"Love the most-actually we are all the same" concert called Sherry, Tianfu Veltzke, Soda Green and other artists unpaid performances, celebrating love also for the Marriage Affirmative Action Act to sound.

Yesterday, "love the biggest-actually we are all the same" brilliant debut, 12,000 of thousands of people to complete the rainbow Sea is gorgeous. scene, small S and Kangyong also for a pair of gay lovers to propose, how many people wait for the real meaning of the marriage, they use substantive action to accuse Taiwan marriage equality of stifling difficult to do.

Love the biggest opening Kangyong introduction: "Marriage is like a castle, but we do not have this castle, was deprived." We have been discriminated against in our lifetime, and we can tolerate discrimination, but we cannot tolerate deprivation. As a comrade, no one is sorry, as long as he is a human being, he should know that they are just doing what a complete person should believe. 」

Love is Freedom, love is fearless, exercise the right to love, but is able to love the people who want to love, hold a stable happiness. We are complete, about love, never need to apologize, listen to the scene of the good songs, wish we Can love the swagger. (same field Gayon: Karen Mok, small S, May days very gay love!) Interview behind the scenes, Bruce

Jolin Tsai x Tianfu Veltzke Clear

"The woman's fear, the woman most clear, unfortunately, the results will be known." Love Like a dream sleepy not go, sleepy to surprise the spirit, is not the spirit of the later to see through the shadow. -Huang "Ming"

Tianfu Veltzke: "Everyday in real life, it's a natural thing to contain all kinds of people." Today is very moved and everyone gathered together, but also very feeling, how can for the marriage equality specially together, heterosexual and homosexual, like a single eyelid, left and right, hope everyone is treated equally, can become a daily. 」

Jolin Tsai: "Sometimes think, the song has so many power, but sing to now, let me believe, love to me, even if the world is dark, as long as you believe in love, always shine." (Recommended reading: Love yourself is not afraid of others hate!) Jolin Tsai debut 16 confession: "No matter how the outside world looks at me, I still want to sing my Song")

(Photo source: on the Entertainment)

The scenery outside the soda green wall

"There are a lot of friends around, their love is very hard, because the feeling can not stand in the sun, really breathable, nor be understood or accepted, or even be considered a demon or virus, but, so slander others people, just closer to the demon and virus it?" This song, I want to give them. But at the same time, in fact, it is suitable for many situations. All kinds of love, all love, need respect. Basic human rights, please give it back to everyone. is not different from you, is wrong. 」

Qing Feng: "I probably in this life, will be living alone in the old man's life, but when I want first aid, who help us sign?" Please, you must help me give up first aid. "(Recommended reading: sex observation: After the golden melody, we love not only the Qingfeng, but also the powerless of their own )

The Same hug

"Hide your tiredness, express your embarrassment, indulge your own wild, and find your own tomorrow." 」

In the concert, Ashin, Martha, every family, Liu and HUSH, formed a new group "the same".

Ashin: "To join the greatest love, we move forward a little, I think not enough stride, so I will cheer with you." Standing on this side, I want to tell mom and dad around the world, we will not walk in the dark and rugged road, everyone on the road is bright. 」

(Picture Source: Believe music)

Rainie who wants to be happy.

"I am just a very want to happy people, why not meet the fate of rooting, learn to quit pessimistic, negative I do not hate." "The one who wants to be happy"

Rainie:"My mother is 60 years old, she is under the stage, she also supports gay equality, my elders also came, even the family, the elders can, in the end those who are still trapped in the outdated what?" Marriage and divorce are important decisions in life, everyone has the right to determine their own life, hope to quickly pass the law, to complete everyone's dream. 」

Sherry forward Utopia

"Life flavor simpler more beautiful, first with the back of the trouble, embrace innocence, the game is not tired, love has love what all right." --"Forward Utopia"

Sherry: "Love is the right, your love more need is courage!" I will accompany you to go through this long and hard road. One day, we will celebrate the victory of true love in the Utopia of Rainbow! 」

About marriage, a lot of people say heterosexual want to escape from the cage, why gay in a hurry to go in, Kangyong is said: "Marriage is a very terrible thing, if the announcement can not get married, know the heterosexual, may put one months firecrackers to celebrate, then can face the girlfriend said " but we can not get married "relieved of pressure, It's scary to get married, and it's scary to get married. Sangu love to talk about marriage, so annoying things, comrades want, because this is true love. "(The same field Gayon: Kangyong Talk about the lonely show out of the closet:" I have to work hard to prove that we are not monsters ")

Because this is love, such a simple truth, those songs have been constantly singing over and over.