single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. The movie "True Love Pick day one day" lane to do the ambiguous worry, how many people in the name of friendship, love a person? " I love you, but we are not together. Every year, through their own fetters, we find that whatever happens tomorrow, at least we have the present . (Recommended reading: The love of Love of the Tanabata book: six books, for you who lost in loving )

You don't call him baby, he never says you're a lover.

you don't know how to define this person in your life, so you call each other the most important of friends, but you know it may be a lie to make you feel better. Because from the first time you see him, you know that your world has slowly tilted towards a direction that he is in.

You look so dissimilar, from appearance to learning, your paranoia seems strange to him, everything he touches, you understand.

but his good for you is always hidden in some of the branches of Life inconsiderable festival - He always tells a funny joke when you cry, just to make you understand: " He is in ", understanding you disappear also not angry, in your activity scene secretly appear, you turned to see he handed a drink, even if you do not understand the details of your work, but will secretly help you search for relevant content, in the next meeting proud to say he actually also understand."

It all seems ordinary , but have let you peace of the spoil, so unconsciously, even if you the relationship between the few names, you could not easily put him out of the daily outside. you will be distressed for him, think of such a waste is a consumption, but there are many times, you think that there is such a person is very good.

"How many people in the name of friendship, love a person." 」

When I grow up, I always fear that I will not be able to love. You're not really sure which ending is going to get you down: It's the ultimate discovery that he's not important in your life, and you just gave up on him and thought that deep past was weightless. Or, finally found that you will be swayed by the desire to occupy, he occupies too great a position, let you constantly afraid of him to become the person who abandoned you.

Do not want to think about what is everlasting, since the smile and tears have already started, you decide that in the clumsy freedom to practice thinking about him, practice abandoned and abandoned.

"No matter what happens tomorrow, at least we have the present." 」