From Lanci to Xu Hui, Zhang Junning play like life as the broader, in addition to the gentleness of the past, we can always because of her insistence moved unceasingly. Together with her to celebrate every step of the leap!

You remember the "white giant Tower" in the Guan Xin, she is not self-willed, her wisdom and dexterity, you remember "the Ruffian hero" in the Lanci, her sharp eyes and knowledge of professional. Turning around, dressed in Chinese robes, she became the "Wumei legend" in the ruthless Xu Hui. She is Zhang Junning, people rarely shout her actress, remember Zhang Junning, we all know she is a professional respectable good actress.

In the past we have only Zhang Junning very temperament, now, we will say that she is the courage to challenge, break through her own woman, now Zhang Junning abandon the idea of progress, life more for their own courage. So her temperament is more profound, from the heart exudes strength.

Learn not to be a good student, to go back to being alone

Zhang Junning is a good student in the system, she said, "I am not very smart, and do not have too many ideas, just have a authority and norms in my heart, not to be disturbed by conscience." "When she was a child, she did not know how to link with the world, followed the education system is not chiropractor oversteps moment, until met the actor career, only to find that they have different places."

We all thought Zhang Junning to live comfortably, in fact, she had been weak. She was chasing for love to South Africa's little girl, she was once after the play turned back to their own actors, after filming the "White Giant Tower", she felt profound dislike herself, she once even in front of relatives are unwilling to show weakness, all the pain of their own shoulders. Perhaps we all can not imagine, filming "White Giant Tower" that year, Zhang Junning only 23 years old, applause came too quickly, she was too late to become familiar with herself. (see: a letter to the 23-Year-old: After recognizing the nature of life, still love life )

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"I did not want to miss any chance, each play can be too important, but forget how life is going to live, also forget that the original performance of the nutrients should come from life." 」

First into the society of her, to her own condensed into steel, she does not understand her gentleness, so strict carving grinding their own for many years, she through reading and running, with their own solitude, slowly find that comfortable and straightforward Zhang Junning. Learn not to do a good student, Zhang Junning cost a lot of effort, let all agree to return to the self, she lived more stubborn perverse, you see Zhang Junning more wanton posture, carnival laugh out appearance.

When you can be a pretty princess, you have to live as a woman.

" Sports not take to show off with others, the sport should be a dialogue with yourself. "One of the things that runs the church Zhang Junning is this:" you move your eyes to the three steps in your mind as long as you think about taking a step more. " running has been a fad for the past two years, but running has become a mentor in Zhang Junning life," he said.

She finds her own frequency in the pain of every step. She in each of the fearless and beyond, abandon their own do not concede, every growth must have a clear conscience, finally, Zhang Junning Iron Mask to relax. (same field Gayon: just like oneself a person!) Interview Xu Yu Ning: "A lot of things back to themselves, it will become simple")

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She is white and gentle, is full of intrepid adventurous temperament, this year, Zhang Junning in the Chinese program "Follow the Bell to adventure" face stained with mud, climbed a mountain, cut cattle and sheep to eat worm rock climbing, fell pit, and then up. Netizens said she is such a woman, obviously can be a beautiful princess, but live as a female man. The road of iron and blood is always Zhang Junning own choice: "In the Jungle Grim environment, you will eventually discover, originally, we always have to face is that innermost self ..."

She is sweet and full of marks, at the same time, she can be invincible.

It's 30 years old to admit that you're beautiful.

The more alive the more you know the way you like, Zhang Junning said, really start to satisfy themselves, understand their beauty, is 30 years old after the thing: "We have some wrinkles on the face, but also a little more self-confidence." 」

"At this age, we know what we like, what we don't do, what we want to do," he said. "It's more important to know what you want than what you want." Zhang Junning has done a lot of wonderful things when he was 30 years old, with friends Chen Yihan to travel together, to do the public good in Inner Mongolia, the process is like a marathon, let her find her own pace: "Every life has its own pace, God will give you a gift, must give you a reason, you need to spend time to find it." After you find it, you are absolutely committed, don't think too much, it will certainly give you return. But at any point in the middle of the time you give up, there will never be such a chance. (Recommended reading: Society does not need more "good girls"!) A heartwarming TED speech: "Don't be a perfect coronation girl, make her brave and adventurous"

30 birthday, two people for the first time

No matter how old, can not let heart aging, remember to overcome fear, to adventure!

Zhang Junning

Commemorating the 30 birthday, she and Chen Yihan together to make a wish for the 30-year-old to do a souvenir, so, we write down want to do but do not dare to do! "They swam naked, jumped overboard and kissed strangers. Opened a series of life adventures, jumping the Antarctic sea, climbing nearly 5000 meters above sea level of Tibet, through the vast world, her gentle heart more full and solid.

"You just have to challenge insecurity and be able to do something different," he said. 」

We like to Zhang Junning, to life and ourselves are more honest after 30 years of age. Without frame, she climbed over the mud on the face of the soil, Front left the injury, so that the beauty of Zhang Junning more profound and real.