Constellation is a science that has always been underestimated. The son of the strange force of God, so that there is no explanation, mysterious and unknowable, beyond the existing human knowledge system, have all been relegated to the science is not worth understanding. But the scope of science is both deep and wide, it may be a sign , as the face of the delicate knowledge of life. Before the vastness of the universe, mankind should eventually learn humility, we study the stars, believe that there are some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science. (same field Gayon: A word lets the elders stop the wedding!) 12 constellation in the face of "when to get married" real reaction

Taurus (April 20 ~ May 20)

If you are looking for true love, this month true love Will find you. You may be full of suspicion, but there is a belief that this month the stars are arranged in a very unusual way. Good luck Jupiter, the chirp of Mercury, the strong sun, the September 1 powerful Virgin Crescent solar eclipse together, can also expect a better help? Jupiter is in precise conjunction with mercury and may hear good news or travel in the next few days, and Cupid may well be involved. If you have a partner, you might want to add fuel to your love fire.

The New moon eclipse lets your personality and charm emerge, 12 years of Jupiter in the true love of the palace for you to bring good luck, you in the right time on the occasion of their own endless charm released to the people. If you already have a partner, you will get more tenderness from your lover. If you want, the child will make the picture more perfect. It is well known that eclipses bring great changes, and for you, the eclipse is centered on truly enduring love and caring for children.

When it comes to health and exercise, the great healer Jupiter enters Libra for the next 13 months, and if you need medical attention, it is a boon for Jupiter to enter the heavens scale. For help, you will be amazed at the comfort that advanced medical care brings to life and even wonders for your healing.

For careers, three of planets in Virgo bring you a lot of creative ideas in the first half of this month. All of these planets are in good phase with the sun, showing your personality and letting some VIPs notice your presence. The new moon of September 30 is very likely to have a very good project that will give you the talent. (same field Gayon: Do you have independent thinking ability?) Six basic skills to be cultivated by fresh people in the workplace

This month you'll spend a lot of time thinking about financial issues, because this is a huge expense, and if you're changing jobs, you can negotiate a package of wages and benefits. If you are a freelancer, consult a financial advisor to create ways to increase your income. Mercury is retrograde from August 30 to September 22, so Mercury makes final financial decisions or changes when the last week of September is in line.

The last week of the month is available for a trip. From September 27 to November 9, there is a chance to go to faraway places. Buy sturdy, lightweight, good-looking suitcases in Liuzhou, you seem sure to walk around.

Represents the gift and good luck of Jupiter September 9 into Libra, in the sixth House representing the work item to stay until October 2017. Whether you're working with someone else or just being alone, you'll get interesting projects. If you have too much business to hire, you will find qualified and suitable employees to help you.

Pay attention to the most fortunate September 25 and 26th of the year and you will receive a large budget. Good news about health, healing and recovery is like frosting on a cake.

The new moon of September 30 makes you happy to see more interesting jobs that allow you to hire smart, intelligent, and loyal newcomers. After the new moon, your quick decision to take a health and work-related approach will be proven to be very sensible and will make your life a better place to go in the coming year. New Moon is very rare, good for you to use.

Translation: Star Translation Agency/translator: one by one

Virgo (August 23 ~ September 22)

The beginning of this month, September 1, a Virgo eclipse, for you to open up the new road ahead, if your birthday is just around September 1, the eclipse effect doubled, you start to look at yourself with a new eye, although you need to be braver, and can clearly explain your goals-even if you feel not ready-but the universe will help you, Push you forward.

This month you also feel like you want to change your image, which is a natural sign that deep changes are taking place inside and outside of you. August 30 to September 22 Mercury retrograde, the first delay in the image of the changes, such as the end of the water reverse, so you can guarantee that you like to make changes.

Eclipses are the most powerful tool for the universe to cause change, this month it looks like you're going through a huge change, as the September 1 Virgo eclipse brings mercury into the conversation, because Mercury is in charge of your constellation, and fortunately, the great star Jupiter and mercury exactly coincide, indicating that there is a very important thing in your heart to get a happy result, Keep an optimistic attitude.

September 16, there is a Pisces lunar eclipse, will be committed to the climax of the relationship, may be engaged, wedding, if not to this step, may be a clear relationship between the two sides, if your feelings have been making you unhappy, perhaps this is the breakup, and left. The eclipse is the equivalent of three full moon energy, very emotional and very powerful, when the change is often the final version. If your relationship is good, it may be that your partner is having a problem and needs to be provided with a description.

