Do you know what happened to mom before she gave birth to you? Do you know what is going down and what's happening in childbirth ? You may have heard these nouns, but you don't understand what this is all about. Let a woman take you today to see eight pregnant women Daily, understand the ups and downs of pregnancy process. (same field Gayon: Liu written after pregnancy: from the place, get along, pregnant woman's "absolute solitude")

Pregnancy can be very remote and vague for you. For me, the essence of pregnancy is tenderness and pain.

From the moment when the eggs and sperm were fertilized, the girl was called "mother" for more than one identity. "October" and "37 weeks of pregnancy" The assessment of the time sounds like a biology teacher told you "hen eggs for a while chicks will be born!" "It's easy, but for many moms, it's the beginning of a leapfrog journey, especially for a first-trimester mother."

A lot of people say their birthdays, is mom's mother difficult day, in addition to the production of the day of tearing pain, during the pregnancy, the mother's body to bear, in addition to adapt to the physical changes, but also psychological all kinds of uneasiness and anxiety, just to hatch you out. (same field Gayon: baby, I'm just your mother )

I hope that through the eight of pregnant women's daily terms, I would like to use a simple and easy way to let you have a preliminary understanding of the size of a pregnant mummy in life, some things you may have heard, some things may sound strange and distant, these are the only means of pregnant women.

Fortunately you don't necessarily experience these, when you understand the meaning behind these nouns, you will be full of gratitude, thanks to a certain day of the month, someone made a courageous decision, that is "bring you to the world, and you meet." (same field Gayon: To Mother's confession letter: May you brave to turn, meets you to be worth good )

Ultrasonic Ultrasound

Down syndrome Down syndrome

(same field Gayon: Mom's Struggle: When I found out I was pregnant with a Down syndrome baby )

Fall Red Bloody Show

Childbirth Delivery

Amniotic fluid amniotic fluid

Uterine contractions contraction

Throes Labor pain

Caesarean section Caesarean

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