Women fans of the female career interview, invite you to follow them together to break the ceiling, from their body see continue to fight the emboldened. TFT founder Liu Anting without fear of failure, planting lucky, New York actor Lin Weishui live out of women's strength, the founder of social enterprise Lin Yihan talk about entrepreneurship behind the hard and happy ... This time for you to interview Dream Tianwen founder Sulimei CEO, the new book , "creative, then" She about entrepreneurship, have something to say.

I have heard many stories about Sulimei teacher.

She created news for Sanli from scratch; she is behind the scenes of Taiwan's original idol drama, from "Lavender" to "drunk decided to fall in love with You"; in 2011, she resigned Sanli TV executive deputy general manager of the high position, in his personal capacity to create dream Tianwen.

In this age, the creation of God is the norm, and she walks from the altar, shaking off thousands of labels and baggage. My head filled with her story, the first time in a woman's paradise to see her, a black dress, the world reflected in her watery eyes, always fresh.

There is no God in this world, only people who continue to evolve. First Sulimei, she let me have such a deep feeling. (Recommended reading: Entrepreneurship Subtraction: Nothing is more important than what to do )

Change the times with a creative, that's your value

In the past few years Sulimei next to the question, while trying to write, the new book published, "creativity, then", I turned back and forth three times, a lot of understanding. See her earnestly to the times to ask, your idea is for what? What is the connection between your ideas and the times, and what can solve the problems of this age?

She was honest and she gave the world a kindly reminder. She is the time to carry on the body to think of the person, born in this era, she does not evade to see the times and the environment problems.

"I never say entrepreneurs, I say we are all entrepreneurs." Before talking about starting a business again, I think we have to talk about creativity first. "She said with a smile.

Entrepreneurship is the fire, everyone claiming to be entrepreneurs, hurriedly, many people talk about Taiwan's entrepreneurial opportunities and difficulties, Sulimei said that if disregard of the nature of the rest of the business model, development opportunities, industrial difficulties, it is not a core issue.

"What is the nature of entrepreneurship?" You have to figure out why you start your own business, is your only choice? What does your business have to do with the times? She has a soft voice, a heavy message, and a solid punch in the heart.

Starting a business is always going back to what you want to change with your ideas. Sulimei said his idol, Einstein, said such a complete admiration, "logic will take you from A to B, and imagination and creativity, it will take you anywhere." (same field Gayon: I don't care about the profit model, I care about the value of everything. )

Sulimei firmly said, "one of your ideas may change this time, and that is your value." 」

There is no way to succeed in the world: Nothing, no fear of losing

If we are willing to stop and look at our environment before we start a business, we will feel the potential anxiety in Taiwan and why we are so inertial in making God.

"The atmosphere in Taiwan is such that we are anxious, unable to find the possibility and direction, and generally pessimistic about the future, so we are more likely to believe in dogma and successful SOP." "Sulimei analysis," but many times, the successful people do not know AH. He may be ignorant of the process, and successful sharing is often a matter of hindsight. 」

Sulimei recalled that when the Sanli to build news desk task, she did not SNG car, no anchor reporter, no professional equipment, no news undergraduate background advantage, she even table are to come. (same field Gayon: 30-Year-old fresh people!) Interview Music Bookstore Store Chief Charisan: When you have nothing, you only have the original intention )

"But sometimes that has nothing is the most important." Nothing, the most not afraid to lose. 」

Our universal thirst for good example may well reflect our anxiety about the state of nothing. But nothing, not bad. Nothing, so there's not much ego-limited "impossible", anything is possible. In a blank, slowly find their own way.

"I am very frank, now really do not know anything, and I know that after success, people will say that the journey is the success of the trick." The Sulimei spit out his tongue.

Sulimei is very honest, can not give you expect the success of the trick, because people are alive, success is alive, Taiwan really need, but is not afraid of failure, not afraid to try, not fear of the blank of the emboldened. (Recommended reading: We need, is "not afraid of" power )

The basic gesture of thinking: failure of experience, can not be personal

When I opened the news station out of the experience, let Sulimei to form the thinking gesture.

She mentioned that in the common sense, the principle of not keeping the principle, "open the news desk, like the switch on, I do all the thinking and decision-making may deviate from the professional, but also to make their own very unique case." 」

Thinking is the basic action, let oneself no longer only according to familiar old way of doing things. "If you always settle in the usual way, you may succeed, you may be good, but you will never be extraordinary." Sulimei smiled and gently arrow, "because the simplest thing is to judge by common sense." 」

The familiar road is easy, more changes are hidden in you will not and unfamiliar things, you have nothing to lead you farther. At the same time, it is equally important to share failure experiences.

Failure is not the end of the world, Sulimei said positively, "the failure of experience can not be personal, but to let the team understand that failure is a very important asset of the company." 」

If you don't talk about success, can you talk more frankly about failure? Sulimei eyes Seriously, "All history records, the most powerful ideas are failures." It doesn't matter what you do wrong, the team has no harvest. "Do not waste your experience of failure, and it is valuable to have a loss." If a team has the ethos of encouraging failure and not living up to its own good ideas, it can become more natural.

Sulimei laughs that she likes the team, has always been irregular, always thinking, have to break through their own ideas comfort zone. (Recommended reading: The life of expanding the comfort zone: The best growth is after fear )

Every minute to live a beautiful spirit

I looked at the Sulimei, think her bones particularly elegant, entrepreneurial thousands of trifles to her front, long out a clear level and timeline, consolidation comb, since into a distinct operation of the universe, she can Hoder, for everything have unhurriedly posture. (Same field Gayon: The most important thing is not to succeed, but to face failure )

At the same time shouldering the daughter, mother, wife, executive long multiple identities, each role needs and logic are different, Sulimei said time sense and hierarchy is not deliberate, but it is natural to develop the ability of structural thinking.

She smiled and said that she had another romantic imagination about life, "people die from birth, every minute." If the death of this minute, can be romantic and beautiful, then why not to pursue it? To me, the flow of life is not the moment of death but the end, and every minute you pass, you die. 」

Sulimei eyes blink, "so every minute of death, I hope she is beautiful." This beautiful contains the eyes to see and invisible, the head of the small universe can not be loaded into the, and will be beautiful. 」

Such a beautiful, from the Sulimei refused to compromise, every moment of grace to force, necessary extraordinary. Dream Tianwen creation, is in the structural thinking opportunity under the birth, is her time and ability to measure their own achievements, the best works.

"I had many roles at the time, and I took the role back to the structural level of the sense of time, balancing out a dream field that I could choose," he said. For me, the job is not to start a business, the job is to create me this person, in the next stage of life, what is the value. 」

Work is the way to define your most immediate practice, Sulimei ask yourself what value do you want to create after leaving Sanli? "What I can do is not a big deal, it can be a small thing, not necessarily the most urgent thing, but absolutely important." 」

She came to the conclusion that dream field, is willing to do the cultural industry laboratory. The achievement is not the cause, but the Taiwan culture is seen more possible.

Creativity, entrepreneurship, the creation of the value of the Trinity, is Sulimei from the repeated self and dig out. She walked all the way, like the one written in the book, "People don't have to do big things, but they have to do things that can affect the big things." 」

Find Fulcrum, with the strength, I see in Sulimei, lift the spirit of Taiwan culture.