Or, your problems have nothing to do with your partner, it may be that your family has made a bad comment about your lover, and if you think the September 16 eclipse is likely to be the case, prepare your answer in advance, and make sure that even if the conversation with your family gets tense, the lover will support you, after all, this eclipse and Mars phase tension.

And yourself, also secretly think about the family's objections (if any), to see what is fair and worthy of consideration, which should be ignored, after all, family is a very important part of life, family is love you, not alienated family is beneficial to you. At the same time, if you must be firm, that is firm, Neptune in this eclipse play an important role, do not worry about any situation, the eclipse will let the environment dusty, see the real situation, do not worry, spend more time observation, reflection, etc. at the end of the month can be more clearly see the situation.

The best emerald Year of the 12 years is coming to an end, for more than a year from August 2015 to now, Jupiter has given you the crown of the star darlings, given you a 13-month happy token, September 9 you will pass the crown to Libra, but don't be sad, because you are now entering a 13-month-old Bonanza, Continue until October 10, 2017!

How high you can go in the next few months depends on how hard you've worked over the past year to develop new revenue resources, it may be that you have submitted to a high-level report or idea that the money you will receive in the coming year is not a win on the table, nor a variety of bonuses, the money you earn by paying the labor. The two best days of the month are the most likely to find clues that will give you a glimpse of how much you can receive in the future: September 25 or 26th. Dear everywhere, there is a sum of money to pay, and soon got it! (Recommended reading: Petty women's financial first step, understand the financial is necessary )

Remember to use the new moon of September 30 (not an Eclipse) to apply for a raise, to submit an important idea, to start a business, etc., and you are entering a year of great rewards!

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Capricorn (December 22 ~ month 19th)

This month, it's a great place to embark on an amazing long journey to visit a city or island that you have never visited. September 1, the Sun, Lucky Jupiter, symbolic information and travel of mercury, as well as a new moon eclipse are gathered in your Capricorn compatible Virgo, which will prompt you to draw up a travel plan.

If you have a family responsibility, such as taking care of a child, and you can't make it, this powerful eclipse will also allow you to return to school, pursue a higher degree, or help you get a professional certificate through your exams. If you work in the broadcasting and publishing industry, you will get a new task that requires you to do a lot of detail work, even to study overseas, or translate your results into other languages. At the same time, what happens in your home or your parents needs your attention, but you can handle it well by staying calm in the event.

This month's second eclipse is the September 16 Full moon Eclipse (Taiwan time September 17). This Full moon energy is also very strong, once again urging you to pack, but this time to go to a close to home city. As at the beginning of the month, it has once again emphasized matters related to writing, speaking, editing, research, acting, trading, translating, and writing code. The House of the full moon is in charge of communication, so you may do a lot of writing, public speaking, editing, or other areas of communication, including acting.

Jupiter, who brings gifts and good luck, will enter Libra and light up your tenth house of Honor, reward and achievement. You have an ambitious soul, so the news of the promotion is something you'd love to hear, and in the coming months you'll see that all the hard work you've done will be rewarded with amazing rewards, such as promotions, new jobs, or well known. If you are a self-employed person, the business will continue to come, you will also find a very important customer.

The New moon, September 30, will drive everything, and the information appears sooner than you expect. It's best to be prepared to see your name on the big screen (a lot of attention). Keep an eye on your luckiest two days of the year: September 25, 26th, when Jupiter and the Sun are together, this is a very visible astrological-your career will grow and the confetti will be celebrated as a thick snowflake. You'll also get a huge amount of money.

You may be required to sign a contract before and after the September 16 eclipse, although you may have the pressure to sign as soon as possible, but it is best not to do so right now. Wait until your best September 25, 26th, or September 30 in your tenth house in charge of the success of your career, after the wonderful new moon. It was the best new moon of the 2016, with a full career, good luck and happiness.

This month Mars and Saturn will coincide in Sagittarius. Be mindful of bone and dental health. Be careful when you walk, keep the corridor and other channels open.

From September 27 to November 9, once Mars comes to Capricorn, you will enter a new cycle full of energy and control. Strive to achieve goals that you cannot achieve in all areas of your life-you are likely to succeed. It also includes feeling inside-Mars will make you more attractive and attractive. In short, Mars will bring you passion, energy, power, and determination. Wow, with strong Mars behind you, you will be the most loved of the 12 constellations and even have the ability to drive people on your side. (Recommended reading: French women's fashion philosophy: in the washing elegant show not simple charm )

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