Women fans invited this month, the big guest Tanya Chua , in the Tanabata "Miss their own" topic for your Song, Tanya Chua is a lot of people in the hearts of Love song days, these years she like to shed the old Shell rebirth, show strength and firmness , hum out more confidently. Cai Jian is still a love song, but love songs , but also a very good attitude. (same field Gayon: Cai Jian and Paris dialogue: Do one thing, you must forget it )

Each person's unforgettable, there is a Tanya Chua, those who have been spoiled by love of the days of her lucky. Perhaps you also sang in the KTV "bottomless pit" mourning Lover, a "Pisces" do not know how many sleepless nights with you in exile. In addition to their own works in the past few years countless Chinese classic pop music from Tanya Chua Pen, Hong Peyu "Tiptoe Love", Xiaojingteng "can only miss You", Na Ying "long Lens" ...

It's 20 years since Cai Jian's debut, we choose to sit down before this symbolic figure arrives. It is interesting that in the past 20 years, she has been singing from her own singer into the "Chinese Good song" mentor, the Almighty music producer, she fled from the voice of the music circle, became the dessert industry rookie.

As with the distortion of the song, Tanya Chua always surprises people. Before the beginning of the interview, Tanya Chua for women fans recording film, the lens outside the lens are very happy, the word read wrong, she spit a tongue shout ah, recording the end, she confidently said I think this is absolutely no problem, vigorously to their applause.

Her self-confidence is not at hand, learn to appreciate themselves, is the understanding of these years: "I as a woman, these years began to learn to embrace the role of women, more proud of themselves." (same field Gayon: female force times!) Emmahuasen and Malala for the first meeting: As feminists, we are proud.

Rimunia back inside: Be a proud person

"I think it is very difficult for many people to appreciate their encouragement." We should seldom get up in the morning, laugh when we see ourselves in the mirror, and tell ourselves that I love you, and most of us are anxious to find our own surface. Modern people need more energy to return to their inner selves and to get along with themselves. "She says we are much more harsh on ourselves than we are on the outside, but we forget to focus on our hearts."

Back to myself, is the first lesson facing the world, so Tanya this concert with "Rimunia" for hair want to let people find direction in the trek, Rimunia is a forgotten good world, even if existence is a mystery, but it is all can aspire to the environment: "Now the world is more and more chaotic, we see the news, Society may let itself down, social media let us touch the interface and information more, also let people do not selectively receive. 」

In the face of environmental reflection, let nature sensitive she expects to have not interfered with the way, I asked Tanya how to face the disturbance, she said: "When you are led by this thing, is to give power to this situation." Is it possible for us not to get bogged down and choose to pull away? Rimunia is such a concept, first go back to their hearts, to their own inner beauty, first do not want to change the world, back to their inner everything. 」

Back to himself, was an abstract word, Jianyan, is not to change yourself, but how to become yourself: "Your emotions, cells, your dreams, who you are, we each are part of the universe, without you the universe will not be the same, do not want to change the world, the first focus on doing their own body, First find your inner beauty, do what you want to do first. 」

You've tortured yourself and you've got to applaud yourself.

Talk about Rimunia, her eyes always have light, but that distance, I asked Tanya how to practice, she said: "First know to envy other people's eyes back to themselves, focus on their own this topic, I feel from the ego request start." 」

For her, to be herself is not to do what she wants, but to start with responsibility: "I think I am a very responsible person, if I choose to do something, I must do the best." It is my work, my character, I am committed to action, I do not want to give anyone half of their own. (Recommended reading:"Independent Psychology for Big women" You don't need a person to complete you )

Character in not let go of their own Tanya with a desperate attitude in life, every effort she devoted to herself was not in vain, and time brought all her efforts back to her days: "This life is tiring, for you have been striving for perfection and cannot accept defeat, but when you show yourself the best, you will appreciate it." You are sincere in doing this thing, this request to yourself let me very satisfied. 」

"But I also remind myself that you have tortured yourself and you have to applaud yourself," he said. 」

That applause is not easy, if no one clap for you, you have to applaud for yourself, her tone firm, demeanor, and do their own angel and devil, it is Tanya Chua expression.

