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these days, you must have seen the engagement message of George Clone and Aimer Aramudin Amal Alamuddin , and the editor-in-chief of NY Post has written openly to show his admiration. but the media's perspective is mostly "let's see who's got the sexiest gold Bachelor in the world," but Aimer Aramudin 's voice and appearance were concealed in front of many of the spotlight, Many people just feel that he is only George the future wife of Benny, but do not know her story.

women fans want to say, In addition to "George the fiancee of Benny", Aimer Aramudin is a complete woman, with a complete story worthy of in-depth understanding. This is a letter we wrote to Aimer Aramudin , because we want to give her her name, she is Aramudin. (Small series secretly said: "This is not gender correct, what or gender correct?" )

Dear Aimer Aramudin Amal Alamuddin,

We want to write a letter to you, because you, let us find women so beautiful, love so pure.

Many girls and women envy you, because in the near future, the news can always see you and "the hottest Bachelor" George Klone in the group to participate in the photo, yes! Once claimed to always enjoy single , he willingly gave up large tracts of forest, just want to work with you after the rest of your life.

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We were also impressed, and remember that in a 2006 interview with People magazine, cloning mentioned the idea of marriage, he said: "Marriage?" I'm already married! And at this stage, getting married is not an option for me. Now I am very happy as a bachelor! But what about the future, who knows? 」

But instead of calling you "George Clone's wife," we'd rather call you Ammeralamudin.

Amal Alamuddin , give the name back to you. Because we know that even if you are in love with George Clone, you are the end of a whole person, you have your own identity, not only "whose fiancee or whose wife."

When the news of your engagement is exposed, bloodthirsty media of course have followed up, trying to find a little bit of rift in your relationship, but you look at the camera holding hands and smiling, so calmly, so that the identification of each other, the screen before we see, for you two people sincerely happy. (Recommended reading: father's marriage motto for his son: marriage, not just for you. )

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Aimer Aramudin, the more in-depth understanding of you, we deeply like you. You have your own career, you enjoy your life, what you have done proves to us that life is really about fighting for yourself.

We'd like to talk a little bit more about you when everyone admires you for conquering George Clooney with your beauty. You, the 36-Year-old, is a successful human rights lawyer in London. Besides, you are a world citizen, when you were born in Beirut, Lebanon, and studied law at Oxford and New York Law School, and in the next three years, you were in New York, Sullivan & Cromwell, and then you came to London, where your lawyers specialize in international law, human Rights, Extradition Act (Extradition law).

During your practice, you defended Julian Assange, who founded WikiLeaks WikiLeaks, and Assange his human rights to help him confront the Swedish international arrest warrant for him. (I press: WikiLeaks had published a considerable number of confidential files, including the United States forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, the extrajudicial executions in Kenya, the dumping of toxic waste in Côte d ' Ivoire files, he was thus sealed as " The most dangerous man in the World "), while enjoying a lawyer's life, you speak fluent French, Arabic, and English at the same time. Your experience is so rich that we are moved by your struggle for the life you choose. (same field Gayon: They all want to say: Woman, not only one kind of appearance )

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And since last October, George clone was deeply dumped on you. George Klone Life in love, saw the beauty may have been too many too many, but you are not the same, he saw in your body is not the same light, he wants to explore you more, in addition to your beautiful attractive outside, he would like to dig deep into your inner story. We thought maybe because he saw that you were so satisfied with yourself and liked yourself. You are very charming like this.

You do not wait for the redemption, a person you can live your life full of color, so that the same wonderful life of George Benny so eager to live with you. You also prove to the society of intelligent and capable career women, can have a lot of identities, we can love and career at the same time get full marks, not only two choose one.

We should not be afraid of their outstanding performance in the work, should not believe that the society instilled "strong women no One Love , men love gentle and graceful little woman", should not regret because of our position and avoid the partner, should not because of their good achievements to deny their own. Because maybe the man who scared away this way is not worthy of our "good".

And looking at you, we also think, as a woman, we should think, in fact, has always been "I do not like the current self." Because forever only likes oneself, other people's liking can have the significance, also is the reality, just like you and George clone Nepal's meeting. (Recommended reading: love to be alone before you fall in love )

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Finally, we would like to say, "Congratulations to the London human rights lawyer Ammeralamudin Engagement, the other is her excellent American famous actor George clone!" "Thank you, dear Aimer Aramudin, for you have inspired us with your own story, so that we can embrace ourselves more." Womany Love you, just the way to you are. We Love you and because you are.

A very, very loving woman.

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