We all know that the origin of the Tanabata Valentine's Day is a cowboy and Weaver's poignant love story, to now evolve into lovers together Happy festival. are you tired of the love stories that have been repeatedly broadcast by the festival? Do you think the end of love in this world is not necessarily marriage ? Or is it that you don't want to be brainwashed by mainstream love? If you're fed up with all of this, I'd like to introduce you to the classics of the Japanese anime Masters--The Millennium actress (the same field Gayon: the Japanese animation master masterpiece "Tokyo Godfather": "Family, is the end of Life Exile")

On the last, with you introduced this sensitive director of the most approachable "Tokyo Godfather", this time, I would like to invite you to enter this sensitive second layer of the creation of the world. "Millennium Actress" in 2001 with the "Hidden girls" with the fifth session of the Japanese Culture Hall Media Art Festival Animation Awards, and in 2003, the 75th annual Oscar finalists for the best animated cartoons. Although this sensitive director died of lung cancer in 2010, but, "Millennium actress" This excellent love story, not only opened this sensitive international fame, but also become the modern people to cherish the spirit of this sensitive pointer.

For you to become a lifetime actor, in order to love you run a lifetime

The opening of the film came from a documentary film group--the source and Christine two--because of curiosity about an early red card-----------------------why did he disappear and return to seclusion. They tried to contact the thousands of generations, hoping to find out the career of the thousands of generations, and return a key to her.

years old to the thousand generations, gently greet the source also with Christine two. The source also hastily took a box out of the coat. Thousand generations son took hands, calmly open the box, see inside a color dark key, mouth raised a shallow smile, said: Thank you, this thing is how to find? 」

A sudden earthquake, thousands of generations of children think of their past turbulent life.

The Thousand generations were born in an earthquake in 1923. "I grew up in turmoil and life was full of gambling again and again. "Thousand-child language with easy to say." When the source also asked how the thousands of generations of children into the showbiz, she smiled and said: "I do not know the Executive director of the Silver Guardian, from a school on the way to the flat nose little girl to see what the characteristics." 」

However, the real trend to make thousands of generations of desperate to leave the actor, because she was a first love in middle school.

On a snowy day, the streets were stained with silver. The melancholy thousand-generation son, wandering in the street. Suddenly, a man hurried through, accidentally knocked down a daze of the Thousand Generation son. Just as the thousand generations were unhappy, the man extended his polite right hand and apologized as he pulled up the thousand generations.

"He's not there!" Go that way! Hearing the sound of the chase, the man hurried over the wall. "Have you seen a man pass by?" The thousand generations were asked by the police officer. At this time, the son chose to lie to the police officer, determined to protect the man.

After a short time, the generations learned that he was a painter, although he could not join the war against the unjust government, still want to use their own brush to inspire these fighters. But the Desperado was bound to leave and continue to flee north. The painter left to take thousands of generations to see the northern Snow oath, and he attaches great importance to a key, suddenly disappeared in her life.

So, the thousand generation son thinks, as long as oneself can let the world see, certainly can let the painter see. Holding such a determination, the thousand generations with the painter left the oath and key, launched his unexpected actor career, also launched for Love a lifetime of chasing. (same field Gayon:"text to photograph story" If you are happy, time is not wasted )

Again and again time and space conversion, also do not change I love you of the original intention

The runway that the thousand generations chase for Love is a movie starring her.

This sensitive cleverly put these films, with montage splicing technique string up. Montage splicing, is the image or meaning similar to the screen, lines together, so that viewers feel the transformation of time or space, but not abrupt.

As a nurse, the Warring states Princess, the Assassin, the Geisha, the ladylike, the prisoner, the astronaut and so on the role she, invariably pursues oneself to care about, or the beloved object. These characters, have encountered other people's help and resistance, heard a lot of coldness, do not reduce her insistence on love, and constantly running.

"I will not change my heart!" Day after day, I will only love him more and more! The Thousand generations of son shout.

Such lines represent the determination of the character, and it is the power of the thousand generations to become actors. She tried, through a variety of movies, time and space conversion, and strive to become a good actress, hope that every run, can increase her and first love good-bye opportunity, let oneself in the turbulent era of the budding love can have a stable belonging.

There are many stories about the pursuit of love, but they are all like superficial. "Millennium Actress" is essentially the pursuit of love story, but because of the unique narrative, will be the source of the bystander and Christine two into the memories of the son, looking at the thousand generations of the son to love.

From the perspective of the thousand generations, we also ran with her--looking at her in a hurry, getting a hint and leaving everything behind to start chasing. Love, for her, is a forever non-stop chase, the road again more gossip, also don't change that "I love You" original intention.

Thousand generations son always with that key, always remember the painter to take her to the north to see snow promise--from beginning to end, she believed her love, no hesitation for the painter run, and then run. (same field Gayon: Long distance exercises: I love you, not the distance)

The ending of love has no formula, we all love in our own way

The meaning of "millennium", I think not only represents the long life of thousands of generations of chasing the journey, but also represents the generations of the actor in the role of actors, played the roles of different times, as if through the millennium.

In the Warring States, she drove the horse, to the age of Edo run in the streets of her, and she who gazed at the wreckage of the old house after the Second World War, and she who finally boarded the space shuttle to the horizon, no matter what kind of time she crossed, the thousand generations seemed to project their love for the painter, no matter how difficult the process, is her decision to not regret.

This sensitive lets the memory of the thousand generations and the reality blend, and the layer echoes. Jumping thinking way, the whole animation, such as Unreal event description, extended the development of time and space may, but also deepened the thousands of generations of love, lead us to look at the thousands of generations of strong and sad back, to chase the increasingly blurred the object of the first love.

Perhaps, after watching this animation, you will think thousand generations son how so stupid?

Thousand generations may be really too silly, only have a little clue, on his own for a lifetime of chasing the race. However, every time the thousand generations run, her eyes seem to be able to watching thousands of years, gazing, looking forward to. The value of the thousand generations in the pursuit of love may have been far greater than the original purpose.

"I grew up in turmoil and life was full of gambling again and again. She is in love with her own way, betting her life, betting that she can see her lover again. Her gambling, created her extraordinary life, just to find her ordinary love.

Source also and Christine Two documentary film continues to shoot, the hands of the thousands of generations holding the memory of the key, think of their once played the Warring States princess.

In the film, the castle surrounded by the fire has been lost. Regardless of the fire, the thousand generations went straight to the depths of the castle, but saw the Lord in a pool of blood lying down. A sudden death gave her a cup of medicine, told her: "This life can not be, will be in the afterlife." She, who is heartbroken, is intent on dying and drinking without hesitation.

At this time the wind blows, the undead mad laugh, pointing at her, ridiculed her, said: "This is thousand years tea!" You will suffer in the eternal love fire! "Thousand generations of angry shouted:" You cheat me! But the undead only faint to say: "I hate you, I love you into the marrow." Someday you'll understand. Immediately departed.

Did the thousand generations finally understand? Or what is she supposed to know? Chasing a lifetime of love, but the figure is increasingly blurred.

Will not, in fact, the thousand generations of love is not that man, but love himself in order to love and did not stop the journey?