We all have a big and small dream, but how many people are willing to dream for their own, out of the original comfort zone ? Or, we often feel that we are not good, often envy other people what is great, but have we ever thought that they may have the advantages of others? Natalie, who represented Taiwan in 2014 to participate in the life and death of Asian supermodels, for their dream to let go , let us listen to her how to say it! (Recommended reading: life is short, go after the dream!) )

Natalie, a professional model, has been in the top ten in 2014 to represent Taiwan in the life and death of Asian supermodels. As a result of their own mixed-race appearance and attracted much attention, but also because of their own style more strong and feel inferior. But now he, speak to easy and lively, exudes self-confidence ──"if not the past efforts of me, there is no present himself"natalie said so.

From inferiority to self-confidence, you only need a little more courage

Because I was a half-breed, I was taller than anyone else in my class, and even taller than any other male student in my classes. When I was a student I once reached 65 kilograms, which made me look bigger. I didn't think I was fat, I just thought I was a little bit bigger than the others. But everyone has been a student, when the peer began to point to you, said you fat, said you are very big, they will be very concerned about, but also let me suffer a great blow.

So I used to be very insecure. Do not like themselves too high, so the hunchback, do not like themselves because of family genetics so full of acne, so I have to face masks to school. At that time I often complained: "Why is my skin so bad?" "Why do I look different to others?" 」

I envy the person who has the eye, I think the eye is very beautiful, I also envy single eyelid person, I think single eyelid is very attractive, but no technology can let me from double eyelid change single eyelid. But at the same time, someone will say to me: "Good envy your double eyelid!" Really want to cut the same double eyelid as you. 」

We are all very easy to envy others have their own do not, but forget that they also have the advantages of others envy.

When I was in Taiwan, I used to try to cover my body with my coat and dark clothes because I didn't think my curve was good. But when I arrived in England and saw a lot of people daring to show their stature, they felt that their bodies were beautiful and there was nothing to hide. I used to say to an English friend, "Wow, how dare you wear this?" If I wear this way in Taiwan, I would have been scolded. He said, "Why can't I wear it?" I think it looks good on me! I began to reflect: "Why do I have to wrap myself up because of the criticism of others?" (Recommended reading: Tarot divination: a woman laughs!) Back to the long life of the forgotten self-confidence )

Gradually, I began to tell myself: "Today I Natalie is this body, this skeleton, this height, these are very good ah!" "One step at a, I tell myself I want to love myself." It's simple to love yourself, but it's hard to do, but I want to remind myself every day: "I am so good!" 」。

Take a chance, throw away the past, accept yourself

Then I started working with brokerage firms, I was a working man during the day, and I was a new model after work at night, looking for opportunities to audition everywhere. As a model to have a very strong willpower, to be able to withstand many rejection, 10 auditions you can get 1 times to feel very happy.

After taking a few cases, I learned that Asian supermodels are beginning to accept enrollment, with an age limit of 27 years. Although I know my appearance is not as Asian, and looks more mature than the same year, but I still have to sign up, I want to give myself a chance to try. Then I got an online interview, so I quit my job and flew to Singapore for a face-to-face audition.

I was really nervous when I signed up, and I was worried about what other people thought of me because I looked like a Westerner, and some people would question why I could sign up for the Asian Games. After that audition, I didn't realize that I was really chosen. I have the courage to represent Taiwan, to participate in this competition.

After the interview with the judges, they also asked a psychiatrist to interview me. I was very puzzled inside. After the doctor explained I understand, because this program has a lot of people to participate, like me, we may not know the environment of showbiz, do not know how much pressure this environment will bring us. There was a race, a vegetarian contestant because of the media and the outside world of public criticism on suicide. So we have to have a psychiatrist to confirm that our mental state is healthy to load such a game. (Recommended reading: Seven simple methods of release pressure, relax and good health )

I was more nervous when I heard the doctor say so. I began to doubt whether I was able to withstand outside criticism, even if others scold me very bad, said is not the truth, I also have the means to bear it? Am I really fit for this kind of game?

Finally, I chose to ignore it. From childhood to most always care about what others think of me, I do not want to go on like this, I want to have their own choice of the future, so I continue this game.

Give yourself a little more opportunity to embrace your future with more dollars

As a model, I have the opportunity to contact the different places, experience different things. I began to feel my personality slowly changed, the past I am not a very bold person, but now I have more and more courage. Not everyone is born with courage. But I forced myself to practice, forced myself to try and learn from failure. Gradually, I got a lot of courage.

In fact, the most want to tell you today is: love oneself is not because of their own perfect to love themselves, but to know their own imperfections, learn to love their own imperfections, know their own, more love themselves.

If I had not given myself a chance to try, there would be no me now. I will not know that I can do so many things, now experience all, is the student era I absolutely cannot imagine. So I also hope that you can give yourself a chance, because try, will know their limits where.

If you have a dream, go after it. But because the dream is not simple, so it is worth the effort to chase, in the process you will see a lot of unexpected yourself. (Recommended reading: who said youth, there can be no more dreams?) )