A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Sometimes single is voluntary, it is felt that can no longer afford to be loved and loved the weight , so choose to leave, choose to be honest with yourself. Single diary, for you to order a Hello Nico "next how," we have probably had such a time, love my people I always reluctant, I love the people I will not. (same field Gayon: single diary: Always Brave words, happiness will slip away oh )

A very old-fashioned question is this: do you want someone who loves you, or who you love?

Until a long time later, I left them, mercilessly hated their cowardice, I understand love and be loved, is never a triangular exercise, but their own exercises, practice reckless, and honest about love.

When I think of love, I meet the person who loves me. He loved me, looked at me with pet's eyes, fed me with exaggerated sweet, he kissed me with care, his lips trembled, like a fragile secret, he loved me, pretended not to mind that I did not love him.

I do not love him, but my time is very generous, I think I can practice love him, I do not want to warm him, reluctant to let him pain, reluctant to love me. I casually let him love me, leaning on his back bladder, listening to his words of love, I imagined our blank future, like a snow, without any traces of India.

I became so disgusted with myself that I felt guilty.

Then I met the person I love, he is not my lover, does not belong to me. He is like winter warm fire, awaken my heart of the small beast, the original love is so, he did not have to do, my sensory consciousness is thus awakened, I unexpectedly is can love, just love him, I feel happy, want to shed tears.

I touch his eyebrows across the window on the far side, enough to make me throb. He does not belong to me, I did not tell him I love him, I am not qualified to say, I cannot say.

When I love him, I feel that I am rare and great, don't tell him.

My world slowly unbalanced, love my people I loathe, I love the people I do not want. Be Loved and lover originally is a monologue, is a person's alone, can only go all the way forward, do not turn back. Love has hurt me and has done me well. I hate these two people, so I know that I should go.

When I'm gone, we'll all be freer.

I think I finally learned something, no longer hiding secrets to myself, no longer afraid of love naked, then one day, in many years, I may be able to turn back, tell you, I have more understanding of what love is. At that time our love would bloom like flowers.

"Love my people I always reluctant to see him pain, how to say denial." I love the people I become less, not the people I love. 」