In an interview, it is an honor to mention the origin, present and future of the reporter : "The new media is to satisfy the citizen's right to Know", this article he shares the media and his relationship. Editor-in-Chief is only a phased task, if you can, he would like to do a lifetime of reporters. After all these years, still like the 2008, the ruins of a flower, the chaotic guardian an acre of farmland. (Recommended reading: Improper "manuscript machine"!) 24-Year-old left Apple Daily, Liao the news to a solid

During the University of Taiwan Society, what is the honor of the student movement atmosphere and "human magazine" inspired by founded fax agency, concurrently president and editor-in-chief, from the want to become a writer to journalists as a volunteer industry, after the community into the work of journalists, from the free times, China Times to the World magazine, a long career in journalism, 2015, he left the traditional media, Founder of the reporter.

25, the day is like drawing a circle, he unhurriedly came to a new starting point, groping for the media, the spirit is consistent, and the same as the university, in order to give a power to care about public issues, and to promote social progress as a part of the child.

He said that his favorite interest in his youth, when he was 50 years old to do, it is particularly fortunate, I secretly nodded in my heart.

He laughs that this is the reverse of the five-year media, and one of the things he wants to do is to build a stage for the young and rekindle confidence in the media.

The five-year generation stage for the young

"Five-year generations like me have been given a lot of opportunities in the past and have the opportunity to gain a foothold and gradually acquire resources," he said. But the younger generation did not. "What an honor to stop," I see very clearly, the media circle of young generation less opportunities, working conditions are getting worse, the burden of producing real-time news is more and more heavy. 」

What an honor to just enter the news circle, holding the news to be a lifetime aspiration of the industry, then feel the news environment gradually deteriorated, not to mention Zhi industry, news even to be a career, there are difficulties. At present, the news situation facing the younger generation is more difficult than that.

A large number of real-time news in the upsurge, the loss of the audience is not only the trust of the media, but also media professionals to the media circle of identity and confidence in themselves.

The founder of the report is to guard the depth of Taiwan's investigative reporting base, but also to provide resources for younger generations. "Five-year students like me have to take responsibility, try to provide resources, provide the stage, and provide opportunities for young generations to make their dreams come true." 」

The reporter, through the multi-media collaboration across generations, to develop the spirit of equality. "Intergenerational cooperation does not require a power relationship of different generations," he said. Different generations learn from each other and work together in a team of equal mental teams to cover the rights of citizens with a variety of in-depth reports. 」

What an honor for example, the reporter on the road for six months, the young generation many times direct criticism of him, is he is deeply gratified at the moment, even if the team has different management positions, but in decision-making, we are equal. Most traditional media are still deeply influenced by the relationship between the branches of the Organization, and under such conditions, it is difficult for the younger generation to gain equal respect for the play space.

He went on to share that the young generation of the reporter often spontaneously convened a reading club and a refresher meeting, always pursuing the progress and promotion of digital narration and journalism, having high demands for himself and not being satisfied with his work, and thus generating a great power of growth. These young journalist's ego Spur and the growth experience, what honor sees in the eye, feels moved. (same field Gayon: Phoenix satellite TV chief anchor Wu Xiaoli: chongrubujing, do the news to be worthy of oneself )

As long as you choose to stay in the news battlefield, there is no pessimistic right

In my journalist's notebook, I transcribe the honor of saying, "The ruins open a flower, the troubled times to protect an acre of farmland" that is 2008, he led the China Time Survey interview room to Do "My Little Revolution" Special edition, in the traditional media to find a way out, he used this sentence, remind and inspire himself.

Years later, the reporter in the media no longer trusted in the era, the use of public welfare funds and non-profit media, the new way to support the network of public space, adhere to do in-depth and investigative reports, but also very troubled to protect an acre of the spirit of the field.

"The news environment is really bad, but I think that as long as you choose to stay in the news battlefield, you do not have the right to be pessimistic." "What an honor to look seriously," another meaning, I think this sentence, remind me to do the news, do not need to inflate themselves, do not have to belittle themselves. 」

Haughty, and like the gesture of what an honor to come all the way, wrong to change, do not understand the question, "The new media is really nothing great, not necessarily better than others, and may not be more abreast of the Times than others, the strength of the new media is to use digital narrative method, to strive to meet the rights of the new era of civic awareness." 」

It is particularly rare to celebrate new media and belittle traditional media in general.

