Women fans have done a series of media interviews in 2016: The reporter's editor-in-chief He Rongju , Andy Chang and Lu Zijun 's new media talk .... Women fans of the media interview program, a closer look at the direction of the new media in Asia, this is a reader, as a new media workers should not miss a lesson! This time we invited Wang Congwei, editor-in-chief of the joint literature magazine, to talk about his record of blood and blood editing. To think of the meaning of my work--what kind of person I am, what I do, in this age, to hold the small heart of courage is more important than anything else. (Recommended reading: An interview with the editor-in-chief of the United Literary journal Wang Congwei: The book is not high or low in the satisfaction of the mind )

2009 years later, the Journal of Joint literature horrified the magazine market with an inverted stance. They make a wave of the magazine revision, are challenging the literary authority of the past. In fact, the people who do things, never want to challenge anything, just look forward to creating, create a new reading posture. Wang Congwei Editor-in-Chief with the most profound foundation, in doing the most lightweight cover and content planning. Every seemingly avantgarde literary magazine imagines that it comes from a slow and steady editorial experience.

I'm the kind of person who does something like that.

He said the most enjoyable thing about being a magazine was to do a great project and complete innovation. A magazine: "My magazine career has always been a new publication or revision, and it's been a good job to change the look of a magazine to make it more popular or tough." I like to do the beginning of things. "But then it will be boring, so Congwei editor-in-chief will come to a revision."

"I am such a person, do such a thing." --Wang Congwei

Deadlines are often the hardest time to be a magazine editor. He was in the editorial world from zero to one, with physical strength through a magazine editor of the shift, before doing a magazine, one months only two weeks holiday may rest, the deadline of the last week is to work hard, daily to the early morning, the next day at Six O ' home, the most miserable sleep hours continue to work: "This matter does not have willpower, I'm not particularly great at that time. 」

"Later do Ming Pao weekly publication, the operation of the process is not familiar, every week have two weeks to do morning 6, 7, really will feel not to go on." "Wang Congwei Editor-in-Chief's experience strength, is this kind of iron and blood cultivation to come." He walked through the most prosperous days of the magazine and also through the worst of times. Not to take liver for achievement, but to know why they fight. (Recommended: Workplace notes: At least I work hard, in fact, is a lazy )

Fashion magazine Out of the blood editor

"I started out as a fashion magazine, I think" FHM "and" beautiful Woman "are very solid magazine, I also met a good supervisor, compared to the United literature is a very small unit, so compared to we are much easier. If I can live from the beautiful woman at that time and graduate from cram school, I feel fortunate to have experienced it in such a difficult environment. When I'm leading a magazine and editors don't know what to do with their hands, there's a certain ability to decide the direction and not be flustered. 」

"You'll have a lot to live with, you know everything." "At that time the training to be performed by the editors, he had to touch all the lines and fall into all sorts of titles (the two-year" beautiful lady "text in the title, from him), and then came to the report group to learn a lot about women's deep issues and life experience, no Christmas Eve without the years of those days, the most ruthless training, made him what he is now.

He won the Golden Tripod Award for the best magazine of the joint literature magazine this year, and was delighted to say three times. He said the prize represents not sales, but the affirmation of the industry: "Of course, a lot of commercial magazines do not participate in this award, it does not mean that we are strong in the market, but at least we are the other magazine's affirmation, for me is the most worthwhile." As a magazine person, I feel very happy.

The courage of a magazine editor: Knock it off and redo it

I asked Congwei to talk about what he thinks a professional magazine editor is capable of. He said that in addition to reading the taste of the article, can write, but also have some sense of beauty: "The most important thing is to endure frustration." "Do I say there is no deep story to share?" The chief editor says frustration is always ubiquitous. "Now if I say this thing is going to change, I'm going to change it." Not to go back and cry for two days and then come back to do, at any time, you can cry, and only a trip to the toilet time. "(same field Gayon: brutal, but young people can not be unaware of the workplace five small things )

"This courage is a small courage, anywhere to have, can not wait." We have to have the goldfish brain, only 7 seconds to indulge. "Do well," said the editor of a faint, say do well, is the professional magazine.

