Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. Anne Hathaway three months after childbirth, she is not anxious to lose weight, but enjoy the most natural state of their body . Listen to her, mom, enjoy every little piece of meat you have! (Recommended reading: through the peak also through the bottom!) Anne Hathaway 7: Live not only to please others

On the weekend, Anne Hathaway is on the streets of New York City, in the noisy district, wearing a long version of floral skirts she slightly voluptuous, pushing her son's baby car, and the most homely New York City people.

Perhaps this time you will ask, female star postpartum not thin a 10 kilograms how dare come out? Because most of the star pregnancy reports we see, most of them teach you how to lose weight after childbirth, how to reduce the obesity crisis during pregnancy ... Even after one months of being captured by the media on the streets, the journalists photographed her lower abdomen under the headline: "Anne Hathaway looks like she's pregnant with a second baby" and "the greet is amazing." This criticism of women's stature paved the way, she shrugged off society to women to carry the body value, please, pregnant not fat a few kilograms how enjoyable. (Recommended reading: women with lower abdomen, in fact, the most sexy )

When sexy cats become sexy moms: accept the body's natural elasticity

Anne Hathaway became Hollywood's most regulated mother, and in early August she was on the show talking about her body: "I honestly face all the changes in my body after having a child." "When people push the Hollywood star, the once sexy Catwoman: Are you too lax?" she asked. She released a photograph of a tight-fitting pair of jeans in Instagram:

"Weight gain is not a disgrace, either during pregnancy or at any time," she said. Even if you really want to lose weight, if you spend longer than expected, there is no need to feel ashamed shyness. Not to mention your jeans cut short, restructured to fit their body shape, you should be embarrassed? Last summer's jeans were too tight for this summer's thighs. Your body is always changing, growing, or shrinking, all elasticity is love. (Don't let anyone tell you what to do). 」

Anhesser more than once for fat girls, in a big belly, she walked in a bikini to jump the beach: "Although the bikini photo is not like my style, this is I accidentally photographed down the beach." Instead of being photographed by the media, I would like to send a piece of it, but of course I want to be the way I liked it, preferably with filter effect (laughter). 」

Postpartum mother don't hurry to thin! The perfect body position doesn't exist.

The best thing about Anne Hathaway--Honey, you don't need to be "skinny back", because pregnancy itself is a permanent process of changing the body, and every state is natural and beautiful.

The case is based on medical research that shows that women's weight gain during pregnancy must also be: babies, placenta, fat, and your body needs 50 more blood than usual to support the growth of your child. Pregnancy and production of hormones estrogen, progesterone changes can also lead to body deformation, joints and muscles may become different from the same, wearing clothes will certainly have an uncomfortable feeling.

Anhesser support for women to adapt to the changes in their bodies, because the rapid postpartum thin body is actually very pernicious to health, we often see many artists can use a short period of two weeks to "return to the best posture", so what is the outcome of this? First of all, as long as there is breastfeeding, it is difficult to continue to lose weight, because the mother must continue to supply their own body needs of energy, lactation itself is to weaken the maternal nutrition process, if in order to lose weight control diet, not only can not guarantee the quality of breast milk, but also to the mother's (Recommended you see: First Pregnancy, I choose to face their own struggle )

In addition, we saw the crazy fitness, Mercedes-Benz on the treadmill of the mother, but did not see her plastic clothing under the not healed wounds. After the production process of pelvic floor muscles, ligaments are in a relaxed state, generally speaking, medical uterine and ovarian function recovery needs 42 days, if too early to do strenuous exercise, may lead to postpartum complications.

Dear mothers, you do not need to go to the devil figure, no one knows, a mother's perfect appearance behind how many hell exercise, the body seems to cheat, often not their own, it swelling sometimes, pain sometimes.

"figure out" depressed mind, not that they are no longer thin, but become a mother, why everyone said that you are not as worthy of love as before. You are no longer the pain of the girl, not loved wife, so you wonder, child such a beautiful life, why do you bring "their own devaluation"?

The ultimate choice of spicy mom and aunt? Get out of your third path

It is not the child that destroys your life, but the family value that you put into a woman that makes you a mother who expects service for others. The society divides the mother into the new era mother and the old age mother. Old times mother, dedication life to the family, so she for the daily necessities of the unkempt was abandoned such as indignity, so she gradually grew up with the iron fortress, slender hands also no longer in the past. If you are a new era of mom, you can hold the child in one hand holding the LV shopping, you have to try to grasp the child side of the fitness side to clock out, declaring the world's hot mom married or Yao Tiao lady. (Extended reading: Jennifer Aniston: "The value of being a woman is not just having children!") ")

But why, if you are not spicy mom, you have to be an aunt? Who is the mother placed in extreme Libra at both ends, to their own dedication, stature, see who is a good mother?

From an aunt to the mother of hot Mom image transformation, is walking in a harsh road, we aspire to economic independence of the image of the strong woman, longing for women to shape their own, but part of the mother, and do not have such resources to become a rapid postpartum slimming mother.

In addition to our expectations of motherhood, not every woman has enough time and space to burn calories in the gym, and most mothers, who spend their days at home looking after their children, are seen as trivial things, but constantly facing a child's emotional world. We look at the stars on the screen wearing plastic clothes, eating expensive nutritious meals, intensive physical training, but in reality few mothers can be so "focused" on themselves.

I certainly am happy to see a mother, can have more own margin in the postpartum, pursues the ego ideal. However, when we do not have so many choices, it is not possible to develop a new path between the spicy mom and the aunt. For example, the majority of unpaid physical labor, emotional work of the mother, there is no possibility of margin time, to deal with the life beyond the mother status. Or, how do we let the postpartum mother no longer bear the weight of the body, so that she can at ease in a variety of identities at ease, as her body, as well as Ann Hathaway's flexibility. (I recommend you: should I quit my job and become a full-time housewife?) )

Do you remember the way she skinny in PRADA demon, after filming the show, Anne Hathaway said she would not try to be thin as a paper man, because a character should be refined by her soul and inner. Movie stars are more than thin, but talk about the real self, let's listen to Anne Hathaway.

She never hides her belly, as she does when she shows off her sexuality. To love every part of the body, it is the happiness of Anne Hathaway as a woman--one day the cat-hunting woman is a senior intern with natural aging and can enjoy herself.

Let the postpartum mother no longer bear the stature blame, is the female fan wants to provide the media environment.

We know that many people around the world have a personal sense of gender issues, regardless of gender temperament, gender identity or sexual orientation, are thinking about how to act. Perhaps it is because gender communication is difficult, gender equality is very far, gender initiative is very hard, so we have to go together.

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