In recent days, Fu Yuanhui , in an interview with CCTV, talked with eloquently and tampon cotton strips, not only by shaking up the conservative atmosphere in China, but also rethinking the long years of neglect of women by the sports world.We hope that the cotton strip can also be the force of this generation, leading women to embrace a freer body.

strength was 558 seconds in her 100 meter race, and she questioned whether the live broadcast of the live broadcast was a bad habit, and she was talking about the grace period and the cotton strip, and she threw out any world's projection and metaphors for women, and she ran a freer gate for Chinese women's private office.

They first understood that the original routine was able to go into the water. The original physiological period was able to go to college. The original period of discussion should not be embarrassing. The original physiological period was the biological period, not the "thing you know about girls."

wave of the month, it was really a flood, and Fu Yuan Hui told CCTV to express his disappointment with the performance of the 400 m hybrid relay race. " I feel that I haven't got a good game today. I'm sorry, my teammates.Yesterday, it was a bit of a vacation, but it would still be a bit weak!It is particularly tiring, but this is not a reason."

Many people are foolish to ask how the tide can be launched, and Fu Yuan-hui says, " Don't we have a cotton stripe?"

the Chinese women's thesaurus, the movement circle is reminded to reflect on the women's health and the neglect of women's health and the theme.

Grounds in sports arena: female athletes excluded

Fu Yuanhui is not the first woman to mention the menstre.

Last year's Australian Open, British player Heather Watson referred to the monthly impact on her performance, with media reports citing the girl things. Another British runner, Jessica Judd, told the BBC in a BBC interview that her month was likely to be more than 15 seconds by the time she was winning the race.

According to the latest research data , 37 % of athletes suffer from chronic pain, while only 22 % of athletes are encouraged to receive medical assistance despite the likely impact of anaemia.

Prior to their opening, the research data of sports science was even blank.The British Journal of Sports Medicine stated that in the past 1382 research reports, more than 60,000 athletes were covered, but the data of female athletes was often excluded from clinical studies because the "complexity of the physiology cycle" was difficult to quantify.

This group is excluded from studying data outside of the data, and in the stadium, it is often hard to be strong.Some cover their stomachache and have a bleeding body, and their strength proves that the movement is neutral.

the one hand, they want to cast off the stereotype of "women equal to softness" and prove that they "are bleeding," while yearning for physical periods no longer to be taboos on the playground and being able to be filed for discussion, no longer just a sentence of "why don't you take drugs in advance".(Recommended reading: A revolution in body and mind!)Marathon Girl Guan Gando Wants Blood Red Pants by Blood )

A virgin film that does not exist, does not have a virgin link to it.

The discussion of cotton and biological terms not only subverts the movement, but also has a ripple effect in China.Chinese Internet people have heard Fu Yuanhui's confession, saying so,

"As a woman who is not so willing to mention in the face of the public, the Lord Fulin said that when the CCTV speaks during the live broadcast of the interview, it is in line with her personality and arrogis!""

"Fu Yuan-hui's" Auntie " " Auntie " brings out countless feudal and old leaves, which are also quite intoxicable.Who told you that a virgin can't use tampon, and there are still no places where the virgin is going? Is there still a feeling there is to leave the virgin to a man?"

This is what Fu Yuanhui gave to a sex education in China. How could it be said that this kind of good stuff like cotton could not be said?In 2015, China produced 85 billion pieces of tampons, 0 tampons, and only 2 percent of the population in China and using tampons, statistics say.(Recommended to you: Enjoy the freedom to bring cotton strips to us!)Don't be afraid, nine benefits you'll fall in love with cotton bars )

the case of invasive physiologic goods like sanitary napkin strips, the sensitive nerve of the virgin, the "cotton strip breaking the virgin film", "the user is no longer a virgin", reflects the patriarchal and feudal anxieties of the feudal society.

First of all, we have to understand that the film doesn't exist, and the virgin's English is Hymen or Hymen ring, it's not a membrane, it's an entrance, it's a band-like mucus organization.Without a virgin film, you don't have to think that the penis is so powerful, that it can burst the blood.

Its second, virgine "film" does not exist, and virgits women are more unnecessary, because women are never left to anyone, not to please the early virgess of other people.(Sibling: Brazilian Woman Became Woman Instrumented?Look at the potential control of the patriarchal society toward women )

answer to Fu Yuan-Hui's response has drawn the question of women in China and the general environment. Why do we have so many illusions and suspense on the threshold of a built-in threshold?Perhaps the term is nouns, the biological period is the biological period, and the blood is blood. The cotton strip is cotton slime, and it does not need to carry the stack smuge behind it.

I'm thinking, the slime can be the force of this age, the more liberal body of a woman, you can run, you can run, you can bump into all the taboos, and we finally understand that there are more beautiful things that can be put in your body.