"The Courage of magazine editors" I recognize is a trivial occurrence--after a full setback, we only have a moment to bounce back, and after that, we have to ask everyone, go to school drafts, look at proofing, and design a new cover to change what looks like rubbish in the eyes of the director to the person you see. 」

"Not to force themselves, magazines can not be postponed, our time is not decided by us, but the magazine decided." Therefore, it is the so-called "magazine editor's Courage" that we can repeatedly overcome the "moments" that make us restless, sad, and at a loss, not knowing whether to go forward or simply give up. 」

The courage of the magazine editors, is to change the constitution of literary magazine, the epoch-making no one dares to do so, he made: "The United Literature magazine," The cover of the north of a female, pop singer Liu, Pan jin, Nakato Ito Two, they do interesting things, so that the literature more breathing.

"Literary magazine, it is necessary to change the literature of things, the image of the literary." "He said that because no one has been doing this, we are doing it right away." Why can't we shoot the writer as a wedding photo? Why does literature have to be dreary? What do you mean by doing things that are customary? Congwei, like a child, imagines the possibility of literature.

Once you have to do it, you need to be different from others. He is a magazine man, and he is his own backbone, people live in the world, do not always do repetitive things.

Literature and Reading: an author who does not carry a mission

He was also a writer, day of work at night. , so that Wang Congwei editor-in-chief in the continuous creation to meet their own. having talked a lot about literature and magazines, I wonder how he thinks about literature as well as writing? He said: "Like literature is absolutely a minority, in groups, like literature are freaks, you will be considered the strangest one." (You see: the subtext of literature is love and life!) Exclusive interview with Raishang: from the fragments of time, pick up the value of persistence

Why do you use literature as a magazine? "Make a magazine and hope you have your own way because you like reading and writing." 」

"Literature is only unique, but not remarkable, it is as great as you can do carpentry, very can plant weeds." Literature, is purely to satisfy oneself. Literature is not cooperative, you must be a lonely person writing. 」

Congwei's "daughter of the Shore Line" and "the Body" in chief editor's book Talk about a lot of negative desires, I am curious about how Wang Congwei editor-in-chief is good at female narration and why she cares about women's issues. He jokes, girls are more interesting ah, boys how boring. He created a fondness for serious literature, with a more cunning word: "My novel, and not like I do magazines, to a more sense of life as a starting point." Writing the first consideration is to find what is more suitable for me to write, I feel that their writing style has not been established, the purpose of writing is to satisfy my desire to create. 」

He got up early to write, finished work home and immersed in writing, tireless figure back and forth in the editor-in-chief and author identity between, I asked which difficult? Editor-in-Chief said: "Writing is pure loneliness, the magazine is to be sociable, both are difficult." Two compared to, I prefer to be lonely, I am not particularly solitary addiction, but in the magazine circle is relatively antisocial, many people think I seem difficult to get along with, mainly is the face smelly bar.

Wang Congwei's chief editor said that many people's 123th impression of him is that he is difficult to get along with. But in the end, I do not think he is difficult to get along, probably he has a kind of cussed, such as his writing of the stubborn: "Every novel, written like the first, I like a child as curious, not tired, and never have to bear." Writing is a kind of self fulfillment, no one rewards you, but you are satisfied. "A lot of people try to categorize his writing, but he never stereotypes, and opens the new type at once." (same field Gayon: good writer, take a lot of road at a slow pace )

"I like to do the first thing." 」

Wang Congwei, the editor-in-chief of this sentence. As for magazines, so is writing, being a freak, keeping your temper, perhaps the best gift you can give yourself in life.

Interview at that time editor-in-chief in writing new novel ending, he said this time is really painful to not, exhausted the power, also is not the best-selling writer why want to write the idea also has, and like the child thought, he said, but after writing, really is very happy ah. He writes or does the magazine, all is the kettle Shenzhou, has not left the room to own, in lives this life.

〉〉 an interview with the editor-in-chief of the United Literature magazine Wang Congwei: There is no high or low content in the book