't get the recognition you deserve. Everything will change from now on.

If you're making a career decision that can't be done right away, until late this month, you need to be careful because mercury is going to start retrograde, from August 30 to September 21. If you have to give someone a definite response in late August, try to drag and drop the business, at least until September 21 to give the final answer. If you can't drag, you have to accept the job and know that you may change your job later.

The only exception is that you have to accept a job that comes from a good boss or company that you've worked with and worked with before, and if so, it can be completely without your worries. Mercury's bastard like you to renew your past with your predecessor. Most of the month of September and October and November are good months, and in some ways it will be best for you in 2016.

You may be on a business trip this month, but if you're traveling for a holiday, take your computer with you because you expect to pick up a couple of important emails and phone calls as you travel. There is an old saying that "the eye is out of sight", but for you, August 7 must be reversed. Mercury is in charge of your sixth house of work, and on that day mercury will hedge against Neptune, which governs fog (fog), and you may be misunderstood by colleagues, and you may not be able to understand the instructions of your client or boss. It is very dangerous to work like this.

A full moon will occur in your friendship Palace August 18. The full moon almost became a lunar eclipse, but it was a little bit worse. So August 18 is not the eclipse, but even so, this Full moon will also promote the friendship of some things, will change the current state of friendship. Your friend might get married on August 18 plus or minus five days-and it would be nice to go to the wedding.

Aries Uranus can bring unexpected things, so what to expect will be unexpected, but it should be good news and a celebration. Uranus and The sun and the moon angle is very good, you may go to see a game, good for your support team refueling, happy home on the road are laughing.

Your big Brother Mars and Saturn look wrong, August 24 plus or minus four days you have to be careful, fall carefully, especially when traveling. These two are currently in Sagittarius and are also in charge of the hip. Don't go to the extreme sports these days. You're a goat, you love to die, everyone else is scared. You are still crazy, but August 24 this day will be really quiet, new things can try again!

At the end of this month, Mercury will begin to retrograde, from August 30 to September 21. All negotiations and intentions are completed as soon as possible, the farther away from the water the better. As soon as August 30 Mercury began to retrograde, he became a torture goblin. As long as he retrograde, not to drag you to death he is not the name of water, even just to restore the line when all do not give force, because he has to slowly recharge. Life slows down, but sometimes it's not a bad thing. (Recommended reading: Independent Women's Taiwan small travel illustration: Every time you run away, back to yourself )

There will be two deadly eclipses next month, respectively, on September 1 and 16th, as long as the eclipse occurs, it will bring many changes. So I'm sure you'll have to look at my September horoscope. But as Jupiter prepares to enter Libra, next month will be the luckiest day of your year. I'm not going to tell you this month!

Translation: Star translation agency/translation: High Heels Queen

Leo (July 23 ~8 month 22nd)

August, maybe you've had your birthday in July, maybe not, and are ready to celebrate. The universe wants you to be happier and to help you fulfill your wish, August 2, the best crescent Moon falls in Leo, it will help you.

Whatever your goal, this exciting, warm and friendly new moon will help you make progress and achieve the most cherished dreams of your heart. Saturn and the crescent phase are perfect, whether it is to love, maintain important feelings, or want to conceive, bear children, Saturn will help you achieve all expectations. Also, if your goal is to participate in a creative contest, the Lions are famous for their creativity and the new moon will make you stand out.

Around August 16 to set reminders, this day is your favorite, full of joy and surprise. If you need to contact Foreign relations, prepare immigration documents, or immigrate for an interview, be sure to choose this day. You can hammer out an import or export transaction, or academia-for example, a thesis defense-or a broadcasting project, or you provide a good idea for a successful solution to a problem in legal matters. In this flash day, any of the above can be considered for participation. If you are engaged in writing, your work may be translated into another language.

August 18 Welcome Aquarius Strong Full Moon, in charge of your emotional state. Uranus is very active, energetic, a period of fate ushered in the overjoyed. May be engaged, married, but if you are not happy before, you will break up. All the phases of the full moon are very cordial, and there is absolutely no depressing result. I can be sure of one thing-four days before and after August 16, a certain intimate relationship will get the final answer.

