"How can you be so confident ?" "When Wang Yu is asked by others, she always doesn't know what to say. "Because I always feel that this kind of question seems to imply that I can not have self-confidence." "Wang Yu said so. Confidence should exist in everyone's heart, even in a different way to show, let us listen to Wang Yu how to say it! (Extended reading: Cherish the body is still inappropriate thorns!) Interview Wang Yu: I finally don't have to please you.

Wang Yu, the gender discussion leader, because a movie in a taxi to sing KTV was posted on the internet and burst red, but also because of a one-week interview and open popularity. But in addition to praising the beauty of her beautiful singing, some people have been taking her figure as an article. In the internet generation of her red, just want to say: "The world is too fond of labeling, you never have to please anyone." 」

Since I was red, reporters always like to ask me: "How can you be so confident?" In fact, I don't know how to answer. But today I would like to use three points to answer why we are so confident.

First: Self-confidence comes from self-awareness, and consciously from the understanding of the world

This is what I think is the most important point. I think we all have more or less experience of being hurt by the world. Especially when you're too young to understand how the world works. It is important to choose how to face the injury at this time. Some people will choose to put aside, and some people will be particularly invisible.

In the face of the world's harm, I choose to face the way is anger. I don't even know how young I started to feel anger, and anger can be said to be full of my entire childhood to adolescence, and then it turns into helplessness. Anger alone does not work, but anger prompts me to do a lot of things myself, start to try many wrong things to resist, then fall, fall down, stand up and fall again, and after this process, I start to think "why"?

Middle stage, I started to overdo it. Eye shadow is painted very, very thick, wearing a very exaggerated false lashes. This may be outside of anger, I show a kind of timidity, I create a face, hide behind this face. I can't say whether it's right or wrong, but for me it's a process of looking for myself, and even now I still like make-up. (Extended reading:"self-awareness" of empathy exercises: first care about themselves, to understand how to be gentle with others )

I hid behind this false face, until one day I found that my original face began to blur with the face I created, and when I began to realize that I could not cry without wearing that mask, it was my inner peace with me, 1.1 points slowly reaching some sort of balance.

Second: I'm a performer, and I'm going to find a way to be watched.

It would be hard to work if I didn't get my body to be watched at ease. Because it is a performer on the stage, relative to everyone I have a lot of look at their own body, the opportunity to be seen by others, not complete beauty, but will be used in various angles to look at me this person. For example: Your body length is like this, in the director's eyes it may have some meaning, the story may have what kind of progress, this is to jump off the beauty of ugliness.

I have been in a film festival before, the content is about unqualified love, can also justly exist. I played a god in it, and in a world full of refugees, I was able to find out how much food was available to other people. And in the last act, I removed all the makeup from my face by the river and then smeared all my face black.

Do you think it's beautiful? It's not beautiful, but it's beautiful in meaning. It's an image, a symbol of my being a god, I want to go home and be a person. This is where the performance is interesting, and I can look at my body and my heart through acting, and it's a good way to know myself. (Extended reading: Japanese Dance tread Butoh Aesthetics: From the dance to see the dark, collapse and beauty )

The character of the Divine Wand returns to me through the makeup of his face, and I choose to live in peace with the face I create. Whether it's a god stick or myself, we all talk to each other in a different way, and find a way that we think is the most comfortable for others to watch.

Third: Don't care what people say about me, live my life

I found that no one can make me really hate myself, except me. Therefore, people who do not know, sour people, and gossip-loving people, you are nothing!

To me, the so-called social lock, as long as you do not agree with it, shackles will not exist.

Do you know Yang Jiang's? She was a Chinese writer, translator and dramatist who died on May 25 this year and lived 105 years. She once said a phrase very close to what I want to convey to you today, she said: "In this materialistic world, life is really hard enough." You deliberately be a worldly honest person, they use you to bully you. You are a little bit appearance, they envy you for crowding you out. You are generous to return, others will harm you. If you do not argue with others, you will have nothing to do with the world, and if you are prepared to fight for your strength. If you want to live in peace with others, you have to deal with them first, and be prepared to suffer at any time ... We were so looking forward to, the outside world to give us recognition, but we finally know that the world is their own and others have no relationship. 」

I think this passage is very interesting, she wants to say is: "The world is their own, with no relationship with others." "I think it can be done in the eyes of a 105-year-old," he said. And I am 24 years old, there may be many people despise me, and even feel that I have a lot of space to be educated.

But what I want to say is that, as Yang Jiang's said, my world is mine, and I don't need to make a world out of other people's comments.

No matter how hard we try to fight with the external oppression, we finally have to return to get along with ourselves, get along happy, have a happy little life. (Extended reading: The pleasure of being given by others, not true happiness )

Help yourself find a favorite label bar, you are welcome to be a female monster!

I think that the thought of labelling is a very important way to hinder mutual understanding. But if the world is so fond of labelling, I decided to take the initiative when I put on a label, that is, today's theme of the ──"female monster movement.

As we all know, all the people who are called "Goddess", "ugly" and "demon Woman" are in fact "being", because there is no way for anyone to label themselves with such labels. These labels are not the parties actively, voluntarily affixed to such a label to shape their own, but this society is very like this label others, with these labels to divide the Society of all people.

Women are often the chosen party from ancient times. So let us be the way we want to be, you can be very beautiful, but do not disdain to be others to worship, you can feel very humorous, but you do not think you are a clown. As long as you are angry at the current society, you also feel that you are a freak, you are welcome to call yourself a "female monster", what I call the female blame is "female monsters." If in this patriarchal society, claiming to be a female monster equals sow, then I think the female blame should be better than the sow. Help yourself to find a favorite label bar, but also welcome you to be a female monster! (Extended reading: feminism always demands privilege?) When feminism becomes a negative label