Remember last month we published the six major fashion trends in the 2012 Golden Globe Awards ?With the conclusion of the 2012 Oscars, the 2012 Academy Awards, let's take a look at this year's Oscars red carpet, and what fashion trends are there!

ise golden

Best actress Myryl Streep (May Streep), the most beautiful American professional wrestler (WWE), and Stacy Kibler of Goerge Clooney (George Cloney) are all golden and made up in a cocktail dress.It may be a coincidence that it is a golden good fortune, and Meryl Streep as the "Iron Lady": and Goerge Clonney's "Emir", each won two awards at this ceremony!

graceful white dress

's as if the white looks, the white skin, the beautiful body, and the elegance of the Snowy Festiest, the elegance of the white long gown, is one of the most fashionable and unfashionable choices for the most fashionable and unfashionable one of the four best-known styling

red cocktail dress with eyeballs

In terms of color, a red dress on a red carpet can lead to unintended consequences, but it is not a problem for a female star in recent years when more and more red dresses are on the stage of the grand prix.And the red dress can be favored by many photographers. After all, this color is so attractive to me!



Frankly speaking, even though the clothes of the green system don't always appear in everyday life, Hollywood stars are so bold in their attempt to make new fashions.This year's Oscar has not only seen a number of green gowns, but its color is even more from the pale peppermint green to the rich grandmother. When you see a model of a female star, is there a way to make you more acceptable to the green system?

The sequined brightwined

When you set foot on the red carpet, there is one of the biggest goals of a female star in addition to receiving the award. That is to be "amazed by the shock"!
matter which color scheme is embedded in the brightwined tuxedo, each person can be far away from each other. Of course, wearing a fully sequined gown will also need to have a good figure in order to get a score. Otherwise, the public may become a crystal ball with the impression that they are not.

Hair Hairstyling

Not only in Eastern countries, it is common to cover the hairstyle of the forehead, but it seems that in the Western countries it is beginning to become fashionable.

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