2016 The Olympic Games in a row, this year a gymnast has been particularly high-profile: she is a record of the United States to seize the cards hope Simone Biles. Regardless of the floor , vault or balance beam, she is always outside the established rules, out of her own height and style. The young Biles, who first Zhanguan the Olympics this year, believes she is more happy than her current achievements: She can be a role model for her children . (same field Gayon: The sex flow of Rio Olympic Games!) Cross-sex supermodel Lea t:"more important than sex is that you have to know who you are on the pitch.

If the Simone Biles of the gymnastics gold dissolved, and then rebuild, should be able to play the high gold Biles, because she won a staggering number of medals, and she is so petite.

Simone Biles is only 19 years old this year, but has become a well-known star in gymnastics, but also the Olympic Games this year to seize the cards hope. She has won three of the most important gymnastics competitions in the women's all-around gold medal, but also broke the world championship history, in three years accumulated 10 gold medals. (Recommended to you: the most beautiful Asian Games weightlifting gold!) See Lin Zixi the feminine again )


Her specialty is the floor exercise. With the rhythm of the soundtrack, she danced lightly on the flat ground as a butterfly, but jerked, she ran several steps leaping, half empty flip, landing and then flip two laps, landing, half air split legs bounce. End in the perfect fixed-point posture, the whole body of strength, such as a fierce leopard.

"At this point in time, Simone Biles no one can enemy. "2008 Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Nastia Liukin said so.

She is petite, but 145 centimeters, jumps to mid-air, but can reach her height of twice times height. Her running explosive force is full, bounce is also exceptionally strong, the run-up distance is shorter than others, so more have margin every rotation, bounce, circle all play to the extreme, stable and perfect landing. (You will like: the nude photo album: The athlete brings you to see the aesthetics of power )


When she first performed a two-and-a-half-lap stunt in mid-air, she had a fantastic performance, as no one dared to challenge such a difficult skill in the game before. From then on, this series of actions is named "The Biles".

That year, she was only 16 years old.

A dream of happiness, let a person forget what is called hard

"I've seen a lot of male friends try to practice this, but they never landed, so they were frustrated."

Simone Biles this introduced her unique stunt, a bit shy but also brilliant smile, many years of hard work, excellent skills, now all into a simple and calm statement. As if others can not learn the ability, but a failure of a small game. (Extended reading: tough and gentle challenge sex Label: Babe Didrikson to write the history of women's sports with the body )

When interviewed by the famous host Alan Dizeni, Simone Biles about her gymnastics career: starting at age 6, 32 hours a week, 6 days a week, and so far 13 years. She says many gymnasts start training when they can walk, and she starts late, so she has to redouble her efforts. (same field Gayon: gender Watch: Alan Dizeni: "No one is qualified to criticize your choice of love")

In addition to professional skills, gymnastics exercises include muscular endurance exercises. Show a short film: In a park, a casual wear Simone Biles easily climbed the rope alone, the whole person pulled to the ground six meters across the bar.

"It's not hard at all," "simone said with a smile:" I have to do this every day, so it's easy to do it now. " From her poised look, she could not see the exhaustion of intense exercise, but the pleasure of devoting herself to her dreams. (Recommended to you:"rare love LUN" prepare for the Olympics!) The efforts of the female contestants )


Many people are afraid of taking interest as a job, fearing that once it does, the experience of happiness will be put under pressure. But from the story of Simone Biles, we see: The process of dreaming, not necessarily exhausted, sweat and tears intertwined, because when the things that like, become the most natural responsibility in life, such a practical and satisfying, even let you forget what is called hard work. (You will like: from Taiwan to New York dream!) Makeup artist Romana: The more difficult the dream, the more valuable.

Most gymnasts give their lives, but they glow on a single project, and the time to learn a new skill is calculated for years, Simone Biles. As if you were born to break the frame, she competed on the balance beam and challenged the average person to jump and spin on the flat ground on a four-inch plank; she jumps the pommel horse, the most difficult action in the women's vault. The Yurchenko to 900", but jumped out of the record height. Any framework, norms or previous experience, can not stop Simone Biles in the gymnastics world to break out a piece of their own sky.


"I don't focus on what I've accomplished, but looking back and finding myself a role model for kids, it's really cool and a great honor." "simone Biles so summed up his amazing achievements.

When it comes to successful women, we tend to focus on the balance of her public and private life, her looks or stature, and even her epic life story. However, this time we do not talk about this, do not talk about Simone Biles as a woman to achieve these how difficult, do not talk about the hardships of her exercise and perseverance. Let her return to the athlete's position, for her achievements to reward, for her professional drink, because as long as the appreciation of her gymnastics performance, we will naturally feel her dazzling light. (Extended reading: not just George Benny's fiancee, let's give you the name: Aimer Aramudin )

Tonight, she will challenge the Olympic gymnastics competition for the first time, expecting her to run again, jump, break the visible and intangible prejudices and impressions, and also jump out of the feminine light and sharpness.

"Results return"

Women's Uneven bars: 14th place
Women's Floor Exercise: 1th Place
Women's balance Beam: 1th place
Women's Vault: 1th Place
Woman's personal almighty: 1th Place

As predicted before the game, Simone Biles personally for the United States to carry back four gold medals!