Mind soft tune, life occasionally remember to give yourself some sweetness, today for you select the collection of paintings, inviting you to listen to the heart, feel yourself, embrace the world. All the unhappiness is temporary, in the big world Mercedes-Benz, want to remind you to hug the inner child , feel so important. (same field Gayon: An Anthology of Tears: You exist to prove that sadness is not an illusion )

Once upon a time, there were no tall buildings in human life, no stock market housing, no workplace KPI, people and Nature live together, heaven and earth is warm uterus, all things are intimate friends, human troubles is very simple, I want to live with my environment, I want to take care of their own survival.

So humans can learn to hunt with the scent of a fox, swimming swimming with the posture of a whale, hibernate with the habit of bear, can kiss the breath of a tree well, feel the freedom of bird flying, maybe I am a beast, maybe I am a mermaid, I am all I am, what I want to be.

All societies teach our desires and competing, so that they can be gently put down.

Busy days, I hope you can still have five senses, in the big world, feel their small and true weight, want to put this painting album to you, I hope you remember to tell yourself, I exist in this world, so important. (same site recommended:"Human map Weather Report" Because you Are you, is good enough )

When you start embracing the world, the world begins to embrace you.