The transmission of information does not necessarily depend on the length of the text , the focus of the issue is not only real-time mastery. Female fans try to visualize the theme of the Olympic sex, with three-person group, in-depth reporting model, together with the point of contact, data collection, and then according to different expertise on the division of Graphics and text. To see the Olympic visualization of the theme of the heartbeat! (same field Gayon: gender observation: Olympic sex scenery, women's freedom of movement is a great effort to exchange for)

In 1924, when Glenna Collett, America's best female golfer, said in an interview with the magazineWoman's Home Companion, in the period before 20th century, There are two major developments in women's rights, one is the right to vote in public affairs, the other is freedom from the family and the ability to participate in sports outdoors.

In her eyes, for women's happiness, physical freedom is even more important than legal equality. (Recommended to you: what happened on the playground?) From the volleyball is the sister Shabina watch alternative sports violence )

And the modern Olympic Games, in its inception, inherited the traditions of the past, and is not open to any female participation. Finally after 120 years of development, the current Olympic Games, the number of female athletes up to 4,540, male and female athletes sex ratio is close to 1:1, and women can participate in the project is constantly increasing.

We have seen the first woman to the Olympic Palace since 1900, the symbol is not only the number of female athletes and the gradual increase in entries, as the women's Sports Congress refers to: "Only women in the Olympic Games to achieve freedom and equality, the original intention of the sport can be truly achieved." "(same field Gayon: tough and gentle challenge sex Label: Babe Didrikson to write the history of women's sports with the body )

This is also the original intention of the editorial team to design the Olympic visual article, because from the athletes, we can see a desire to transcend themselves, but such a desire can not easily be held in the palm of the hand, always get the reality toss.

So we saw that the body of the gymnast was not just his own, and in the endless diet control, to the imbalance of health confrontation; We saw that weightlifting has always been considered a "man" movement, until 2000 was officially open to women, but women still have to be in the drug problem of taking androgen , we saw in the swimming competition, has always been regarded as taboo topic "menstruation", finally from the mouth of Fu burst out. (You will like: cotton strips of the power of the prehistoric!) Fu talk about menstruation, give China a sex education class )

We will be excited for the Olympic Games, but there are many seemingly unimportant things, "gender" is still in effect. In Rio on the last day of the Olympic Games, this article dedicated to you, I hope you can also take some of the heartbeat away.