single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Single woman think very clearly, love is not for who confessed , love is a body senses of the full awakening, there is a person you know, can go to love, even breathing is happy. So thank you for your fate, that he is always there, that you are dangling in this world and cannot get out of each other. (Recommended reading: single diary: You are not waiting for love, but complete yourself )

I once thought, a person lives in this world, is doomed to be lonely. So find a companion on the road, it will be such pain, inevitable defeat.

Every time I go to love, I am afraid. We are always in love with the daily necessities, began to practice goodbyes, always with a lot of tears to remember a goodbye.

A person's day is very cold, the feeling is frozen, the emotion is only own. Digestion of their own scars, chewing their own happiness, occasionally someone to accompany each other to walk a road, and finally look back, the process is only their own, you pass me, I transition you, see the end.

So, all the relationships, I just allow myself to gently mention. I am afraid that when I go forward, some people do not want to follow up, but when he left, he forgot to wave to me.

I weigh the weight of love, because of fear of pain, fear of falling alone, I persuaded myself to be accustomed to a person.

And you made me believe, all the things I used to sneer at.

You let me learn to reach out, in every moment I believe in myself;
You make me stop dodging, in all my days I'm afraid I'll still be hurt;
You make me want to be honest, when you hold me tight from the back and say you know the day;
You let me know, the original world so big, I am dangling, not around a you;
You make me believe that love is a kind of ability, can love a person to breathe is happy;
You let me for the first time to thank fate, it is not an illusion, you are always there, we go towards each other.

I am so lucky to love you.

And the injury will still have, friction is still possible, but love you make me strong, no longer afraid to fall alone.

Love you did not make me a different person, love you let me gently face myself, kiss all the scars, cherish all the memories, love you let me no longer afraid, have us.