Constellation, which is always underestimated. Scientific . The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding . But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon: A word lets the elders stop the wedding!) 12 constellation in the face of "when to get married" real reaction

Taurus (April 20 ~ May 20)

If you plan to lease, trade, renovate, paint, clean, change decorations or rent a beach house, the August 2 elegant, inspiring New moon will give you a chance. Saturn is by your side, letting you do everything you can to improve the value of your house and beautify your home. Saturn's influence at the new moon is so great that any changes you make can last a long time.

The August 18 Full moon is very important and will have a positive and exciting effect on your career. The news suddenly came and there was no warning. Every sign suggests that you will be overjoyed by the changes that have occurred. Be sure to be decisive and to answer clearly or no. If you are in the interview work, communicate to the final stage, so regardless of the full moon, stay in the city, do not go on vacation. It seems that your performance has made a deep impression on the VIPs behind the scenes and it is time for you to reap the rewards. (Recommended reading: Seven seconds first impression wins!) The fashion of the professional scene to wear teaching )

If you don't know a word behind the scenes, and you want to be part of the conversation, the news will naturally emerge from now on. In fact, the move earlier this month has to do with upcoming career changes, or you can improve your residency standards because of career prospects. If you need to discuss any kind of money problem, including salary or expense, you may choose August 22. August 24 Mars and Saturn in the same time do not reach any agreement, may ignore one or two sensitive details, to cause their own losses.

There will be two eclipses next month, September 1 and 16th, respectively, emphasizing your love and friendship. As you can see, the important aspects of your life are undergoing great changes, whether it be home, career, friend or relationship. August 5 Venus enters the Virgin, stays until August 29, prepares to meet the full of love and the Joyful party.

Mercury and Jupiter coincide August 21 and 22nd, increasing the likelihood of finding true love, or luring you to celebrate with your loved ones. It's also a good day to talk about child-related content (especially about reproductive doctors), or to suggest creative ideas that can be eye-opening, and they'll call you a rock star. This day you may see more money recorded. Obviously this day is hard to refuse, but there is another day, August 27.

August 27, the tenderness of Venus and Jupiter in conjunction, for love this is a five-star day. This is a weekend, so be sure to arrange a trip, Venus will help you entertain love. Take time to disguise yourself, when Venus and Jupiter meet in Virgo, that is, the fifth House of Love and joy, and in harmony with your sun Taurus, nothing will go wrong. This phase is rare as a gem.

Mercury retrograde at the end of this month, from August 30 to September 21, early this week, early action to get things done.

Translation: Star Translation Agency/translator: Bandits I think that I exist

Virgo (August 23 ~ September 22)

August 2 The New moon, light your secret palace, you may be doing something highly confidential and need to be kept secret for a few months, and this emphasis on confidentiality may also be expressed in other ways, such as the decision to go to a mental/psychiatric doctor and find out what has been bothering you so that you can regain your sense of wholeness and return to balance.

Body, heart, mental health theme almost throughout the month, the atmosphere is very quiet, you have time to make an appointment with the doctor or dentist, also have time to check the eyes, see whether the prescription changes, do breast fluoroscopy, prostate examination, colonoscopy and other medical operations.

August 18 takes place Aquarius Full Moon, health becomes a bigger focus, you may decide to plan a hospitalization, a delayed operation, and so on, in August, when Uranus and the full moon are in good shape, a good sign that the problem will be solved well if you examine the research and trust your doctor.

At work, maybe colleagues come and go, your trusted subordinates are leaving, and of course there are important projects to be done, you have to adjust yourself, don't get too tired, the project needs to be hard, if you need help, there is no time to recruit and train the novice, it is best to wait until the main star Mercury is over retrograde (Mercury August 30 to September Retrograde during 22nd, candidates can be interviewed this month, the time to postpone the selection of personnel, and so on at the end of September to determine.

