single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Tanabata This day, we can not admit their loneliness ? Whether there is companionship, companion or willing to celibacy, we can no longer need the Huang of happiness, no longer because of fear of loneliness, became reluctant to love people. (Recommended reading: The love of Love of the Tanabata book: six books, for you who lost in loving )

The day of the Tanabata, modern people busy very much.

With the busy card dating, that some of the characteristics of the restaurant has to be booked, who ordered early on who appears to be dense, restaurant Huaiguitai, the opportunity to put the menu arrangement combination, the price of the top two or three times times, lovers even a frown is not to wrinkle.

Not to be outdone, indulge in mischief, the movie theater pick two people in the middle of the singular number, mobile phone slide in the survival of the tanabata when a laugh, thinking about how to live my mother still need to guide? Tanabata is not Valentine's Day, Tanabata can be the day of the hunt, the pedestrians on the road, at this moment the most taboo to fall alone.

We're all the same. Such a day, everyone is trying to imply that I am happy, I was loved, I have the ability to love.

We no longer have the courage to admit that love is always scarce, how afraid we are not happy, how we refuse to admit that we are lonely people.

Tanabata Such a day, happiness like to see the whole piece of confused star, reach out to grasp, can't hold what, you can't help like a child, crying flowers face. We are all lonely, do not really have anything, so hurriedly with happiness to hide, pretend how rich.

So at night you take a deep breath, make a phone call, ask him softly, do you want to love me? Do you want to come and see me? If we are all so lonely, we might as well live together. You don't know what you're talking about after you hang up the phone.

Loneliness, in the name of Love is the most easy, repeatedly hollowed out is their own.

Such a night, for you, may not be suitable for love and hug, the most suitable for a Eason Chan (We Are lonely), do not disappoint their loneliness.

"I hate me, I don't know what to want, I don't know what it may be we are lonely, walking across the road I said, a person lonely, two people lonely. 」