Woman, not only a look. Dad's appearance is not only a kind of, single parents father, comrade father is also father. Festivals remind us to express our love, you may be very close to your father, may also maintain the alienation of the relationship, but at this moment, let us gently embrace for their own men to pay! (same field Gayon: no matter how big, you are the little girl of Father's mind )

Father's Day is coming, you have not been a long time to call the missing family, give each other a deep hug? Father in our hearts has been strong back, love, there is a different way, and the father's appearance is also.

Daughter to father a word of confession, usually we love to pinch, today, together with love and thanks loudly speak out.

For my dad.

Thank you for waiting and giving, my hard temper is really exactly the same as you.

Dad, you always understand my shortcomings, inclusive and you as a stubborn hard temper, as long as a phone call, you will burn a table good food waiting for me to go home, when your daughter good happiness. (Same field Gayon: The world does not need more good daughter )

To my single father.

When you were a kid, you'd take me for a ride, dad, you're my lover for the rest of my life. (hair)

Hey, Dad! I remember when I was a child you will secretly take me to go for a ride date, state High school always secretly put money to me, told me to save some flowers, grow up you will ask me when home, compared to dad, you more like my sweet burden Ah ~ ~ ~ (hair).

To my single mother.

You are sometimes soft, sometimes tough, you thousands of figures, are my growth in the best model.

To the dear mother, you sometimes soft, sometimes tough, you board facial features face life, you cover up the quilt tears, your thousands of figures, are my growth in the best model. (same field Gayon: This is not the inspirational story you imagine, single parent confession: "Incomplete family, complete my Own")

For my gay dad.

If you can't find a man as good as you, what should I do (tears)

Dad, you will always be my best friend, still remember my first physiological period came, helpless had to help the next door Aunt Wang. If you can't find a man as good as you, daughter, what should I do, you let me know that every love is unique special, I am proud of you:-) (same field Gayon: love of the Street manifesto, four belong to Taiwan's gay process )

The same field plus map

#远距离任务大赛 | To Dear Dad:

So what do you want to say to Dad?

What do you want to say to Dad, is it a long time not to tell your father the truth? Now is the time to close the distance!

We like to hug than talk, like action based on interpretation, so, this moment, let us work together to solve the task ! Now come to participate in the female fan activity, send Father Father's Day good ceremony!