Women fans of the "Sex selection" unit, we will January sincerely recommend a good book, and you share the book and editorial experience. On Father's Day, we especially want to give a vacancy for the father who is absent in the child's growth--read the author Su Mei's " Literature female youth This disease, has a child to be good ". She is a watercress on the spit-man, but also in the eyes of the " literary young woman ," she was pregnant with the child, found that those pain, anxiety , pregnant women's guide did not write, she decided to write a women's literature and women's Guide to Youth.

"An Epic of mine is a very short story for others. 」

Do a woman, often have such feelings, your torment and solemn and stirring, others feel just sesame mung bean, for example: the matter of having a child. Read "Literary young girl this disease to have a child is good", I can not help imagining the author Su Mei's husband, what does it feel like to read "a man goes to battle": "What life gives me is a refusal to move his butt from an online game or an NBA game, to put everything in a clothes rack up, to wash the small bowl spoon, A child's father who washes a bottle nipple and dries it into a disinfectant pot. 」

The man may look at the beauty of Su Mei, who is next to the milk, and the heart drops: "This crazy woman." "Then go on playing his online game."

Mother's battle: when daily necessities instead of poetry and calligraphy

Dad's part of a very short story, woven with the child's growth stories: the first glimpse of the move, the full moon, family travel, the children's graduation ceremony, the child's wedding ceremony ... As a father, righteousness is being sternly out of the exit. (same field Gayon: There are three kinds of dads in Taiwanese children, but no one remembers to accompany their children to grow up )

Mom's epic is 24 hours, so Su Mei was children toss one night, and finally he fell asleep alone to drink the early morning beef soup, drink less than a few words of children and wind cuddlypoops drilling home, so the child should not eat non-staple food of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dispute, became her life the forefront of battle.

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"To have a child in the world is to hand over the most painful place in the world, and there are countless ways to use him to hurt you." ...... This alien monster will grow up and learn a variety of new skills to challenge your limits. Your life begins with a long theme of falling in love with this little thing. 」

Why do you have to be a woman in the literary and artistic way through a child? When the daily necessities instead of poetry calligraphy and painting, when the child cries instead of the Night Live bar, you only have children, and yo a lonely. Even your eyes snow bright spot, see through even the child is not yours.

Boy, I'm just your mother.

As Sumei said: "Now a new life in front of you, tell you half of life, not many days, but at the same time it seems to be a self redemption opportunity." He has new skin, new eyes, a new mind, as if you could live on him again, but you know this little thing with your genes, not you, but someone else. 」

Dear mother, the child is only you live once again delusion, this is a woman to give half a lifetime of the only desire, let another exist, peace grow up as happy human.

The women of the literary and artistic youth are unyielding, the rational son has the face, however, the mother's position is the best cultivation field, this world ah, someone to help you is a fluke, no one to help you is this, her coconut elm The vast majority of the father, the family, those who for children coax hug but never for him to put the excrement of the people. To do a good luck mother is just Arabian Nights, wake up, don't do a spoiled dream. Those chaotic life, the mother will be settled, in such a role of the structure of living, Su Mei with a sharp word against the road, never stopped the footsteps of the bite to go down. (Recommended reading: sex observation: After dad went to where, why "Mother is Superman"? )

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"This child is a tenant, etc nurturance years, go to college bubble girl to see the world, he is completely his own, and hope that at that time I was my own." I'll have another dog. 」

The child and the mother was operated into "phase freshly long" the relationship is not unexpected, the unexpected is Su Mei but constantly tell themselves, the child is not yours, the child is not yours. She wrote her own thin cool, but who also know her fervent, she is not to carry a child, but unwilling to live up to life, as she does not want to live up to the "self."

So the young women of literature and art should not have children?

As a bear with the Soviet Union and the United States do not understand the world of literary girls, I hope that our girls and mothers do not give up treatment, if this generation of the father is unreasonable, we have to teach the next generation of children. We do not care about being a woman, but the body, why not live more like?

Haizi once wrote: "Tonight I do not care about the human, I only care about you, and I do not care about the rights of women tonight, it in the political circles in the academic definition of how good, I only care about you, because you are me." I care about you as much as I insist on one thing, not because it will result, but because it is true. "When we talk about the female youth this disease, talk about is not the doctrine, is the earnest hope to ego, in the final analysis we have a dream, is regardless of life, all still can be oneself."

Su Mei did not tell you to have a child, but she said that the birth of a child is not something that must be done, nor should it be forced to bind with the woman's self realization. Naturally, we hope that there is a flourishing age in which women's self practice does not conflict with their mother's identity.

Finally, she said that this is a "wrong book", because of the previous obsession and collapse, sure enough time passed on nothing. Then why write it down, because the mother around shouted: "You write it down, or we all white pain." If no one records the mother's prenatal anxiety postpartum depression, as a mother of those who have the exact pain, are mistakenly referred to as ADO about it. (same field Gayon: "From now on, no longer replicate parents ' marriage" how to face postpartum depression? )

Perhaps you still do not understand, literature young woman This kind of disease, why have a child to be good. Young women of literature and art, if they refer to a group of people who are unwilling to toeing reality, you have been infatuated with the Paris Turkish movie, you from a person who does not eat the human fireworks to drop into the child's bottle diaper heap, the life difficult tear your spring and autumn sadness, the loneliness is too extravagant for you, even if you have a transparent clear glass heart, Sophistication will also temper you into steel.

The character of the young woman, the last remaining in her words, she shut herself in the toilet to witness a wall like overlooking the distant rest, to their own soft rib to live a strong.

Fortunately, you know she can find a moment's peace in her children's troubled life from one side of the table.

Contemplation often a cold, read su Mei words, heart or hot.

"Change us is not love, marriage or children, nor ourselves, but time, we have experienced the loneliness, pain, anxiety, insecurity, have been a long time one by one cured, we are looking forward to the future, will also be in time slowly appear or not appear." But that does not matter, whenever I think of those who do not see the sea, withered lawn, the sea blowing damp warm soft wind, the wind bulging sheets, in addition to thank the time of the mighty, but also some with a slight pain yearning. As if on the Earth on the autumn night yearning for the brilliant Perseus Nebula, this yearning, beyond the small human, beyond all existing knowledge, give people the most warm and remote comfort, let people feel born and worthy of man. --Seven years of Su Mei's two moms