Lunar July, we love say ghosts . You may be fascinated by the Korean drama "The Sun of the Lord," while afraid of the Ghost in the plot while covering the eyes to see the male and female protagonist in love; perhaps " Qian female Ghosts " sincere and sad, is childhood and love first encounter. But you know, as early as the six dynasties have the story of the Human Ghost love? The Human ghost love story that crawls the classical novel to the modern drama, we discovered that the human ghost does not have the way, because regardless of love's object, the love's persistence and the difficult consistent. (Extended reading: Wong Kar-wai's favorite!) Can not miss the 10 Hong Kong classic movie scene )

We often say: "I love you, regardless of your identity, race, class and wealth," Until now, love does not even have to consider gender. So what is the distance between the love between human and ghost and the relationship between two people? From ancient to the ancient, we crawl the love story between the human ghost, then found that the lover's identity may be different, for the love of the persistent is consistent. With Human and ghost love, we seem to have more imagination of love.

Mention of ghost-related love stories, in addition to all kinds of original film and television works, there are many adapted works from classical novels to draw inspiration. This Tanabata festival, we from Korean dramas, to Hong Kong film and then to classical fiction, step-by-step retrospective traces of human ghost feelings. So slowly discovered that the contemporary drama and the classical novel, originally is not distant. (Recommended to you: fierce women and dangerous men – why we love to see Vampire romance )

Korean drama "The Sun of the Lord": You are in, what demons I am not afraid

The bomb shelter is coming, hide well.

Because of an accident, the heroine Taigong really possessed the ability to hell. Sometimes be suddenly out of the ghosts entangled, so there is no way to work, no way to normal contact with people, even a night sleep is extravagant hope. At this time, the actor Zhu Zhengyuan appeared, no matter how terrible ghosts, as long as the real contact with the Zhu Yuan, will dissipate instantly. As long as stay at the side of Zhu Zhengyuan, too good to be able to get a long-lost peace.

The bloody female ghost limped away from afar, the rotten old man pounded on the rubbish bin stubbornly, in the world of too Christine's fear and panic, only the Zhu Zhengyuan is a reassuring existence. Too Christine on the way home from work, a gas car explosion, standing on the sidewalk, she watched helplessly rising, toward her attack of the ghosts, she was terrified to move.

At this time, Zhu Zhengyuan heard the accident news, fly also like to come, a turn too good, will her eyes tightly hidden in the bosom. He could not see anything, but his face was firm with a willingness to confront the world, guarding the woman in his arms.

Love is sometimes like this, anxiety, worry, confusion, fear are their own, even if the kiss as lovers can not share. But as long as he is in, 凄惶 's mood has the harbor which inhabits, will all disturbances all be blocked in his outside. Even if you understand that after the separation, but also to start their own war, but because they know there is a hiding bomb, and have continued to face the external energy. (Recommended to you: single diary: "Descendants of the Sun", we love each other as fate )

"The Air-raid shelter is coming, hide it," Zhu Zhengyuan said. As long as you love, you can block all the ghosts and goblins in the world, in love, we are safe to inhabit.

Hong Kong film "Qian Female Ghosts": Love makes people in absolute disadvantage can also be brave

Scholar, if you never see me again, will you cry? You should not cry because my leaving didn't take away your world

Xiaoqian floated out of the house to fly to the window of the branches, white-whipped, a few strands of hair brushed her sad jiao Yan. A pair of big eyes rippling hesitation and injustice, like in lingering Ninzesen, and like in the indictment of the world.

She is about the most beautiful and most distressed female ghost in the history of human and Ghost love. Because the urn was buried in the millennium under the tree demon, even the soul is not peaceful. Clearly is a good woman, but was driven every night to the color waiter, confuse those lust smoked heart man, for the tree Demon Grandma Suck Yang Qi. Innocent man killed in her beauty, she hid silently tears, but in the face of powerful monsters, she never dared to resist, afraid of the wits, even reincarnation have no chance.

It is love that makes her brave, this somewhat dorky but upright and kind man, for her beautiful heartbeat, but does not take half silk possessive desire. Obviously is a defenseless scholar, but said to save her from the abyss of misery, let her soon reincarnation. In order to save the last point of the troubled mind, she knowingly is a must lose battle, but is willing to rebel against the Millennium Tree Demon.

The story finally, Ninzesen for small Qian block the rising Sun, let her quickly hide back to the Ashes altar, lest the wits. So the two people in love can not meet each other even the last side. Separation is always caught off guard, even if love again two people, also had to departs farewell, to their own road. (same field Gayon: to part after breaking up: If the crowd has direction, always toward the direction of separation )

The fate is exhausted, must let go. In fact, it is more than a human ghost. Can be enough in the long journey of life, shoulder by side, memory is also sweet.

Hong Kong film "Rouge Buckle": I Died for love, not for you.

Thank you remember me, this piece of rouge box, I hang 53 years, and now give you, I do not want to wait

Anita Mui created a classic shape in the film. Micro-Peng's short curly hair, flame-like red lip, high collar of the cheongsam tightly tied to the graceful body, a low eyebrow, side face, is a woman of the unique vicissitudes and sadness.

She is a red card in Hong Kong, like a flower. Huan on the scene to see the world hundred States, but only to see not through love. The Rich family 12 less madly love her, is willing to sever the relationship with the family, also must with her life-long. However, a brothel no longer pick up the prostitutes, a new person from the beginning of a troupe, hundred turn back also contend for life. (You will like:"The Beauty of Life": a short life, eternal Love )

They lay on the bed of opium, and the world would not let them go. They made the next life, agreed to the code, said the bridge to wait for the other side, even death can not separate them.


