The women's Fan Times publishes six consecutive games to read a salon , hoping to reserve a night of independent reading for you. On this day, we invited Liu Zijie and the Times editor-in-chief of Fang to talk about the walk of this matter, not only in the road to maintain their own time , but also in the busy life, for themselves to leave the luxury of waste time. (Enthusiastic enrollment:"read the salon" from the old sister to the city girl!) Independent Women's Reading Festival )


I want to waste time with you, like looking down at the fish
Like leaving the teacup on the table.
Wasting their beautiful shadows.
I want to waste the sunset, like a walk
I want to waste my time with you

Travel day of Chinese singer Cheng singing, leisurely welcome in Saturday night, put down and family and friends reunion time, choose to come to women fans to attend the people who read the salon. This is the third reading of a salon by The Times publishing and women's fans, Yu Yifang, editor of The Times, said that the first move was because we all felt about "life" and "walking", and hoped that in the literary circles of Taiwan, there would be new essays on women's issues, and women fans would begin to look for the works of a diverse female writer in Japan. (same field Gayon: do you know them?) Three women writers who have elevated their love to higher realms

Liu Zijie and editor of The Times, Fang Yi

The reader of the day Liu Zijie with a smile and attached, you may not have heard the name, but you must know "after the father 7th", even because this work tears mixed, she is the "father after 7th" choreographer, is also the "Rolling Stone love Story" of the writer, before this, she has long as a novelist debut, with "blindness" to win The new man of the 2003 joint literary Novel Award. Zi Jie, a novelist, screenwriter and director, coincides with Yiko Kawakawa, the author of the book.

Don't be afraid of blanks, because delegates can fill more brilliant

Back to the opening song, Zi Jie said, this is her golden walk, when she walks, will take headphones to listen to this song, keep walking, enjoy the life of this little margin, wasted time.

She used a soldier's story to describe what a walk meant to her. The story is like this, a soldier was chased by the enemy to the edge of the cliff, can only choose to jump down, or become a captive, at this time, he chose to eat the cliff on a fresh drop of strawberry, here, the story is over.

Zi Jie analogy, the walk to her, equal to the strawberry to the soldier, no matter what choice now faced, eat the strawberry first, let her go to take a walk first, Yi Fang also said that he must be in the morning two hours, eat strawberry first, can face a whole day of challenge, because everyone is worth this time to stay white, Enjoy the idle leisurely.

It's a daily adventure, it's All your eyes

Even if the prose best-selling, "Father 7th" film Award, Zi Jie said that she is the most actually fiction, and for novelists, hiding behind a fictional story, is safe. One way to prepare for writing a novel is to take a walk. In the course of a walk, myself is like a story detector, perhaps today is the day of the observation week, the people who linger in the mall, perhaps in Taizhong an Indian restaurant, holding the novelist's security instincts, sitting in a corner, with a view of the eye and the perfect angle to conceal their own.

She said that day in the restaurant, there is a young girl walked in, the expression is not very good, the boss came to care about, but she has not talked, just take out the notebook from the bag to write, the owner read the word notebook: "Again attack." "Zi Jie said that they eat curry, side think what and attack, then the girl's boyfriend also came in, the boss asked, is not because of the relationship between the weather and attack, Zi Jie can't help guessing," is psychological or mental attack? "Like a child's curiosity to touch the world for the first time.

A meal, can be a diner, can also be a theater person. Observation, in fact, is a kind of walking, not only the number on the pedometer, but the absorption of creative nutrients. Do you have any other sources of nutrients besides meals and sleep? (Recommended reading:"Deng" to zero: to find the life balance of the initiation ceremony )

It's a lucky thing to have a sleepless nights.

Reading prose, knowing more about the novelist's life, will find the novelist's life insipid, even boring, because do not write a book when all in reading, do not write the script is actually watching the film, so do what things, will not help thinking of books, got no drug can solve the book addiction, Zi Jie some shy confession, even outside the toilet, She must have caught the instructions.

The love of reading, which in turn affects the way of walking, is followed by books. When she went to Paris, she followed the "Flowing Feast", Hemingway's down and rich route to visit, buy a one-European bread to the Luxembourg park to eat their own, and to the restaurant point half dozen raw oysters plus half a cup of white wine; or one year to take mother to Kyoto, to the tomb of Tian Bong, drew mother puzzled eyebrows, but she smiled and said, It's an addiction that only a fan can understand. One thing in life can sleep and sleep, like night and night heart of your lover, how sweet! (You will like: the marriage of the madman!) Seeing the true meaning of soul mate from the love of Shanghai Mingwei

Walking, in fact, is to go home

Towards the end of the discussion, Yi Fang mentioned that Yiko Kawakawa in the book is an interesting chapter, wrote that she was only "plagiarism", because only when the novel began to write, roles and dialogues are created, but eventually become these characters themselves will talk, they have their own language and life, she is just a forgeries home, plagiarism their voices.

Hear this, Zi Jie deep sympathetic response, this is written to have the experience of the author will have the understanding, writing the best state, is to open the radar, so that these characters "possessed", they are just typing shell. In order to allow the radar to switch freely, it is more disciplined to let them know that they are sitting in front of the computer, and let themselves close to a pure state, do not think of other things, the characters will choose their own this pipeline to descend.

Look at this book can actually find out, Yiko Kawakawa often stay at home. Accompany my mother to go to the department store, always said to her mother, "Let's go home, let's go home!" "This home is not just a tangible home, but because she loves to write novels, so she can't wait to go back and write novels." Zi Jie also mentioned that in the face of these roles, like to see a loved one, only on the computer to see it, and it was in the same place yesterday.

Everyone should have their own way of walking, perhaps by driving to a beach café, on the roof looking at the blue sky and the sea; it may be the leisure time to read a book while commuting; it may be cooking a meal and tasting it with a loved one.

Anyway, go for a walk!

PostScript: Pause, then play

In the middle of the time, we enjoyed the Luo-Fang, which was prepared by Zi Jie, when she lived in Taipei, perhaps after watching the film in Huashan, perhaps after a whole day's meeting, the body and Mind's space before returning home is the healing station in the city life. There are only three seats in the store, so you don't have to interact with your boss or other guests to get back home through the space of food and time.

The reason for the preparation of the vine rolls to everyone, Yi Fang said another reason is that even when dealing with daily things, Yiko Kawakawa can at the end of each article, seemingly arbitrary and lightweight Lenovo to a book, "In short, go for a walk" this book, like a Vine roll, clear light but there is a very rich content, There is a lightness and elegance of imagination and unique charm.