Like yourself, more important than others like you

I asked Tanya how I felt about my music on the road. She particularly likes the word "evolution": "You just asked me to debut so long, how to let a lot of people like you, I think is, do not focus on, how to let people like you." 」

From the debut to this, "How to let oneself like" to become her ultimate idea: "Before I do not understand themselves, also do not like themselves, I only care about others like me, I do not feel safe, I am afraid to be hated, then very painful." But you do not make music doubt yourself ah, how you have been in this circle, is to do you also like yourself. Whatever the industry is, focus on yourself. 」

She's not born with confidence, the 2011 was a great turning point in Tanya's life, and her father's death was accompanied by a serious warning: "For a good two years, my chest tightness made me feel unable to breathe, and I wanted to give up, I felt I couldn't, but no one saw that I couldn't breathe, It has affected my ability to sing. That year let me have to do a decision to stay, one is to give up all, the second is ok jump rip, there must be some you do not know the wound. 」

Then we heard the "Angel and The Devil" album, which is her bloody wound. I always think she has some kind of Rijo trait, she is not admit defeat: "The Angel and the Devil" in front of a is completely different, "Speaking of Love" is completely positive energy, but in fact at that time they do not believe in love. Through the music, I realized that I then did not believe in myself, also feel that the world does not believe me. When you find that you need to change and find the anticipation of waking up that moment is very important. "(Recommended reading: Your life, do not live other people's expectations )

Willpower will take you in search of your new self

"The only way you're going to get your hands out there and get your feet out of your little world is by your willpower, if you don't have willpower, you can't do anything," he said. --Cai Jian ya

Many people look at these years of Tanya has been in the deformation, she did not stop growing, into the music circle nearly 20 years, 20 years can be refreshing is very rare. Even she has a lot of characters, not just singers, music producers, or the rookie of the dessert circle, I asked Tanya how to think of himself?

"Making dessert is another pleasure I'm looking for, and at different stages we're going to be in different roles, thinking in one area." Music is my first job, you have to know a repeat 20 years of things, no matter how much you like, there will always be a trace of fatigue, this is very realistic. To know that one day your creative cell, your Creative Juice will be dry, so you must look for a new self. 」

Because of the dessert, she took a big step out of her comfort zone: "I know I need something other than music to find things that excite me, like when I first came across music." "Love one thing, will remember its throbbing enthusiasts, Tanya to talk about the desserts of the caper, like in the sun, every word has happiness:" I am the same as the passion for dessert and music, I know I have to do this, I do not, I will be music led by the nose, music market change how I will change. " 」

"I don't want my life to be equal to music, I want my life to be bigger." "--tanya

Be a man of a hierarchy

Music and dessert is a very important thing in her life now, I ask Tanya to talk about the meaning of both: "Everyone will ask, what am I doing here in the world?" It would be frustrating if you couldn't find the answer. Music allows me to find myself, to find an identity on earth and what I can contribute, so that I can speak. "Dessert is so:" After I found myself, let me want to find more myself. 」

The beginning of the meeting with dessert: "I am a cargo." "Don't think too complex, dessert is not too much mystery, beginning with love to eat love exquisite love to enjoy the character:" I like the pursuit of good and meticulous, dessert so I can play, but also to ask myself. Dessert needs to be "touch", not a recipe. 」

Tanya chatted about being with a lot of good desserts: "I found a lot of good young desserts in that field, like I'm not born, but I'm a face-saving person." Competitive personality So I must do a good job, in addition to doing, to feel level, I have to pay attention to detail from the previous level, dessert taught me to explore the level. 」

"Level is life, the level is in life to find outside the surface of the details, the beautiful things on top, let a person become different." Be a layered person, make yourself better and evolve. --Cai Jian ya

I don't want my life to be just music: no one owes you any splendid

"You can't think you'll ever do music." "This sentence from Tanya mouth out of subversion I to many musicians persistent imagination, she to music, have a let go, a tolerance."

