"Star World X Womany" Love Me Loves My own series Salon first episode successfully ended! First episode we have " dream " as the key word, invited to Star World "Asia supermodel death second season," The Taiwanese contestant Natalie Natalie Pickles, and we share her from the ordinary office to supermodel, this way exactly how to go , how does she keep chasing the courage of the dream? (More Love ME activity information please see the end of the article!) )

September 10 Night 5:30, clearly two hours before the start of the event, Natalie Natalie Pickles has been full of vigor to reach the women's paradise. In the two hours before the start, she quietly saw her and her partner continue to discuss the next activity flow, earnestly practicing the later speech, over and over again to confirm, revise, Shun, her intentions, focus and professional, from a door let people deeply feel.

After the event began, the atmosphere is focused, quiet, everyone with a little curiosity, the look in the eyes seemed to reveal a full of anticipation and longing. With a half-breed appearance of Natalie Natalie Pickles, at first the feeling is not so familiar, in the mind even can not help secretly suspected: "She speak Chinese?" But unexpectedly, after she took the microphone, the opening statement said: "Hi, I am Natalie, wow, the Taiwan people!" The audience laughed instantly. The imaginary supermodel is gone, listen listen to also find Natalie Natalie Pickles actually extremely cordial, gentle, 0 distance, originally we so near!

In the process of sharing, she did not hesitate to share with us the photos of her country period, for her, each stage is a part of their own, any moment in life, is to let her become the important nutrients of their own.

"I know I have a bit of a table, but I'm proud. 」

This is her endorsement of the photo of her own country. When she was very tall, very strong, some easy acne, and appearance and ordinary Taiwanese children are not the same, but she never feel inferior or think oneself out of tune, for Natalie Natalie Pickles, she is her own, is the most unique, no one can replace. Therefore, in the pursuit of the dream of the road, she walked confidently, walk to insist that no one seems to be able to stop her to this dream forward. Then please with us aftertaste activity that day of moving!

Life, always have back-up plan

About the beginning of high school, becoming a model is Natalie Natalie Pickles's dream. Most people would say, "You're a half-breed, so it's easy to be a model?" "Wrong, for her, it's all really not easy."

First of all, language is a big challenge, before the age of 15, she actually does not speak English. To be a world-class model, starting at age 15, she forced herself into the alien school immersion English environment, although the beginning of a speech is often more than hand-painted feet, and even always with an electronic dictionary to translate the line, but she is with an ambition, bit by bit hard to learn, constantly forced himself to speak in English, and later not only more and more dare , even at the scene of a woman's obsession that night, will think English is her mother tongue!

Although Natalie Natalie Pickles itself has a pretty good deal, she keeps hitting the wall when she's actively looking for a model job. So when she went to college, she made a decision to leave the model dreaming, go abroad and finish her dream of pursuing fashion: Apply to the Design Institute of St. Martins in England. She said:

Life will always have back-up plan. Even if I did not become a model, I still have a design, or have their own work, to allow themselves to continue to live.

Because, you never know how the future life will go, in the face of stagnation, turn a corner, continue to try, may find some different scenery also perhaps. "If I can't be a model myself, maybe I can design beautiful clothes to get in touch with the modelling industry, or create a brand as my own model," he said. "She thought so.

Opportunity, only for those who are ready.

Along the way, Natalie Natalie Pickles never gave up looking for a chance for herself, from the American supermodel, to the British version, and even to Taiwan's various models, she would summon up the courage to cast an attempt, even though the number of rejections was always greater than the number of successes, But stubborn she still did not give up, because Natalie Natalie pickles very clear what she wants: she is eager to stand on the international stage, eager to become a real professional model. So when she met Star world's Asia supermodel, she signed up without hesitation, as if it was all for her, and she's been preparing for it for a long time! (also recommended: you're planning to break into McKinsey for a week, and they're in the United States with 10,000-hour cumulative competitiveness )

Those who have been disturbed by the continuous projection of anxiety, constantly hit the interview, not be optimistic about the experience of their own at home silently to mirror the process of hard work, and even efforts to thin body, this every bit of effort, accumulated to this time an outbreak. Every practice, every shot, every challenge, is wonderful for Natalie Natalie Pickles, she went all out to burn for the dream.