When talking about the news, the 50-Year-old's honor will open big serious eyes, hands carefully gestures, his enthusiasm for the news is peaceful, not too much roar of passion and anger. Why do you want to be a journalist? It is an honor to say that the most fascinating thing about journalism is that it has the opportunity to stand in the forefront of history and promote social change and progress than anyone else.

The eyes of the news in the present, also in the distance. "Journalism allows individuals to grow fast and even reinvent themselves. This trait, until now, has not changed AH. "Journalism allows you to learn how to become your daily work and how long it takes to be a journalist."

The news practitioner is both miserable and happy, it is a report that produces influence, contributes to change, and plays a role in the process of promoting social progress; the most painful is probably the mistake, "if you are a journalist who attaches great importance to your news coverage, the most painful time is when your journalistic credibility is challenged." 」

The editor-in-chief is a periodical task, the reporter is a lifetime thing

Interview with the honor of the time, he just led the interview in India three weeks to return, did the Dalai Lama's interview with the New South policy in-depth observation.

Image truncated from page of " reporter "

"I cherish being the editor-in-chief and being able to interview reporters for three weeks." "And India 51 degrees of heat is equally enthusiastic, is what honor to stand on the front line when the eyes of reporters, he also do interviews, back to the forefront of the happiness of reporters."

"It's a luxury to be a journalist in the editor-in-chief," he said. Most of the time the chief editor is in the corner, so I cherish the opportunity. 」

The identity of the founder and the editor-in-chief is for the honour of taking responsibility, having its stage needs, not necessarily, not the goal, nor the length of the time limit. He smiled and said, "The chief Editor's stage function will always come to an end, the reporter's responsibility unfinished Ah, reporters do not need this stage of the event." My favorite is to be a journalist, I hope to be a lifelong journalist. 」

Meet the needs of the stage, what is the pleasure of organizing the team and the news experience, the future is expected to have different people assume responsibility, and he always want to return to the position of reporters.

"Reporters are, if you still run the news, but also enthusiastic about the news, you also have the soul of reporters, you can go after the news." 」

I see what is called the 25 seniority, the 50-year-old Mesozoic reporter's reverse attack: is never choose to depart from the news, is never give up the belief that the news and the era of alternate mutual structure relationship. The ruins of a flower, the troubled times to protect an acre of farmland, like a code of action, closely followed by what honor. (same field Gayon: India as a journalist, learn to do news!) Interview with India in particular: "Taiwan is not without talent, is not the environment")

The reporter walked for six months, what the honor frankly said all the way out a lot of wrong, he deeply thanked the team in the process of seeking and keeping different, always equal advance, in the process of arguing and running-in, struggling to find a variety of possible intersection.

More than a 20-person team-building reporter, for what it is not an honor, is no longer just the reverse of the Mesozoic media, but across the generations of journalists, work together, and constantly experiment to create and maintain the network of public space base. Everything can be overturned from the base, to take a road that no one has walked.

The two-hour interview was quick, and it was a pleasure to be honest with me all the times. Sincere, sincere, he said that the hope that the reporter will not forget the core spirit, stirring more experimental results, to make a depth and temperature of the news, so that each interviewee can be better treated.

When he left, he shook his face, said good-bye, marching at the same brisk pace, I think, such a life, perhaps all the way, is what the honor of the small revolution.

Interview PostScript: The new life of the old soul

What an honor to visit the top, written full of words.

He shared with me that in the interview, the young generation had been accustomed to taking out a computer scene to listen to a dozen, and he took out his notebook to write Lithou. "Maybe I'm still a little bit classical," he said, scratching scratching, saying he liked to write when he interviewed, feeling particularly different.

I am embarrassed to admit that I am also a computer to listen to dozen faction, today's visit, bite the bullet to try the notebook record, but feel a distinctive flavor. During the interview I repeatedly took out the interview notes, it has a computer has never given me the temperature.

I think, the new life of the so-called old soul, it should be so.