If you can rewrite the topic of the essay: My father, what would you write? How long have you never had a good word with dad ? Do you remember what dad looked like? Father's Day is next week, no matter what your relationship with your father, no matter what time you last spoke, let us write a sentence for dad, I hope we say happy Father's Day, he really is a happy father. (Recommended thinking: father Gentle not only figure: Don't be afraid, Dad has been in )

The children I grew up with have probably written this composition question: my father.

Before writing my mother, the teacher said to write my father first. But, what does dad look like? When did dad become a father?

As a child, not aware of the problem, still too late to think clear, a page of the manuscript was sent down. Some children's head is blank, some children according to the teacher to copy a composition template, some children to tell the truth is not the relationship is not beautiful, some children, has been looking at his father's back grew up, Dad always in the forward, always leave, always back, he knew dad was there, but do not know how to hug him.

Have you seen your father seriously? Do you know your father carefully? What's your relationship with dad? How long has it been since you spoke to your father? (same field Gayon: daughter's true confession: Thank you, not because of lack of applause, stopped to be my Father )

My father took me to identify the world.

Father's Day is coming, and I often feel that I haven't spoken to my dad for a long time.

When I grew up, what my dad used to say to me was, "be careful and safe for a girl." or " Not enough money to say to Dad ", he is worried about his big daughter, he often can't understand what the daughter is doing, he does not know daughter actually female media is what, he does not understand why the daughter holding the computer, he does not understand why the daughter not to get married and have children, live?

And I always return to him, "I can, don't worry about", a little stubborn to prove himself to dad. Then my dad would be silent, shaking his head and saying, "It's good to know what you're doing." 」

My dad was suddenly old, and my father and I continued to understand each other in a stubborn way.

I remember that there was a time when I was very close to my dad.

When I was young, I enjoyed a long time as an only child, a collection of thousands of love, my father will be very small I draco to his shoulders, I follow his fingertips forward to see the world so big, you can walk in front of the road.

My big eyes, greedy look, feel so broad vision, is the welfare on the shoulders of the father, he took me to identify the world, nowhere else.

Dad is my giant, he sometimes grumpy, he sometimes lazy to stand on the sofa, it does not matter, but looking at my small, his eyes will laugh, he is the happiest person in the world.

His happiness and my carefree, also not long. There is a voice in his heart that tells him that you are the head of the family and that you want to give your Paula: life. (same field Gayon:"theater mom Act II" Dad, you're not just a moneymaking machine )

Looking at the father's back grew up children, watching the children wandering father

Later my brother was born, my father to do business, a go is more than 10 years, we separated from a long strait, is said to be the narrowest width of only 130 kilometers, probably Taipei to Miaoli just, but it is more like two worlds.

My brother and I have grown up in those years, grow up to be more independent of the human, my father and my mother are hard, the concept of home blink after blinking, become more and more blurred.

Dad goes home Every three months, he looks tired, frowning, and every time he comes home he becomes a little bit stranger than he used to be. We eat or travel, mindless talk about life and work, and then we say good-bye, counting the next goodbye.

On one occasion, I saw my brother playing computer with the back and forth, then cowardly spit out a ready line, "or to go out with dad?" Dad to buy things for you, "my brother looked at him, said he was tired of eating enough to sleep not go out."

My dad said that it doesn't matter, I feel like crying on the side, see both ends are very difficult. My brother is listening to father Noun grew up children, father is the symbol of authority, my father has not been very close to my brother, the most direct want of care is to buy a toy to you.

The direction of family rooting is no longer the same, the tangled and dark. I miss my dad so much that I forgive my dad. Watching him fall asleep on the couch, want to cover his bed, rub his shoulder, comb his brow, let him know he can, still sleep like a child.

If I can, I want to put him on my shoulder, let him continue to believe that the world is fine.

Survival of the fittest: a look at Dad's appearance

Later I learned that in Taiwan, many families are like this. The most common civil litigation in Taiwan is divorce, the second is custody, and the third is the car accident. The divorce rate in Taiwan is 70%, and whether it is divorced or years apart, the false single parent is already very similar to a single parent. (Recommended reading: The definition of "home" to the people in love: my family unfortunate but very real )

The experience of these years has made us realize that the family will survive the survival of the fittest in any case.

Father but to live as a sign, many responsibilities to the body desperately, he used to spend time with his family to exchange, in order to fulfill his mind to care for the family's beautiful image. When he was a little boy, he saw his father, and the world was out of the house, as if his father should be. (Recommended to you: a married but always have no time father, let Taiwan mother become a false single parent )

I was just wondering if some of my dads would feel bad about it? Will some dads desire to be as intimate as their mothers and daughters, and will some dads want to keep more of themselves when they breadwinner the social cues? Can he not worry that he will become a failure of his father?

The look of the family is morphing, and this may be a good thing. Let us stop and look at the age of the family appearance, father and mother (or parents) station position, there is no more freedom of movement possible? Which day, dad can confidently home with children, mother can not be arrogant and hard outside the cause. (same field Gayon: A compulsory course for working moms: no longer feel guilty about being too busy )

And I want to stop and look at my dad, look at the traces of his years of aging, look at the pain he thought no one understood, with a gentle exchange of his discomfort, extended his hands to him, let him know that there are always some time, he can disarm, not the cause of Superman, only to be a father.

I want to say to him, Father's Day is happy, how wish you really is, a happy father.

"To Dad's confession," Dad, actually I want to say to you

As a child, we may have written a composition called "My Father", my father is a tree, my father is Superman, but dad, is not supposed to have more appearance.

Father of the time, but actually a lot of people have been a long time without saying a word to dad. This time on Father's Day, the woman is infatuated with you to practise together, write down the composition that many years ago "my father". What would you say if you could have a good talk with Dad? Can be a moving confession, can also be a fun secret, inviting you to " dad, actually I want to say to you ..." For the beginning, write down the words for him.

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