In Taiwan, political issues are often our gossip, entertainment, rage, banter, but few people really want to join the political circle , for Taiwan's political generation to the atmosphere. 525 Good Times Short series, we have invited the free Taiwan party legislator candidate Zhou to talk to us about "Taiwan independence" and " feminism ", trying to change the political ecology of Taiwan, she supports gender equality, the two conflicts? Come on, listen to her talk! (Recommended reading: mother is the bone!) Zhou's full speech: Who stole 15 minutes of your concern for politics? )

Zhou, claiming to be the "Taiwan Independence Demon Woman", the Free Taiwan party does not partition the legislators, the election has been transferred to the gender prosecutor. She, in support of independent statehood, care for gender equality, into the political circle, although the family objected, but insisted on their own idea: "Politics should not be a high threshold of the distant dream, or a specific background of the patent." Politics, is life. 」

Taiwan independence we have the right to understand all of this land

What is Taiwan independence? To me, Taiwan independence is the people who live on the island, and they understand their own process again.

Because the education we received in the past is closely related to the historical values of the Kuomintang itself. For example, the history textbooks we were exposed to when we were Young said "Japan bombed our country". This refers to "China" is the "Republic of China", but, in that era, Japan did not bomb our country, Japan itself is bombed the place.

From such a small place can slowly affect the way all Taiwanese people interpret history. So for the advocates of Taiwan independence, we must go back and take a good look at what has happened in this land, "the facts"? After a good understanding, we have to decide our own future. (Recommended reading: Democracy is the only way home!) This night we are in London to protect Taiwan )

When it comes to Taiwan independence, one of the most important things to do is to sort out our constitution, and we can divide the Constitution into several factions. The first is the "constitutional school", advocating that the current constitution should not be substantially adjusted, only for the outdated content of the present Constitution. For example: The capital of the Republic of China in Nanjing, the Republic of China has the sovereignty of the mainland region, the territory also contains a long time independence of Mongolia and so on.

The second is the "Constitution-making Faction", which advocates a constitutional redesign. The process will be longer and more radical than the constitutional amendment. But the people of this faction, also have no table name should not use the "Republic of China", but use political words to tell everyone: "We come to reality and then follow the public opinion decision." 」

The third is "referendum on self-determination", which advocates a vote for Taiwanese residents to decide on the future of the land together. This faction believes that the Kuomintang to Taiwan is a kind of colonization, their formation of the government is not through the land of the people agree, but because of the international political wrestling results, Taiwan has become the Kuomintang, so now to use a referendum, let everyone decide their own future.

The people who are in different positions in the "Taiwan independence spectrum" like to quarrel. In fact, any people who are doing sports like to quarrel, collision different ideas, feminism is also. (Recommended reading: See Taiwan from Europe and America!) Women in politics make Society better )

Feminism, we should be valued by this world

For me, feminism, like the pro-independence movement, is a "return to self" movement.

Women are often defined by society as: to be gentle not to swear, the body is good, and men are social requirements to make money to support the family, have the shoulder to rely on, you are a competent man or woman.

If a male or female does not meet the expectations of this society today, it will be criticized or blamed. But what feminism has to tell us is that expectations that do not conform to the social framework are not related, we can go back to ourselves and should not be framed by social stereotypes.

A friend often asks me, "Why is feminism supposed to be called" feminist "? "and" feminism seems to be concerned only with women's situation, how can you say that feminism also cares about men? (Recommended reading: feminism is always asking for privileges?) When feminism becomes a negative label)

However, the term "feminism" has its historical context. Feminism probably appeared in the 19th century, and it was important to emphasize "women" because, in that generation, only men would be called "man" in English, man in English. What feminism wants to do is to tell the world that women are included in people.

Moreover, during the period of enlightenment in history, people began to discuss philosophy, and the rich and powerful began to hold a salon at home. The hostess who held the salon, in the history of the record, but only dressed beautifully to help everyone tea. We have to reflect on the need to hold such academic activities, the hostess does not have any academic knowledge? Does she have to know some philosophers at least?

No matter the important political scientist, the philosopher, the history all only remembers the monk, Montesquieu these men, those we familiar history great person, basically does not have a woman.

So feminism appears, and the name to emphasize is the existence of women in this world. (Recommended reading: The holiday belongs to women!) Women all over the world Knot Imagination )

As Taiwan independence is to feminism, why have some pro-independence activists repeatedly spoken improperly?

Why is it that people who are aware of the independence of Taiwan should be people who understand this society and want to make this society more equal, and why have they repeatedly behaved improperly? Like Cai Zhongyuan and Wu Yuxhen These two heterosexual men, even if the affair was attacked by the society, the wife is a good word. Got cheap and Maiguai, Wu Yuxhen also signed a Guardian union letter, said to protect the value of the family.

According to such a situation, is it true that the people of Taiwan independence movement are more chauvinistic?

Personally, I don't think so. However, why do we often see the "chauvinistic incident" of these pro-independence activists? According to my own observation, my conclusion, you can refer to see.

The Taiwan independence movement itself is a power of action, from the party system to fight for that very small power, the sovereignty of Taiwan to seize the right to freedom. The Taiwan independence movement can obtain the power not to be many, the natural discourse power also is very small. When the pro-independence movement finally grabbed the little power and gave it to all those who support Taiwan independence, it was time for the power to be distributed and used effectively. (Recommended reading: feminism to the male liberation!) Farewell to hate women, fear of the same, feminine and cheap scold patriarchal violence )

The smaller the power, the more obvious power struggles may emerge. I personally feel that many social movements have such a situation because there is so little power, and under the patriarchal system, power will fall into the relatively powerful chauvinism of society.

Why is it that Conservative government officials do not often show such a situation? Because they hold more power, the day is carefree, naturally hope that their life is always in a safe range, of course, it is not easy to say those controversial words.