Always want to travel alone, but a little timid? Or is the work so busy that you don't have a chance to take a breather? In fact, the timely transformation of the working environment, you can invest in their own more unexpected workplace force, a moderate relaxation of the self , where to walk all good, there may be unexpected life Oh! In the field of outstanding performance Mimi, but also love to travel, let us listen to her how to improve their comprehensive ability to work through tourism ! (Extended reading: Design a "heart" trip for yourself )

Mimi Chan, current TripAdvisor manager. A trip alone after studying in the UK opened her imagination to the world, and because she understood herself more, she began to try all kinds of work in the workplace and to cultivate her own diverse career force. Pay attention to travel to their own, the feelings of customers, put yourself in a variety of tourism planning efforts.

The choice of occupation is to learn, not to benefit consideration

For me, it is very important for me to agree with my colleagues and supervisors. They agree with you, sometimes not because you are good to each other, but from whether you can have real help at work.

My choice of work, do not need to use the interests of the orientation to consider. The simple idea is that since I received this job, I am going to do it well, not because of what others have asked me to do, but because of what I ask of myself.

In an international company like Travel Advisor , most of the work is accountability. So I have to take responsibility for their work, to show the attitude of all the work well, in order to get everyone's approval, you can learn more.

Once because of the change of position, the humanities background I must begin to study the programming language. But because the work needs, I have to ask myself to learn from scratch, although the process of learning complex, to return to return to call engineers, the total also took me 3-6 months of time, I finally can independently complete the basis of the data analysis and investigation. (Extended reading: Workplace notes: You have to work very hard to look effortless )

In order to work to learn new things, in addition to enhancing the efficiency of work, but also to my future self investment. One more knowledge, I will be more than a chip.

Design a trip for yourself, not lonely at all

The first self-service solo travel first stood in Paris. Put the baggage in the youth hostel, I went outside to find a bar to rest, with live band performances, relaxed atmosphere, I will be with the next table two or three friends chat up, we still together dance, chat, is very pure happy.

On Christmas Eve, just after visiting the Notre Dame, I was wandering outside. See the Roadside park, my heart suddenly came out a voice: "Hey, is the park, do we want to play?" "Well, wow!" 」

I suddenly realized that I did not talk to myself for a long time, also because the trip to the park to play alone, only to find himself with oneself is a so happy things, then I, really very happy.

On this extremely relaxing journey, I met a small scam in Montmartre, Paris. Because the scenery was very beautiful, I put down all the alert, suddenly someone asked me to reach out, help me tie a lucky rope, said to collect money with me. In the absence of assistance, I can only pay the money.

Although the fall into the trap of feeling very uncomfortable, but think of it afterwards, actually have such a experience is good. The journey back, in addition to focusing on the emancipation of the self mood, sometimes to return to reality, a little bit alert. Those little experiences have helped me in my future journey.

With the first solo self-help trip, I'll never get back. Because I found out how happy I am with myself, I also learned how to arrange my trip alone and learn how to deal with the big and small things on my journey alone.

Sometimes go out alone, sometimes with friends, family travel, you will find that in fact, each trip to different travel, because of different companions, different states, different purposes, even to the same place, will produce different meanings. (Extended reading: Workplace notes: Spend your time on things that make you happy )

Self-help travel to relax and improve the overall work force

What I want to tell you is that self-help travel can improve our ability to work in a comprehensive way.

Because we have to learn how to collect information, schedule, after all the investigation, how to remit, how to judge the credibility of this information. These will all become part of the ability to work.

Like air tickets, restaurants, local traffic, every thing time, location, this is the ability of multiple division of labor, the same will happen in the work--with the different needs of the people to negotiate what restrictions, how to compromise, how to communicate across departments and appropriate distribution of good work; When my departmental resources may be scarce, But when it comes to doing 500 things, how do I pick out the most important of the five pieces. It's all very important.

The conflict, the sudden situation, all sorts of situations can develop our new ability. For example, I do not know that I can drag luggage for half an hour, I do not know that when I train the wrong ticket, can summon up the courage to ask, with my unfamiliar language, smoothly catch the next class. Develop new skills, and most importantly, because of travel, I can learn more about myself and the world. (Extended reading: step forward, a person travel to find the courage to face life )

Finally, I would like to end with the poem "A Child goes forward". The concept of the poem is that a child keeps moving forward and everything he sees becomes part of him.

I hope you can also like the children in the poem, embark on a different journey, see the different scenery, you will find the experience of every thing in travel, it's important, no less than the result of our arrival destination.