Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

The economy is independent, the emotion can be free.

In Taiwan in the ten years after 90, women are shouting this sentence in the workplace. Many people scoff at the economic independence of girls, they say, girls shout, economic independence, only resources to squander, do not have to see a man's face, to love themselves. Always a sentence, girls have wallets, no man card, girls do not worry about food and clothing, so do not worry about marriage.

A girl is rich, seems to be to get rid of emotional bondage, emotional freedom.

However, many movies can not help but laugh that these very capable girls, in the end may not enter into marriage or love. Our association with economic independence is problematic, Woolf said that women should have 500 pounds with their own room, to write, not to love who.

Your economy can not be a different kind of flattering tool, it seems to fulfill themselves, in fact, only to ask others to love you, let you linger in the comfort zone.

Why should girls be financially independent?

is to make life your home, to have your own personality, to define your own workplace. Economic independence, you no longer have any reason to say that your parents do not allow you to pursue a dream, you no longer have an excuse to refuse to change.

What I'm saying is that economic independence is not an exchange of capital, it is not because of money, so you can be free, we should have this freedom, and the point is, what do you do with your financial independence and your innate freedom?

The so-called freedom is that you have an independent will, to decide how to do a job, from which to establish a recognition of the work. If you have your own ideas at work, any learning or growth is not for the company, but the achievement of their own.

There are a lot of people who can give you the salary you love, and the only one who can endow yourself with self-worth.

Woman obsessed editor Abby

Your soul is straight, you learn skills, because you do not want to become boring people, you defy the challenge, because you do not want to live a life without flesh, you are full of desire for work, because you are good to live only once life.

Economic independence, so we don't have to rub against a wrong person for the next meal. It also allows us to do a job that doesn't allow you to grow up because of the next meal.
Economic independence, not just about emotional will not be, but also choose a can support your ideal career and life.

Economic independence is not enough, will be more independent, do not cling to not stay, in the workplace, all decisions and options should not be wronged. Your economic independence, not just for the convenience of love, but also to lose their comfort excuses, to do a comfortable, do not owe their own work people.

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