On the family side, you want to make progress on the matter, but the delay of August 24 May disappoint you, the day Mars and Saturn, this is a pause phase, deep breath-and a whole month of good days waiting for you, you will soon understand. Because Mars will make a noise home, there may be workers in the home decoration, may be moved, or you at home to the big friends to play crazy, the room even sofa are full of people.

The best day of the month is August 22, the main star Mercury coincides with Jupiter in your constellation, a truly beautiful and extremely rare phase, and although the two stars match each year, it has not appeared in Virgo for more than 12 years, a day that is particularly advantageous for your career or other important personal and professional affairs.

There is also a very rare day, August 27 Venus and Jupiter in Virgo, this is a weekend, you may travel to distant cities, or find a large amount of money is coming, you are also full of charm and attraction, is you shine, if you have company, you can plan a surprise for your partner, if single, A lot of contact with people or the first date on this day, if you want to have a baby, there will be good news, if there are problems with pregnancy, can be a few days before August 27 phase gradually formed to see the maternity doctor. (Recommended reading: the ideal production inspection of the production of inspection content )

September 1 will be a Virgo eclipse, September 16 of your marriage, the eclipse of the partner Palace, life is changing for you, and life will only become better.

Translation: Illusion (flying between the true and the false)

Capricorn (December 22 ~ month 19th)

Do you think the month is a boring month? Well, think again! Yes, a lot of people take vacations and trips in August, but Capricorn, your focus for eight months is almost all about money. The first is the new moon of August 2, and you will think about whether you have borrowed other people's money or borrowed it from others?

It is the house of others ' money that is lighted, so there's a good chance you'll have a loan, a combination of assets, an asset reconfiguration program, or a college grant, or something like that, or you might have insurance claims that happen, anyway, as soon as possible.

This new moon is full of financial opportunities. Saturn, your Guardian star is a good angle to the new moon, so it gives you the perfect opportunity to focus on your finances. If you're looking for an investment, you're likely to get a very positive response, if you owe someone money, such as taxes, student loans, and so on, you can also make a good repayment plan to meet your needs.

Within 10 days of the new moon, the actions you take will have an impact on the coming year, and you'll feel more secure and stable, thanks to the Guardian planet Saturn. If you're going through a series of tedious procedures for divorce, this new moon will open up for you to offer a mutually agreed solution. (same field Gayon: after divorce, we celebrate happiness )

Another significant financial moment will occur during the full moon of August 18, when the full moon will be the financial information that concerns your salary and your savings. A financial message is coming to an end, and when it reaches that node, you can flip it.

It seems that a new kind of income will emerge. Uranus, which is always out of common sense, will be active and friendly, so you may have a raise, or other ways you can't imagine, to increase your income. One very obvious implication is that you might sell some of your assets, or your home furnishings, or you want to buy some furniture for your home, and you'll get a good bargain in August. opportunity to invisible, look forward to it! Anyway, you will find that you are at the right time and good fortune, all opportunities can be used by you.

August 24, be careful. When Mars encounters Saturn, especially to protect your teeth and bones, watch your step, watch out for things that will make you slip, and don't bite the hard stuff that might hurt your teeth, like ice cubes or candy, and you know if you hurt your teeth, The cost of mending is very expensive.

Travel abroad was a good week on August 22, thanks to Mercury and Jupiter's first meeting this year, the August 22 is a rare day, not only Mercury Jupiter, the two planets will also go through the constellation of Virgo, the same as you, so the joy of nature is self-evident. In addition to traveling, this day you can also use other aspects, is also shining oh, such as academic achievements, or one of your theory has a major breakthrough and so on.

As Capricorn , you pay attention to your fame, reputation, and you care about the steady development of your career. At the end of the month, there will be good news that Venus, in charge of your tenth house, represents honor, achievement and fame and performance that will be with Jupiter from August 26 to 27th. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you have to take it seriously. In August, try to do something important, because Mercury will be retrograde from August 30 to September 21, and you may want to take a vacation and everyone will miss you, but you will enjoy it.

Translation: Star translation Agency/translation: Xiao an