But the top ten in the second quarter of Star World's "Asian Supermodel" is not the end, but the beginning of a new challenge, such as the one that grew up in Taiwan, where many people ask: Why is Natalie Natalie Pickles on behalf of Taiwan? She smiled and said that in fact she never knew the criteria for judging the screening, what was the look? Or look at the height? Not a certain standard. But looking at her in this effort, we can be sure: "The opportunity is always left to those who are ready." 」

Self-confidence to give yourself

In this dream salon, one of the participating partners asked: "What do you think is the most difficult and challenging in the course of the game?" Natalie Natalie Pickles frowned for a moment and slowly said:

Never lose your self-confidence.

The girls who are able to compete are the strong people from all over the world, even professionally trained, and many times Natalie Natalie Pickles feel that they are not good enough because of their unprofessional origins, and that the reviews are always direct and unpleasant, and represent Taiwan in the life of magnifying glass. She's actually carrying a lot of pressure.

She smiled and said: "I always tell myself do your best." Just be yourself! Don't compare yourself to others. 」

For Natalie Natalie Pickles, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand here for so long and give up everything to participate in this competition, what else does she have to lose?

Maybe in life, what we need is this obsession, this kind of bang, we need, never from other people's definite answer, when others say more, encourage more, also less than we face their own fear, facing it, put it down, overcome it, when we can constantly give ourselves energy, Is the beginning of growth.

"I'll talk to myself: Nat, come on!" he said. Don ' t worry. You rarely have such a good opportunity to take pictures in such a crazy place, so don't think about it, go play and enjoy! 」

Dreams, every moment of chasing is worth it.

"In this program, I get up every day very much look forward to, very excited, because in this process every thing is I never thought of!" 」

In the second season of Star World's Asia supermodel, the most impressive picture of Natalie Natalie Pickles was in the ice and snow, when every model had to get up at four in the morning and wear very little clothes to show off professionally. At that time she thought: "I really tired, good hard, good cold." "When she thought about why she ended up here," she said with a strong eye, "I saw the photographer, makeup artist, everyone at the scene, ready for it, even more early than I was, waiting for me to come in and take the perfect picture." They are the same as me, but they never shout tired, they are even harder than me, but never a trace of complaints. 」

This is the moment, let her forget all the hard and tired, and dedicated to take the perfect picture of the ice house. Everyone in the world has been on the road of dreams, hesitation, setbacks, but the important thing is, always have confidence in yourself, because you never know where you are, you can always be more than the original thought of their own, adhere to more, do a little bit better. (same field Gayon: every day I go beyond the limit--Shujie )

Life is like a box of chocolates full of surprises

Natalie Natalie Pickles at the end of the story and said: "After the show, I didn't get the name, not even the top three." But I have no regrets! "Because of her life, has been completely different!"

After returning to Taiwan, she began to receive more opportunities, such as advertising cover for the Indonesian brand. "I was so pleasantly surprised to see my head everywhere in the streets of Indonesia," he said. "And to help endorse the car brand, this opportunity to Natalie have the opportunity to travel around the world, and even get the first car of their own life."

"Later I will try to open my heart, know more people in the same world, to each occasion I will introduce myself, Social, because you never know, now meet the people will be the future of their own influence, what kind of possibility, so I cherish every opportunity. 」

Thinking of her life all the way, from the little sister of Taiwan, to clock in the company Miss, to now an international model, standing in the scene of women fans and share their stories, all this is not easy, is how many efforts, tears, perseverance, laughter and walked to the present AH.

The audience at the end of the sharing asked: "What do you think of the current life and the past is the most different place?" 」

Natalie Natalie Pickles not hesitate to say:

"i feel like I am living my life."

She said that she imagined herself when grandma, she can proudly tell her grandchildren, she once in youth how crazy for their own once, once in the international arena to sway themselves, hard for their dream efforts, is an international model! So, everyone must be able to, as long as you are willing to try.

Hear here, everyone laughed, that smile is satisfied, is full of admiration, the girl in front of us, really good forward, good efforts, good perseverance. Yes, if life is such a time, why not be happy and brave for their own crazy once? Even if there are 100 difficulties ahead, there must be 101 ways to overcome it.

Then look up at this moment Natalie Natalie pickles, her eyes, her whole person, like the stars as dazzling.