Do you know what social enterprise is? Or are you curious about what social enterprises are making money for? In fact, Taiwan already has a unified Web site to help you remit data, forming a social enterprise information platform. They have been working hard to maintain their professionalism, even if they do not know how many people are looking at the initial enthusiasm . Up to now, it has become a platform that has held nearly 100 events. (Recommended reading: An exclusive interview with the founder of Lin Yihan: Entrepreneurship is not who run fast, but insist on patient squatting )

Lin Yihan, co-founder and CEO of the social enterprise flow. You can know her in a prominent background, she appeared in the Vision Magazine 2013 100 Civilian Heroes list, she is the 2014 economic and trade country is the meeting youngest advisor. You can also only use a word to know her: "We do not do what others have been doing, because there is no meaning." 」

Social business is what you and I can understand a little more

It is noted that social enterprises may be cut from different levels. We generally recognize the traditional enterprises, may be the creation of property value, but also to maximize the interests of shareholders. Some people also look at social enterprises, is started by Felipz. Felipz want to improve social problems, but they rely too much on government subsidies, private donations, so in fact, the financial autonomy is not very high.

Social enterprise is very much like a point of intersection of two parallel lines. Its definition can be very complex, there are many general public do not understand the operating rules, such as: social enterprises surplus can not be allocated and so on. But the definitions of these social enterprises are so complicated that they are all defined in a different direction.

But whatever faction that advocates social entrepreneurship will agree: social enterprises are aimed at improving society. Organizations that sell products and services through their own businesses to achieve financial autonomy.

Understand the good of the social enterprise and understand the importance of bringing it to Taiwan

In my master's day, I took a class on "social Entrepreneurship", which I found very interesting. And in the summer of Suk-Suk, I returned to Taiwan, when Taiwan was advocating "social enterprise", so I invested in social enterprise development related internship. Also began my life of this road of no return.

I found that "social enterprise" is indeed an interesting concept because of the relevant courses and internships in the relevant units. When I was a master in the United States, half of the students who practiced this "social entrepreneurship" class were from business school and the other half, like me, belonged to the Academy of Social Sciences. Now I have the concept of business operation, in fact, through internships, courses learned.

Shuo second, I also applied for another internship in the United States, but also a main social enterprise company. The boss of this company is a very cool person, we actually do not have an office, everyone in different places to complete their work, there is a need to meet when the meeting together.

Because in the classroom, I must study the American health insurance question, gradually I discovered that oneself and the United States this land has more and more links;

And when I look back on the issue of health care in Taiwan because I want to read it, I find that what I know and learn is closely related to your life and mine.

So I decided to go back to Taiwan after my master's degree and try to practice all the knowledge and experience I got here. At first, I had to work at least into a non-profit organization. But in this internship in the United States, the boss did not intend to let me go, he said to me: "Back to Taiwan, before you know exactly what you want to do before, you should continue to help me work." When you find your way, I'll let you go. "Such a flexible condition, of course I say OK Ah!" (Recommended reading:After 25 years of life attitude, develop your life style )

From small eyes, to find the need to create their own another possible

Because the American boss gives a small amount of work and flexible working hours, I have a lot of time to get to know all the social enterprises in Taiwan and then slowly develop a project that I want to do.

But whenever I want to share with my friends what I'm doing, I'm like Syriac. Each encounter a different friend, I will be from my research institute, my work and so on step-by-step slowly explain, sometimes I feel like an alien, engaged in the occupation is a spy. Because we all don't understand.

Why is this so? All over Taiwan are promoting social enterprises, such data should be easily available on the Internet, how can few people understand what I am saying? Later, I found that the relevant data on social enterprises, most of which are in English, resulting in a reduction in the willingness to read, but the Chinese data has not developed very completely, we look at a point east, the west to look at a point, it is not possible to understand the real social enterprises.

So I found everyone's needs: an integrated Chinese website, plainly tell everyone "social enterprise" is what, is doing.

Because we are working in social enterprises in the United States to help companies manage Facebook and Twitter, I know what social enterprises there are in Europe and America, and because of the flexibility of working hours after returning to Taiwan, I have been able to learn more about Taiwanese social enterprises. With this basic information, plus a little bit of the skills of a website, and your own English ability to translate some data. So, I started to my work experience, see the relevant data translated into Chinese, let me have a record place, also let my friends slowly understand "social enterprise". (Recommended reading: social enterprises, not equal to charitable organizations )

Can try to break 0 points to 60 points, but 60 points to 80 points need more effort

After running for a long time, I found that some friends around me are interested in this. So we became a group of consensus, about six people, want to develop into a more formal website, more comprehensive introduction of social enterprises, like the portal of social enterprises, I hope everyone can because of our website, more understanding of social enterprises of all parties information.

When the Facebook fan profession was not able to set the time for automatic posting, when we had no idea that anyone in Taiwan was interested in the piece, our Community strategy was to have no strategy. We use the way to shoot birds, to test which of the paste is better, which is not good. Although we have not been sure how many people will be interested, we still uphold the "professional" mentality, to take into account each of our text.

If we want more people to see our intentions and perseverance, we must always maintain the activity of the fan page. If we are inactive, the previous efforts may be obscured in a great deal of information, and the people who are not very easy to begin to focus on us may soon forget our existence. (Recommended reading: keep going, success will come to you )

After accumulating a group of loyal readers, we begin to receive the reader's expectation for the entity activities. We held the event in a very small amount of manpower. As a result, I was very surprised to know that there is no information about our activities that tells us to volunteer, but there are a lot of people asking how to be a volunteer in our activities. In that event, we received 80 people who wanted to be volunteers, which was amazing.

Because the real activity brings the benefit really is very shocking, far surpasses our to the reader's imagination. So we started over and over again, and now we have about 100, except for 800 in the first year and 1500 for each year.

And every time the activities let me deeply understand: once the heart of the operation, to the present mood, will be seen by the public.

When we have done 60 points from 0 points, we must be sure that we are working hard. But when we want to push this thing from 60 to 80 and 90 points, it seems like we're not far away, but we actually need to make the same effort, even more.