August 22, the great financial news, in your second house of income and personal property, mercury (trading) and Jupiter (Rise and profit). You may receive a call, email, letter, notify you of a raise, or get a better position, with a rich income. (Recommended reading: Write a letter asking the director to pay a raise before you should grasp the three points )

If you need to sign a contract, you'd better sign it at the beginning of the month. can choose August 1, the Sun and Saturn synchronization, bring long-lasting effect. Or August 22, the best day of 2016 years to sign.

August 26 or 27th, there are exciting financial news, or you are ready to buy expensive goods. September 1, the strong eclipse will bring changes in income, all the news is the most you want to hear. August 30 to September 21, Mercury retrograde, do not sign contracts, especially during the eclipse (September 1 to 16th). If you can't finish the text work this month, postpone it to the end of next month.

Dear Lions, this month is full of opportunity and laughter-roll up your sleeves and get ready for a big fight, and all the opportunities ahead are waiting for you. As long as you look, you will find them.

Translation: Lange (Learning a language is the best way to close the text)

Sagittarius (November 22 ~12 month 21st)

Nothing makes a striker happier than a wonderful overseas trip. The bright New Moon, August 2, in the constellation Leo, will nine your 9 house and take charge of your international travel and your overseas relationships. You may have a tolerance or a trip, but either way, your travels will bring a very positive, long-term development.

If you cannot travel, you may be making a deal with an overseas company or individual to communicate via telephone and email. Saturn is now in Sagittarius, beautifully pointing to the sun and the moon, making this the best moment of the year, a good time to hop on a plane and fly to a place you've always wanted to see one day.

Your actions will weigh heavily this month, especially the first 10 days, so use this new moon to reach a dream that is important to you. If traveling or working abroad is not on your priority list, then this beautiful new moon of August 2 will have other possible results, apparently the best New moon of the year 2016. You'll get a great media program-a magazine cover story, being invited to be the director of an important television documentary, or starting your own signature blog.

In addition, if you need to make a legal act now, it will be good for you. Your September plan to go to college will be a thrill for you.

The August 18 Full moon is very important to you and focus your attention on how to earn your income. In addition, a large shopping trip may be completed or delayed. It may also be that after you have completed a large financial transaction, a new source of income will emerge. You may take a short trip at this time if you are going back on Sunday, August 21. After that, your career will be in the ascendant. (Recommended reading:"Chasing marriage Diary" 30 Topics: Love, marriage, career, we can do it? )

This month signed the document on August 22, four days after the full moon. Mercury, the star in charge of your fame and glory, will meet Jupiter in good luck, an annual celebration. This wonderful day will bring you a very positive PR and a victory you deserve.

The other two great days were August 26 and 27th, when Venus joined Jupiter in the 10 palaces of prestige achievement. At this time, big V-class people, colleagues, subordinates, will applaud your success. Recently you have been competing for a perfect project that brings a cheer for you, and this is just the beginning, the more complex, the temptation of the project will be fruitful. A friend or a professional group that you belong to will help you climb to the top of the industry.

This is a very important period for you, because at last the warrior star Mars, representing the stars of courage, strength and determination, came to Sagittarius. This means that other constellations must stand back and give you priority. Everyone has the opportunity to usher in Mars every two years, when it is your turn, and continue until September 27. You have always had Mars, and it was there on the March 5, except for June or July, when Mars returned to Scorpio in retrograde.

The long period of retrograde Mars is over. Procrastination and determination have been bothering you, but now there is a blue sky waiting for you. Jupiter, now in Virgo, lights up the ten palaces of your reputation and glory, and is moving forward with no further retrograde.

By August 22, Mars would have been completely restored. All the stars in the depths of the universe are moving silently to a position that creates a powerful support force that you will never see in decades. Next month, September 1, you will have a powerful crescent eclipse to bring you the greatest career news. This New moon food meeting opens a big door for you, September 16, one months of eating a full moon will bring changes in the family. Be ready, and soon all eyes will stare at you.

If you are campaigning, the ceiling balloons will be flown, people will cheer, and you will begin to read your orders. You have now reached the most exciting moment of your 2016 years. Will let you engrave in the heart!

Translator/Translator: Pa (Simple and happy)