She is determined not to be market-clamped, not to become a constantly empty music, so the desire to fill not enough, Tanya oneself to make up: "You want to create a wonderful Life, no one owes you any brilliant." 」

"Writing songs is one thing, you finish an album, that concept is over, you can't repeat yourself, you have to constantly destroy yourself." To write songs is to return to zero to find a new experience, for so many years this matter, there really will be a thought, I do not want to write a song for a relationship. "When you empty things, your hole is shallow, this is the bitterness of creative people, they use their own life to lay out good works:" When your life nothing happened again, there is no inspiration. 」

What is the new wonderful? "Sometimes there's a crazy idea in your head, do It. She said concisely and bravely. She is a person who likes to believe that is very certain: "As long as I am sure, I can be desperate." (Recommended reading: love the cat when Special gentle!) Lu Jiashing: Man should be like a cat, live righteously .

Life is like this once, why not perfunctory?

Do not feel that you have no choice, Tanya in the face of the most frustrating time is the choice: "The first deep into the wound, do not escape." Pain makes it painful, the best to make it very painful, you know that pain. Life experience of good and bad, must try to feel, that is the universe to give you the message, just hug it. 」

Next, Tanya feel that the important lesson is "dialogue with himself":"I often sleep in the middle of the night, holding an empty paper, all the messy thoughts are written down, no matter how stupid or embarrassing." As long as you write it, at least you can see what you're thinking. Suddenly it seems that there is something down in the heart, you can go to sleep. 」

In the face of pain and happiness, she is fearless, Tanya said before his own fear of pain, hurt to go on the run: "I later felt that life is like this once, why not perfunctory?" The more I live, the more extreme I don't like the grey area. 」

She said a word to make the life of the predicament is clear, why not perfunctory? She is looking for a taste, so bitter sweet to receive it, I asked Tanya also want to life what challenges? She thought: "I think women, to 40 if unmarried, not tied to their own things, really is very free time." Just try to do what you want to do, no one will entertain you, you can entertain yourself. "(same field Gayon: to eventually become the elder sister: Bread I earn, love is not anyone can give )

To the dear self: to evolve into a better man

Tanya Chua always reminds me of Dakaro, she warm, not tame, unwilling to surrender to the sophisticated, her fans like to shout her sister, shouting for a long time, Tanya Chua also like the elder sister hearty, take care of everyone, she has a style and verve, let the atmosphere lively up. I asked her to give her a blessing if she had a good life, and if I could have a song for my Dear Self, Tanya Chua said that no matter 20, 30, 40, it was always the song--"Darwin".

"I will always answer Darwin, and I hope I will keep improving and be a better person." We must always remind ourselves that, no matter how painful and annoying, this is all you have to go through. You have to bite the root and go to the next better place. (Recommended reading:"Try to please everyone, you will not progress" 12 female leaders talk about love, growth and the workplace )

The Tanya Chua of a living attitude: I am a woman with power.

Perhaps the Tanya Chua in our eyes, along the way has been very smooth, she was supported by the award of the Golden Melody to the first, but very few people see, the treatment of the injury outside her, actually longing for their more real life in front of the audience, Cai Jian ya not only love songs, she has full of strength, unwilling to bow to the stubborn.

The perception of self is the biggest twist on Tanya music: "When you are sincere, others will know you better." Before the music, others will feel Tanya sing very sad love song, but I am not, that is not all of me, I am a more powerful and dynamic, more attitude of women. 」

For their own evolution, for their own life, that is Cai Jian the appearance and attitude of the flying. She focused on a song, a layer of carved exquisite French dessert. She has been working hard, for herself to bring a good move, Tanya Chua said Evolution, is to make themselves happier.

Some days ago, she left a 20-year-old tattoo, looks very painful, but fine beautiful, as Cai Jian ya live.

"Learn to be earnest, to learn loyalty, to survive, to know eternity, to evolve into a better man." 」

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