Single diary--a tribute to the single women in the movie drama. She ancient Ling Strange, she lonely old, she arrogant uninhibited, she eagerly, thousand odd hundred form single state: Woman head up, woman someone ever to cry. Tanabata season (8/9), they accompany you to remember the time of the dead water. "Lovelorn 33 days", Huang for you to entertain people to amuse the lovelorn show.

Huang mean to die, in fact, she is the most demanding of herself, arming herself like a fighter, who knows the heart of a wall to break. "Lovelorn 33 days" the most good-looking is her hysterical singles show, is not a lover to the end.

Think of love seems to be such a thing, love how heroic, not to use my heart to corroboration. Brokenhearted of this scene, how to play to the poor look at their own: Never mind, no one spoil you, I come to charity. The boom in the love market is bad and you are struggling with yourself.

How much I love him, I pay the time, are false, you just love yourself. Too good, you have been hurt thoroughly, at least left yourself.

Huang was parted, or was the girlfriend betrayed. She qibuguo not the long, crumbling love run, but how to be able to be seen through her eyes.

"In any case, the breakup of this sentence is still to be said by me." That's the last bit of dignity that people can keep. In fact, pair early, boudoir honey is a boudoir, took away a not suitable for your people.

They all say, girl character is too hard, no one wants to be with you. You're thinking, God, I don't see a man's ticket for a weak woman. Because you are tough and chasing you, the end of your love into a mean, in the past infatuated with you different people, leaving the next sentence you too difficult to get.

Single woman volume fourth: Give Up the little man who can't contain your edges , to a man who can match your loneliness. .

He is not a liar, love is blind.

To be honest, as long as women spoil women coax, the kind of drag and grind, such love is not climate. It's so brave to talk about it, you're probably going to be a woman who throws her son away.

"Thank fate for letting us end like this, don't be sorry to me, I don't need your sorry, I don't want you to owe me, I want to be such a reciprocal relationship. A relationship, we really love each other, to the end of our real hate each other, I want you to know that we are always evenly matched . "

The tears that flow through are just pastime, send you warm water gentle day. Girl you have a boiling, special ability, so you can boil over into a pot of fresh spicy thick alcohol soup.