Flash eyes for decades past, such as flowers become wandering the human soul. She looked forward to the night in the underworld too, lest she should miss her lover's shadow. But I do not know that he was saved back, lost the courage to die again, to go home to get married and have children, his original ease of life. Originally, this is not two people's death, but she alone, to life to sacrifice her own love. (Recommended reading:"single Woman Fifth volume" Halle Kui Yin: Crazy for love, strong for oneself )

If spend decades of waiting is an empty, she although misery sad but no blame, she is not to 12 die, is for their love and die. For less than 12, he lost just the unbearable young frivolous, such as flowers, but is the truth, for the death and no regrets.

The Six Dynasties zhi Strange "Song": Do you have to wait for love mature patience

"You bear me!" I was born, why not endure a year old and unexpectedly photograph also? "/you have failed me, I will soon be resurrected, why can not wait for another year, even with a candle to me?

Talking about life is just an ordinary scholar, the biggest dream of living, but read the ancient love poem, fancy a period of people's heart and soul agitation. He is longing for love, may be so eager to shake the world, one night, a beautiful woman came, willing to accompany him for life.

The woman is beautiful, let his exhausted life began to have the color and fragrance. But he did not understand why a loved couple had secrets. The woman said, three years later can take my lamp. Pick up the lights, what will be the picture? Song can't wait to uncover this layer of mystery veil, from the two tempting, no estrangement. (Recommended to you: single diary: Those I can not take the road for you )

While she was asleep, he took up the lamp and peeped. He saw his wife's upper body as a common person, the lower half is still bleached. Originally, she is a waiting for the resurrection of the soul. She awoke, not to rage against his breach of faith, but only regretted: in another year, she will be back to adulthood, why not wait patiently?

She left the two sons, and a son to let the father and son of the gorgeous beaded robe, from two tactic. Song grief, but there is no to recover.

Even the most intimate lovers have secrets that they cannot share. Each other's intimate feelings, it takes time to brew before they mature. You may not fall in love with a ghost that waits three years to revive, but everyone's heart is riddled with holes, but it takes a long time to fix it. (Extended reading: single diary: I wait, no longer waiting for you that day )

Do you have enough patience to wait for your love to mature? Inhibit their desire to be closer to each other's heart, waiting for spring.

"Jiao na": To get such a friend is happier than to get a lover

Greedy near Jiao posture, yardsticks not feel its bitter, and fear the fast end cut, 偎傍 soon/cling to her delicate appearance, not only don't feel the pain of treatment process, but also worry about surgery time is too short, can't long snuggle together

When I met Tina, it was Konseng's most embarrassing and painful time. He had a large tumor on his chest, and he was aching to death. Friends know that he was seriously ill, specially invited his sister, adept in medicine to come to treatment.

As if a moment, he saw the first eye of Tina, he forgot that he is a patient, forget the other is a doctor. Diana visited his injury and said he was going to perform the operation. Cut open large tumor should be very painful, blood flow everywhere, let a person see startling. Konseng but greedy look at her face, not at all feel pain, but worry about surgery time is too short, not so dependent phase.

Because I like the other side too much, all the hard things have become a happy thing. Know you are a fox, willing to flesh and blood to protect you through the Thunder robbery, although dead without regrets, know that you have married, even your husband and son are caring, planning to move the time to put them in the blueprint.

There is such a person, you and his distance is just a friend recently, but got such a friend, but more happy than to get a lover. (Recommended to you:"The God of the Nile" quiz You love Good Friends index )

Lunar July, we love say Ghost

There are so many stories about ghosts, for example, in recent years, Korean dramas in the relevant topics on a number of angles to try: "49 days" in the car accident killed the heroine, in order to collect the tears of her heart for her to revive, and then attached to a girl in the body; tell the middle-aged man and the underworld eldest brother back to life handsome and Vampire and human cross-species love, "Night Scholar."

In fact, not only Korean dramas are keen to lead the Red line with ghosts (or let ghosts lead the Red Line), Hong Kong film also once had a wave of people ghost love, such as ghosts in the umbrella of the female ghost, bumped into her husband reincarnation so again love "big noisy Guangchang long"; was killed by the bad guys, the ghost left the lantern waiting for reincarnation lover's "new Skin Lantern" , and the ghost of the widow to see the dead primary school classmate after the alternate friendship, "I see ghosts in the left eye."

The movie of Human Ghost Love always has a kind of special strangeness qimi sentiment, but there are many stories in fact early in the classical novel can send its clue. For example, "Qian female Ghosts" is the archetype of the Tang Dynasty legendary novel, "from the soul of the mind," the narrative of the parents separated a pair of unmarried couples, the fiancee's affectionate incredibly can make the soul speeding thousands of miles away, following her husband in the field Also such as "The Painted Skin", originally from the Qing Dynasty "Liao Zhai Zhi yi", there is not a spoony Fox demon, only bloody Fangs want to kill the angry ghost. In the adaptation of modern film and television, the feelings between the ghosts began to have more elements of the face, but also do not forget to draw nutrients from the classical works.

In the ghost month Tanabata, we re-leafed through the remnants of love between the ghosts of the past. From Korean dramas, to Hong Kong films to classical novels, people and Ghosts, people and the love between the demon, has never been endless. The emotion between the human ghost is added a hint of helplessness and dismay, but the face of love sweet and difficult, but consistent.