Director Giseppe Tonato after " new Paradise ", " lonely Auctioneer", with astronomy and we talk about love. In "Love Astronomy", the dead still transmit the message of love , like the exploding stars in the universe, passing through the vast Milky Way to become the beautiful nebula in the eyes of the people. The transmission and interpretation of love, is always their own business. I love myself to be a star, you love or not love, I am here . (same field Gayon: rock Iwai II "Love letter": That year we, the love of the Mark )

A lot of times we just don't exist in the phenomenon of dialogue

There was never a film that described "Love" as being so lonely.

We always think that unrequited love is lonely, lovelorn is lonely, the body in the love of two people, should always be happy and full of it? "Love Astronomy" but with two hours of film long, tell you how to love this thing, can be so lonely, so you almost think, is oneself in love with oneself. (Recommended reading: single diary: I Don't mind loneliness, it's more comfortable than loving you )

Amy is a PhD in astronomy, and her secret lover, Ed, is a professor of astronomy. They rely on letters, emails, cell phone messages, video messages, and occasional encounters, for six of years, from afar. At a seminar on Ed's papers, Ai meixing hurried to the news that Al-Aide had died a few days earlier, while her mobile phone came with Ed's e-mails.

Ed's death was no doubt, but Amy continued to receive his message. is a disc, recorded to her words, let her almost misunderstood that they can still talk in person. is a letter, reposing full of love and yearning, together to celebrate the six anniversary of the relationship. It was a bouquet of flowers that was sent to her at the commencement of her graduation ceremony, and Ed came, if not in the form of flesh.

So trivial, so daily, is not a loud voice of love deep and parting of the pain, nor sentimental to look back on the past looking to the future. It is engraved in the life of intravenous drip, such as a good teacher, such as a good friend, such as the father, guarding the face of Amy's pain, until the back of life on the right track.

In the last three months of his life, Ed ran out of networks and arranged complex communications routes: someone was responsible for sending parcels and someone was cleaning their loved huts to ignite firewood. Someone has helped modify the email system so that written emails and messages can be delivered on time. (same field Gayon: After reading "p.s. I love You", perhaps we all still love Not enough )

Ed died, but continued to send a message about love. So, love, become a living Amy one thing.

The love metaphor of astronomy! Love is my own thing

Astronomy was the starting point for Ed and Emmy to love each other and became the code of their confession.

Amy's doctoral dissertation studied supernovae. When the stars explode in the universe, the light and energy that they generate gradually spread, so they can be observed and named by the Earth, which is supernova. In other words, when the energy of the explosion travels through the vast Milky Way and is seen by Earth people, the distant star is long dead. The existence of supernovae, in fact, is also a metaphor for the relationship between male and female actors. (You will like:"The Beauty of Life": a short life, eternal Love )

The film deliberately created a mysterious situation, such as knocking on the windows of the leaves, nameless heroine of the roadside puppy, with the train flying Eagle. As if Ed really mastered the mysteries of the universe, can mobilize the trajectory of time and space, death can not sever their ties.

In fact, there is no need for deep knowledge of astronomy, planning interpersonal arrangements, the loneliness of love there is a relationship between each section. When you feel the sweetness of love, perhaps the other person's love is not as strong as before. Or, say I love you in the present, in fact, the other side may not really feel your affection.

It's like a supernova in the sky. When Song first discovered the stars that were still bright in the daytime, it was amazing. Until many years later, when people have more mastery of the universe, we know that death is the chance to discover this star.

In love, we have heard many pass by, destined to have no part of the helpless, or arguing over who love more sweet bickering. Even if you try your best to pass the love to each other, there is still a time lag between lovers saying "Love". Who says the distance between people must be closer than the two stars in space? (Extended reading:"16 Summers", Miss is not a pity, goodbye does not represent the edge )

However, the person's feelings are real, only when the message really arrives in the present, you know that you love, you are loved, even if the other party's love has gone, but can feel, love exists. Therefore, love is a lonely thing for each relationship.

Oneself can feel to be loved, oneself is not love, in fact, all is own matter.

Dialogue is the beginning of healing

Ed died in the top One-fourth of the film, and the audience could only see Amy receiving his message day after day. He seems to decide a lot of things: Amy three months of recovery, when to resume the progress of writing papers, urging her to face the family trauma.

The film murmured Ed's words without interruption, allowing Amy to become a passive recipient of the message. Not only that, however, Amy continues to talk to Ed with action. When she finally finished her doctoral thesis, complacent the film's Ed recitation, and made a footnote for her own astronomical research, and for her love: "We are all talking to the non-existent phenomenon."

For her, the message from Ed was never a one-way transmission, but an opportunity for dialogue. She could choose to block the lines of contact, and she could ignore Ed's advice, and she could use the messages and the film repeatedly to immerse herself in sadness.

But she did not, she chose to accept Ed's death, open the death also can not affect the new model, choose to go their own life. (Recommended to you:"Song for You" when you can finally face the sadness, sadness will give you strength )

When Ed's three-month-long company ended, all pre-recorded images and messages were sent, and Amy cut her hair and replaced the contact, opening up a new life that the audience didn't know about. When she was watching the exhibition, she bumped into her colleague, and in the face of the admirer's invitation to resume contact, she did not promise or refuse, only gave a meaningful smile, then turned to the boundless darkness.

Is this the beginning of a new relationship? What will happen to the story later? The audience did not know, Ed did not know. Amy's actions determine the beginning of a recovery and a path no one can expect.

Pain, become our secret beauty

My favorite part of the whole movie was the end of the story. Amy in the story of the human body model of the part-time work, because also immersed in the pain of the death of Eide, she sobbed in plaster mold, leading to mold failure, must be restarted.

At the end of the story, Amy went to see the sculpture show. The artist is speaking to reporters, he chose the failure of the model exhibition, retained the model face because of tears and twisted lines. The artist says this:

The second model was perfect, but I couldn't stop thinking about the loser. In the end, I chose to exhibit the works of failure, for I felt that the work kept the woman's secret sadness, and I wanted to know the story behind her. 」

A person's life may experience several times not enough of the pain of humanity, in the event of the moment may feel miserable, is the most tragic scenery in life. However, just as the distant planet exploded, people on earth were able to see the beautiful nebula, each of the present unbearable pain, have the opportunity in the coming days through action, through dialogue, through a new interpretation, become gorgeous beauty. (You would like to: Embrace your own sadness!) Reread a few meters: the world should not only one-way happiness

After this thought, the loss of love, or love without the various sadness, also feel able to put down.

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