The culture of Islam restricts the choice of women's clothing.They can only expose their faces or their eyes, and the of the body parts need to be covered, and they cannot show the body curve.As a result, wearing close-fitting close-fitting is a Arabian Nights for Muslim women."Bukini" was designed to cover the whole body, and also avoided the curve exposure, which was a blessing for Muslim women.This well-intentioned design has created a controversy in France, and even bans it.Is this the public who protects the layers from attacks?Or did they create more differentiation?(Extended reading: I am Muslim, not ISIS: "Terrorists do not represent the whole of Islam" )

A few days ago, a 34-year-old woman who believed in Islam, wearing a turban, dressed in the body of burkini, went to the southern French beach to rest in Nice.Suddenly, she was surrounded by several Dutch police officers, asking her to take the headscarf, take off her shirt, and then punish the woman.

This burst of tension was filmed by journalist Shadi Rahimi, who also pointed out that some of the people at the scene began to clamour for humiliation and even to speak of the woman "going home".

Photo Source: Screen capture from Reporter Shadi Rahimi Facebook

I'm just wearing a typical headscarf and I'm not going to swim, " the woman who was penalized told the media afterwards.But the police used pepper spray to aim at me, saying that I violated the new rules.She could not understand why these police officers humiliated her in front of the crowd because of their own clothing.

This event has drawn the attention of the world to the new provisions of France, and has led to much controversy.According to a survey by the French Institute of Public Opinion, 64 % of the French people voted for the ban, while 30 % did not matter, and within the French government, there were voices of different positions.

Buchini is a terror attack?France ban on the meeting

late July, the French resort of Cannes issued a ban on the "Bukkini passing through the whole body", saying that Bukinii would damage the law and order, and that violators would be punished."Bukini is a symbol of Islamic extremism, and it is likely to lead to a conflict of people," said David Lisnard, the mayor of Cannes, on the ban."

In France, some 26 municipalities have announced the ban on women's access to the beach, and currently France is barred from covering the face in public places, while public schools also ban the wrapping of hair.

A variety of unfriendly provisions targeting Muslims slowly float, and the French government's internal views are diverged.Prime Minister Valls expressed support for the ban, adding that "Burkini's enslavement of women is to liberate these women's freedom through a ban.""

As a feminist, I am not in favour of religious forced women to cover their bodies, " said the French education minister, Ms. JatwaloBelkasim.But I am opposed to associating with terrorism, ISIS, and so on." (Extended reading: gender perspective: feminism, gently to be gentle

I have decided to pay a fine for all women in Buchini to ensure that they are free to wear such clothes, and finally hope to eliminate such unequal laws, "

an Arab merchant, who is an Arab merchant."

France, which has been attacked by Islamist militants, has made such a radical provision in order to protect its citizens.The well-meaning provisions that appear to be "liberating women" may result in a rapid division of the local population and Muslims, creating more disputes.

Bukini stands for freedom and health, not repression.

Buchini's ban continued to spread, creating controversy, and resulting in discussions around the world, and a 200 % increase in Buchini's sales.

Designer Ahaeda Zanetti was growing in Australia and was a devout Muslim.When the niece was found in a sports event, she was restricted by traditional Islamic gowns, and was not able to participate in the competition. It was decided to design a Buchini exclusively for Muslim women.

"Bkini stands for a free and healthy lifestyle, not a suppression."She hopes that Muslim women will be free to participate in water activities because of their own swimwear.

The design of covering the whole body, in addition to the convenience of Muslim women's leisure activities, also benefits the skin cancer patients who are unable to sun the sun. They also provide consumers who like to avoid exposure to the sun and to avoid sunburn.The appearance of Buchini has allowed everyone to have a new swimsuit.(Extended reading: stare, scars, dedicated to you )

Ahouda also said, "I want them (Muslim women) to be selective, and if they decide to wear bikini, I don't mind.""

No one can help others decide what they can wear and what they can't wear, and wear preferences and choices, all of which should come from our personal wishes.In the face of the culture of different religions and ethnic groups, we can not agree with it, but we must not forget the principle of "respect".

"Today I can't wear Buchini on the beach, what about tomorrow?"By tomorrow, we will be completely banned from believing in our religion!The woman was forced to take off Buchini's.

She was fined, humiliated by the crowd.Perhaps she had chosen the most appropriate Bouchini, perhaps, by accepting Islam's restrictions on women, and perhaps she hoped that Muslim women would wear a variety of swimsuits one day, so Brikini was chosen as the beginning of a change.

Whether Buchini's emergence is a more convenient life for Muslim women, before we criticize us, perhaps we should first put aside the "advanced" vision that it deems to be, seriously to understand Islamic culture and understand the user's feelings.

The world has a better day for the world to look at each and every individual's choice after understanding.